Cryptos ramblings. Scarcity foretold

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1 year ago

Today, seeing my Electron Cash wallet got me thinking about how sensitive cryptocurrencies are to whatever news or trends our ultra-modern world is experiencing.

And how could it not be?

Nevertheless, one must know how to read the vicissitudes of daily life as they determine our situation.

If you think about it! Life is so simple to follow when you are frugal.

Unfortunately, human beings have complicated it throughout history as societies become more complex.

For more than half of humanity, it is a fact that we are interconnected through the Internet directly or indirectly.

So, socio-economic phenomena transcend borders. I think they call this: Globalization.

I wonder if all this high volatility of cryptos is just an effect of globalization in the era of digitalization of such sensitive areas as the monetary system?

Or perhaps, we are forcibly preparing to witness the ultimate battle between the status quo versus the emerging new paradigm.

Be that as it may! We are all in the middle. Even those who are still far from the centers of global power.

I don't know if you are aware. International institutions are announcing a future but not distant famine in the world.

The first indicator we will see will be the growing scarcity of products due to disruptions in the supply chain.

Of course, someone will say, "the poor are used to stomach punches." But it's a different thing to not have enough food every day than to have nothing to eat or not be able to afford it.

Yes, there are thousands of people who die of hunger every day. I can't imagine when there will be millions.

The irony of it all is that this is happening when technology is so advanced as to eradicate it altogether.

This is where the suspicions and so-called conspiracy theories begin, and in the end, they are true.

My Bitcoin Cash wallet comes back to my mind. I understand then why everyone needs mass adoption of it.

Of course, reasonable doubt also comes to mind as to whether increasing my holdings in BCH will be enough for what is coming in time.

I look at the pantry. The grocery reserves are based on a small family's consumption for one month. We still have confidence in the continuity of the supply chain.

But in the age of globalization of goods and services, wars like the one in Ukraine and Russia test trade deals between countries whose dependence is asymmetrical on each other.

Yes, at least for my family; I think we will need more BCH and food for at least six months.

You may think I am an alarmist. You may be right, and everything will be solved before it starts. But if I learned anything from my country's experience, it is that the priorities of governments are often not in sync with that of the people.

Time is running out, and prudence advises one to take action.

If one makes a mistake. Nothing will have been lost. The food is never redundant if it is not perishable. BCH will surely be worth more, sooner rather than later.

I fervently hope I am wrong and that the new normal is benign for all.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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1 year ago


Nobody knows how low the global citizens' socio-economic condition will go with the unknown "new normal" coming in the future.

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