Calamities threaten our world

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3 years ago

The war goes on continuously. Terrorism is common. Migrants want asylum. Poverty is at its peak. Inequality is increasing. Racial tension is increasing. Women are mistreated. Climate change is coming. The disease is rife. Health costs are rising. Schools are disintegrating. This news shocks and overwhelms us.

The crisis is large in scope and scale. Due to their excesses, none of these problems can be solved without extensive cooperation. In fact, different groups of people with conflicting beliefs and values need collaboration for real solutions.

Warlords need not stop fighting, racism must stop discrimination, and ignorant fools need to learn the basics.

Also, there is no need for practice or racism or fools to work together despite our differences. Many countries with unequal goals and beliefs cannot resolve the refugee problem until the nature of the problem and its solution is agreed upon and then everyone is persuaded to do their part.

The problem of climate change cannot be solved unless countries around the world agree that it is a problem and does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Terrorism cannot be eradicated unless all countries deny safe havens to terrorists. It is never enough to decide what to do alone or in a country and to do it alone. They also need to persuade many other people to go with them.

It's very clear. It is not so clear why intelligent and caring people do not do this. Why don't you work together to solve your common problems?

Contemporary science gives us extraordinary powers to learn, communicate, and control our future. However, we do not use these capabilities forever. With this much less, the stakes are high! All of these problems on both sides of these disputes are serious, even if some unfortunate groups suffer more than others.

But even politicians from different countries and even politicians from the same country smirk instead of cooperating, weakening instead of helping, interrupting instead of listening, and drawing lines in the sand instead of offering compromises. This can lead to mutual agreement. Instead of solving the problem, politicians make it worse, or offer a solution that the enemy knows will soon be rejected.

Not just in politics. Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, smartphones and the internet are making communication around the world easier than ever before, and many people spend a lot of time talking to friends.

However, this exchange almost always takes place in the bubble of peers with similar worldviews. In addition, discourse on the Internet has reached new lows.

Tough questions boil down to 280 character tweets or less hashtags and slogans. Thoughtful tweets and blog posts are also welcomed by Internet trolls with contempt, ridicule, humor and insults. Moderate opinions deal with extreme insults that disguise themselves as wit and spread the deliberate misinterpretations of opponents. The Internet allows a large number of reviewers to attack quickly, badly, and thoughtlessly.

This new medium and culture shines instead of kindness and leaves no incentive to take care of it or to be careful, fair or realistic, trustworthy or thoughtful. I like rhetoric. The reason is disliked. The tool that should be our tool shapes our actions and goals.

Of course, this dark image is not always accurate, but it is very accurate. And many of these different issues are for the same reasons: lack of mutual understanding. Sometimes people avoid talking to each other. Even when they speak, there is little communication of thoughts on important issues. As a result, I don't understand why others believe what they say.

Politicians cannot cooperate because they do not understand each other, at least in part.

If you don't understand why you need to throw the burden, your opponent will never agree to share the burden.

Lack of understanding can sometimes arise from inconsistent worldviews or conflicting perceptions that hinder mutual understanding.

However, political opponents often do not try to understand each other, in part because they receive no personal or political benefit and are just. In fact, they often lack a strong incentive to reach out or be fair.

Tweeters and bloggers are haunted by the internet because they aim to earn their jokes and likes for gibes.

Why should they try to understand their opponents when they think they will fail and nothing will get in return for their efforts?

Of course, a lot of interesting and enjoyable conversations take place on Twitter and the Internet, but the sheer number of locking trills scares many potential contributors.

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3 years ago