Bitcoin Cash. The instrument to build financial freedom.

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Saving and investing are the phases of freedom.

Yesterday my son surprised me when he proposed to exchange $50 worth of Bitcoin Cash.

I have about a year and a half to educate my family members about the advantages of adopting Bitcoin Cash to build financial freedom from now on.

Also, at the beginning of my Bitcoin Cash journey, I even managed to recruit a grocery merchant who accepted payments through Roger Ver's Wallet.

I still remember my excitement when I successfully boarded and introduced my first trader to the crypto market.

For several weeks, I went to the street market every Friday with my Electron Cash wallet. I paid for my purchases with the tips I received from my items. The BCH price was hovering around $1,700.

However, as the price of BCH fell against the dollar, my provider decided to stop accepting this innovative form of payment. I again advised him on the matter. I told him, "My friend, you should think of BCH as a medium or long-term savings instrument." But, the retailer only seeks to maximize the profit with reinvestment.

I wonder, what did he do with his BCH?

Well! Right now, my BCH wallets are exhausted. This is ironic for someone like me who recommends holding BCH: as a way to save.

On the other hand, I have no regrets, especially when I tried to use BCH to raise awareness of the need for mass adoption.

In this sense, the purchases with BCH were necessary. Thanks to the generous community on and, my family's life has been blessed by lightening the burden of everyday life.

Next Friday, I will approach my friend and former supplier to find out how he is doing with Bitcoin Cash. 

I assume (if he still holds his BCH) he will be somewhat frustrated or disappointed to see the price of BCH in this bear market. 

In any case, if he still has them, I will tell him he is very too lucky. This is a long-term run that is in the early stages. He is a young man with pre-teen children who will thank me in the future when my hair turns completely white. 

As for my sons, who are now responsible adults, I will continue to reinforce them in supporting the connoted purpose proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Of course, I believe that, at present, we are on the eve of a turning point that will determine the next model of society, where the monetary and economic system will be decisive.

The world is more complex than we think. One can pose a reductionist abstraction. Where technocratic totalitarianism and cyberpunk liberalism confront each other.

Dystopian worlds are just around the corner. 

Anyway, one should prepare for what is to come, and no doubt, having some Bitcoin Cash in one's saddlebags is not a wrong choice.

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Final Thoughts

I am glad that at least one of my children is considering holding a Bitcoin Cash wallet. More so when these generations don't envision a hopeful future when they hear: Have nothing and be happy.

I still have to work with the other two. Of course, conditions now are not favorable, and the imposition of CBDCs is imminent. But my mission as a parent: is to guide and help them (as much as I can.)

This is one of the reasons that keeps me active as a writer for

Recently, I read a quote from an American writer that reaffirmed my work as a disseminator of Bitcoin's purpose.

When you learn, teach. When you receive, give.

Maya Angelou

So, I think of Bitcoin (Now Bitcoin Cash) as a received learning gift that one should teach and give to others with wisdom.

Yes, Bitcoin Cash is used to save for the difficult times ahead.

It's more! In this case, more than saving is investing.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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