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SWOT Analysis: A simple strategy for personal development

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The prerequisite for human longevity is the health of body and mind. However, it is not just physical and mental development that is needed to stay healthy for a long time. In other words, if I stay healthy, I will live a long time, but this is not the last word. Rather in this short life of long life we have to do different kinds of work. That too is usually done for the sake of survival or for peace of mind.

Study started from 6 years after birth. In between, our education goes to primary, secondary, higher secondary and university. Then comes a new challenge, a better workplace that will simultaneously raise money and meet the expectations of the mind. Old age comes after married life.

People have been participating in a kind of competition since childhood. That contest ends with his death. This competition is not always just with others. Man's closest rival is himself. Night and day we try, work hard to transcend ourselves, to take ourselves to better heights from the present. In this competition, some of us are almost completely successful, some of us are less than that, some of us come to the end of life after trying.

Successful people are in control of almost every single situation;

There are some secret formulas behind human success, there are some key mantras. People who follow these formulas or mottos do not fail at all, even if they are not completely successful. Turning the word around, it can also be said that the people we know as successful today have succeeded in life by applying these secret formulas or mottos. One of the simplest of these secrets to success is SWOT analysis, which is the topic of today's writing.

‘SWOT’ is an English word-abbreviation. Analyzing it is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The real purpose of SWOT analysis is to find out the powerful features of something and to find out the opportunities in which these powerful features can be used. Again to find out the weak features as well as to analyze the harmful effects of these weak features. Arrange to remove these features later.

Four steps of SWOT analysis;

Initially SWOT analysis was mainly used in business. There are various strategies for business success. In 1980, Edmund P. Learned, Kenneth Andrews, c. Roland Christensen and William d. Four business gurus named give an idea about this analysis.

It is a method that will empower any company to face any challenge and help it survive in any difficult environment. However, the results of this strategy are astonishing not only in business, but also in the spiritual development of the people. It is possible to use this method to face virtually any kind of challenge.

We often suffer from depression in our lives. This happens in most cases, including education or career. Just like what happens in a business. Many businesses fail again and again. But they can't figure out exactly why they're failing. Again, they do not analyze the potential aspects that they can use in any sector. That is why it is difficult for them to survive in business.

Such problems also come in human life. It can be said that these problems come in almost everyone's life. Then people will not understand what to do. In those cases we can apply SWOT analysis. However, the matter may not be as simple as it seems. Because most people do not know their potential or their weaknesses properly.

So let us know now, how we can do SWOT analysis in our personal life. You can make a table like the one below to do this analysis.

SWOT Analysis Table;

Strengths or potential aspects

It is very important to find out your strengths or potentials first. Because it depends on these potential features what kind of opportunity you have. This strength does not mean only your educational qualifications. Good results are one of your potential aspects. Your skills and experience are also your strengths.

In addition, your confidence, common sense, your basic characteristics, acceptability to everyone, ability to compete, and even your geographical location can be your potential characteristics. For example, some may sing well, some may dance well, some may have good communication skills, some may work hard, and so on. These are all strengths. List them in the Strengths cell.


Just as it is important to find out your potential, it is also important to find out your weaknesses. Because, you may not think seriously about one of the negative features of your character. But you may not be able to succeed because of this feature. So it is important to correctly identify your weaknesses. There should not be any kind of ego here.

Among these weaknesses may be your bad habits, big or small, which you have taken for granted. Lack of education or knowledge, lack of competence or experience, physical illness, hesitant attitude, lack of self-confidence, all these negative features are the weakness of a person. These need to be properly diagnosed and efforts should be made to get rid of these negative attitudes.


We are all actually waiting for the opportunity. Today, those who have a bad time are waiting for the opportunity to turn around. All successful people are told to take advantage of the opportunity. So, what do we mean by opportunity? Opportunity means, if ever the surrounding conditions are in your favor. Let's give an example.

Someone will apply for a job in a company. The company needs an engineer. But that person is a chartered accountant. So the company can't take him. Now that the company has announced the appointment of a chartered accountant, this person can apply and get a job if he has a good fortune. This circumstance is in favor of that person, this is the opportunity.

Based on your qualifications and listed potential traits, you can find out what opportunities are waiting for you right now.


This threat is not a threat to your life at all. But success in personal life requires knowing these threats. This threat can be your lack of security (whether it is in your career or personal life) or your disability, lack of skills, the possibility of not being able to compete.

We already know the basics of SWOT analysis. But it is never possible to develop oneself if one is limited to just knowing. On the contrary, there is a need for practical application of these strategies. In this way, on the one hand, we can know about the good and bad aspects of ourselves, on the other hand, we can also know about our possibilities or weaknesses.

With this method, if you know your potential or good aspects, you will be able to know what are the opportunities for those aspects, just as it will be possible to find out the bad aspects. So try SWOT analysis for your spiritual development!

Thanks to everyone for reading my article

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