Crypto ramblings of early 2022. On the brink of the debacle; An investment problem at the door

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2 years ago

To think for a while

Well, dear friends. In the last few days, we saw a significant drop in the prices of most cryptocurrencies like other assets. So, gloomy ideas about what happens have returned.

The crypto newscasts bring a motley concert with multiple edges that overwhelm the non-versed reader. For the record! I am also among you.

Therefore, no matter how much one reads or follows authors with solid research skills. You will have to give me some reason based on the cognitive limits; the information surpasses us.

Here, I sense great intentionality in it. There is nothing random when money is at stake.

Furthermore, when one sees only a part of the forest, one tends to miss the surrounding events that determine the entire forest.

I don't know if you know. There is a maxim among those who manage the stock markets about high-impact news. By the time these make the headlines, it is too late for naive investors.

I wonder, is there any low-key news rolling out there that one needs to consider?

Perhaps, it shouldn't matter much to someone who is just a tiny part of it. In the end, investing hundreds or thousands of dollars will not change course; However, in our micro world, real or virtual, it is vital.

When I began the journey in these seas, following in the wake of the Japanese forerunner, Satoshi Nakamoto, I never thought about everything involved.

Beyond a romantic or idealistic feat, now I think pragmatically, trying to see the whole forest. I remember the movie James Cameron, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, Titanic, and I see crypto projects as lifeboats in an announced and provoked sinking.

Whether. The last paragraph sounds somewhat scary and unreal but thinks about it before you stop reading. What if I am right?

On Kings Day, the news appeared on the mainstream about the historic 50% drop in the Nasdaq index, affecting 40% of the technology companies in the sector.

I think that, like you, in the first instance, you thought if you did read it, «I don't care, that's their problem; Also, that is financial news that has nothing to do with me.

Well, with certainty, it is a fact that at this moment, you are using one of the products of the first ten companies that head this index, and that represents 60% of the capital to read this article. Therefore, let me tell you that you are wrong; If they have to do with you and me, too.

In other words, of the more than 3,500 firms that participate in this index, only the first ten dominate and manage more than 50% of the investment. So who do you think is selling stocks to cause the crash, and why?

In addition, you need to consider that the Startups that enter here usually end up absorbed by the firsts on the list when it starts to develop its potential; So, the big fish eats the smallest, no matter how fast it is.

You will say to me, "Okay, I see your perspective. Now, what does all this have to do with the crash of the crypto market? And with the future catastrophe that you announce?"

Simple, my friend! You only have to go the money route. Although it is difficult to determine, with certainty, the strategies of the Big Tech, the plan is clear, to promote the transfer of wealth to their coffers. In this sense, the startups probably sold part of the cryptographic assets to continue their projects.

In the end, these great technological oligopolies will end if we let them, with our dreams of freedom.

So the problem is more than it seems. Not only are governments linked to traditional banking, do not underestimate the tech giants of Silicon Valley.

The most tragic thing is that they mock our faces, and many do not realize it.

Well, you don't have to believe me. I'm just one rambling trying to think. As said here, in these seas: DYOR.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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2 years ago


im still thinking what could cause this recent dump in crypto world, its just so crazy, but the beauty of it is that no matter what or who caused it, it will bounce back

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2 years ago

im still thinking what could cause this recent dump in crypto world, its just so crazy, but the beauty of it is that no matter what or who caused it, it will bounce back

Hello, my friend

Yes, international finance is out of control. Well, on second thought, these are out of our control.

However, like remoras, you have to be careful where the sharks go.

Yes, in this case, the whales! Although the power of shoals should not be underestimated.

Let's wait for more propitious times.

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2 years ago

Good information thank you friend.

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2 years ago

Thanks, my friend, for stopping by. Greetings.

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2 years ago