College student: $500 for writing on Blogchain?

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I'm always on the lookout for blogging platforms that monetize content. Especially those that reward with cryptocurrencies or refundable tokens without much hassle for withdrawal.

This is an area where I prefer Blockchains whose purpose is focused on content creation, such as Steem, Hive, and their clones.

Of course, other websites, such as, although not working on a Blockchain, is designed under a similar philosophy. The point of failure is in being hosted on dedicated and centralized servers.

Well! I did not come to chat about the technological pros and cons in this regard. So, if you are interested in elucidating any doubts. Browse and fish for the relevant information, and enlighten yourself.

Journalism student: Blogchain may interest you.

Today, I want to be the bearer of some information of interest to the university blogger who writes here every day.

Perhaps, you may have heard about Blogchain: a Dapp built on the Near Protocol blockchain and IPFS.

The good news is that the company behind this Dapp offers the opportunity to win $500 for participating in it.

I'll be honest with you. I don't believe in easy money, and in my opinion, this will be no exception.

About a month ago, I opened an account on Blogchain, excited by the features of the project and curious to see how Near Protocol operates.

The Dapp is visually appealing and very user-friendly. You can see the care and commitment of the developers and the visual and conceptual art. I really like it.

Of course, I should also tell you that they don't monetize in crypto yet, but it's on their roadmap.

So you might be wondering, how will I collect the $500 if I get to meet the requirements?

Good question!

One thing that caught my attention right away was the alternatives to opening the Blogchain account.

Having a Near Protocol wallet, I thought I would only log in as you do with MetaMask, but to my surprise, you can also do it with Google or Gmail accounts.

Also, at this project's stage, it has a partnership with Stripe to monetize the content.

To a crypto-verse purist, this strategy would resonate as a Trojan horse.

I confess to you! I thought long and hard before jumping into the play. Perhaps, I'm becoming more paranoid than I should be.

Tell me, what is the brand of your computer or smartphone?

So, anyway. The technology's owners already have your precious data, for better or worse.

I only recommend you tread carefully in the type of content you upload.

Another intriguing aspect for me was seeing only five active nodes in operation. I guess they are slowly finding the balance between software development and the target population they want.

Other elements of conviction lie in the fact that the team is not anonymous: it is visible on their website. In addition, to the transparency of being open source.

In any case, it is not a blind recommendation. Before you take the plunge, student friend. Do your research. Risk will always be present when taking chances in the early stages of a project.

As for me, I will continue researching and testing the goodness of this project. Hoping that soon crypto monetization will come.

Maybe, you (as a university student) can receive the bonus in your country's money as long as you meet the requirements of Capsule Social and Stripe's policies.

Source: Image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Final thoughts

I don't usually give recommendations when it comes to the crypto-verse, and this is no exception.

So, if you're a journalism student, go with caution and do your homework and research first: before jumping in for the $500.

I'm also not getting sponsorship from Blogchain. I just wanted to echo an opportunity for those who can take advantage of it.

 I hope you find this information helpful.

For those of us who are not journalism students; but enjoy writing. Perhaps, this project will be interesting shortly. It is not too much to try it out without exposing too much for now.  

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The thumbnail by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.  

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