Cryptos and the fragility of personal finance

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The Personal Finance and the current monetary system

The original purpose of Bitcoin was to provide the world with digital money for payments on the internet without an intermediary. 

In other words,  cash-like money, where buying and selling are simple, fast, and secure through computers and telephone devices. 

Of course, other powerful features directly conflict with the Fiat monetary system based on infinite debt.

For example, the fixed supply of no more than 21 million bitcoin makes it deflationary by design. As well as the decentralized recording of transactions in a ledger on an encrypted public Blockchain provides transparency.

Great in theory!

The project, no doubt, is disruptive. Although, come to think of it. Bitcoin should be a natural evolution within the information age we live in.

Imagine if this technology had been backed by the world's major political and economic players at its inception.

Take the time and think about it! 

The news about rising inflation is alarming almost everywhere in the world. Not to mention the local wars threatening with the potential to escalate worldwide and their devastating consequences.

Please be thorough about these claims. Inflation is the triggering effect of the suffering of millions of people. 

It is not for nothing that you hear the international bodies proposing solutions to the problems of the world's poor. 

By the way, problems are created for the benefit of the high castes that now support the technocrats.

Inflation hits your finances, impoverishing you more and more every day. But, only think billionaires or aristocrats have been impoverished. 

So it is clear that the current system benefits them.


Why would the world's elites want to change the monetary system? 

You will agree by now that they have no incentive to do so.

But I assure you they will. Of course, not for the right reasons, nor for the welfare of the people.  

Of course not!

It is logical: the elites do not support a decentralized, deflationary, transparent, fast, cheap, and secure monetary system like the original Bitcoin.

Who would go against their personal finances? 

Of course, people like you and me know the power of the concept behind Bitcoin. 

The concept is freedom through money that is resistant to the machinations of the architects of the current monetary system.

Sounds pretty grim if you think about it. But trust me, I'm not exaggerating nor expounding fantasies for dystopian novels. 

The elites are o afraid of losing control over those they think are there to serve them directly or indirectly.

It's as simple as that! Don't look for a fifth leg to the table.

Cryptos inspired and designed under the original purpose of bitcoin are not only a threat to the transition of the monetary model to programmable money under the Establishment guidelines. These are also our last bastion of healthy personal finance under your control.  

It is painful to hear, read and watch as the people around you suffer from sustained impoverishment. While the visible faces of the technocracy increase their fortunes to levels unseen in recent history.

Moreover, you also suffer from it. You do not escape this reality. You live worried about what your family will eat. That is the level of the crisis that is galloping toward us.

You know it! I hate writing about these issues. I know they are topics that provoke evasion in readers. They are not popular at all. But looking the other way will not solve your battered personal finances.

I'd love to give you some good news and shine a light at the end of the road. Give you the formula to improve your finances.

Like you, I am on the same quest. Becoming a Freelancer in the crypto-verse environment has helped me a lot to survive daily.

Of course, I know that the ground is fragile and can collapse anytime.

You need to understand. We are not in an unprecedented situation. On the contrary, we are within the norm. Generations of the past have gone through similar circumstances based on the cycles that determined the fall and rise of various civilizations.

Perhaps we are entering a new historical milestone where personal finance will determine the next stage. 

Source: Image by Tumisu on Pixabay 


Cryptos have the power to improve your personal finances. Especially those that are designed to leapfrog the evolution of money.

Of course, you must walk in the right direction, exercising a mindset out of the debt trap as a strategy to get out of precarious situations.

Forget the help of the elites: governments, banks, and private and public corporations. These respond to the supreme interest of their own profits.

This has always been the case. Also, remember to avoid falling for siren songs: Lest they assimilate you since they see in you something to profit from and then discard you.

And above all, never stop fighting for your freedom.

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