GPT-3. Threat or blessing to the content creator?

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2 years ago

A few days ago, OpenAI, a US-based company, notified on its social media the release to the public of the Beta version of the GPT-3 API for the automatic generation of original texts from instructions based on natural language.

So, I thought, "Great, the time of block that plagues me as a writer is over." I even got the crazy idea, "I could use it to post daily on"

Let's be honest! A very tempting idea but ethically deplorable and degrading.

Well, not everything thought transcends to action.

I wonder how many such developments are currently running?

One is in awe of Jarvis or Ultron from Marvel comics and movies while interacting with Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Voice every day.

Artificial intelligence is here to stay.

Generally, everyone knows that bots abound on the internet; To the extreme of deceiving us; or helping us achieve our goals in the digital world.

In this sense, there is nothing wrong, apart from taking the weight off of routine tasks.

Wait, what routine tasks?

For example, an algorithm can help us identify the readings that interest us but not read them for us. Well, it can read them. Although, it will never replace the effect they have on us.

Although an algorithm can make decisions with the information provided, it can feel for one nothing. So, the idea is that they help us, empower us, never replace us.

Imagine that this article which you are reading; was be written by the OpenAI's API. Where would be the pleasure of the author's writing? As well as reading, if only Rusty would read it.

Well, maybe in the future, when the AI reaches singularity, that is, the awakening of the machines. The world will have changed so much that we will not recognize who we are and how we'll feel.

However, in the meantime, let's stay in the here and now. By the way, have you heard about OpenAI before?

I'll be honest with you again. I did read it on occasion, but my enthusiasm for the cryptographic world is so great; that I did not take it into account; much less, it will inquire about what it is and its importance.

Well, OpenAI is the company behind GTP-3. IA allows the generation of original texts based on artificial intelligence that responds to the natural language that accesses the information hosted on the internet.

Source: Channel Youtube from OpenAI

Something that I found interesting; is that Elon Musk with Sam Altman; are founders of this non-profit company and whose objective is to develop a beneficial AI for all humanity.

You read that right, for charity purposes. That is, avoid misuse of AI or the creation of a Cylon, Terminator, or Skynet.

Yes, it seems science fiction, but no, this company exists in the real or natural world to differentiate it from the Metaverse. What madness!

I am not claiming that GTP-3 will be the precursor to the most terrible dystopia possible. I don't even want to scare you. On the contrary, I think AI is magnificent as long as it is at the service of humanity.

Another worrying issue is Microsoft's recent acquisition of exclusive rights to know the GTP-3 source code. The tech emporium has a debatable reputation for its goals beyond profit.

Source: Screenshot from

Perhaps, you will see what I; a kind of contradiction at least in the declaration of the aims of the companies involved; Something to suspect. Money has no scruples.

Right now, if you wish, you can test the API through the OpenAI website. Of course, something you should keep in mind is that it is not available for all countries. Smell bad if you consider the business statement to help all of humanity.

I suppose, is a temporary or instrumental measure, and sooner rather than later, it will be available to all who can afford it and who are not on the evil bar.

Unfortunately, I live in a country without access to this technology at the moment. It is then that I realize and greatly appreciate the spirit that animates Bitcoin Cash. A liberating technology from the beginning where Rusty is more than friendly.

So if anyone manages to use GTP-3 in the community, I would appreciate sharing your experience with us.

When I started the article, I thought about developing it based on questions and premises such as:

  • GTP-3 constructs original texts with a formal sense, but which are not necessarily true.

  • Will GTP-3 content production be the biggest stumbling block for future AI?

  • Can GTP-3 answer silly questions?

  • How will GPT-3 affect man's creativity?

  • Although, a recurring neural network is currently capable of creating another neural network autonomously. What control will man have over it?

  • How complex are artificial neural networks today?

  • Is GPT-3 one of the steps towards singularity?

  • The key to achieving uniqueness will be scale, that is, increasing the handling of parameters.

A short article like this, whose object is to entertain and serve as an appetizer to the topic, hopes to awaken your curiosity so that you delve into it.

I may not be as good as GPT-3, nor will I have the access and ability to handle information from all over the internet, but it is undeniable that I am enjoying the process of writing for you.

Yes, GTP-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is fabulous and can be a blessing for the content creator by allowing you to explore other approaches. Although, it will never replace what you feel when creating, what makes you different from any other creature of creation, including silicon ones.

An original article by @Jnavedan

Cover image by Artie_Navarre on Pixabay 

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2 years ago


But I want to ask Have you tried it before and how is it different from real human writer

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2 years ago

But I want to ask Have you tried it before and how is it different from real human writer

Hello, my friend

As I comment in the article, unfortunately no, since it is not available in my country. Although based on consulting the experiences of others, it appears to be very powerful. There was even a guy who created a blog with this AI and one of the automatically generated posts went viral.

Perhaps, you can try it and tell us how was the experience.

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2 years ago