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Starship: The rocket that will take people to Mars

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The communication system of human civilization underwent a radical change after the invention of the wheel. Since then, new discoveries have changed the face of the earth. At present the communication system has improved so much that each country is like a neighboring village. All this has been made possible by the influence of technological development.

Modernization of technology has not only reduced the distance of the earth, but also brought the moon and stars hundreds of millions of miles away within the reach of man. Just as the invention of the wheel changed the communications system of the earth, so did rocket technology open the door to space for humans.

If we go back to the very beginning of the invention of the rocket, we can see that this technology was invented as a weapon on the battlefield. World War II created a new possibility for rockets as a long-range weapon in the hands of Nazi forces. In the experience of world war, all the countries of the world can know about the horrors of modern war, which gives birth to reluctance towards war in the minds of people. As a result, every country has become more focused on internal development. The world superpowers began to overhaul their military and technology sectors. Rocket technology also began to change.

In 1957, for the first time, Russia successfully used rocket technology for space exploration by launching an artificial satellite. The following year America also sent their first satellite. This technology went one step further when Russia successfully sent an astronaut into Earth orbit in 1961. The following year America also sent astronauts. This is how rocket technology continues to advance. However, the need for rocket technology and interest in it increased many times after the US Apollo mission. This is the first time a human footprint has fallen on the surface of the moon through this mission. People have climbed cloud-covered mountains before, made successful expeditions to many remote areas, but few thought of conquering the moon in the sky!

Apollo missions;

After the American lunar mission, new horizons of space science were unveiled in front of the earth. Many countries of the world became interested. Research on rocket science began. Because without a rocket, it is no longer possible to reach space by gravity.

Although economically developed countries have achieved one success after another in space exploration, such thinking was a luxury for middle or low income countries. Because space research is extremely expensive. However, the cost came down a lot after the SpaceX company's reusable rocket invention. Where previously a rocket could be used only once, SpaceX rockets can be used in multiple missions.

Today it will be announced that SpaceX Company has a special rocket 'Starship'. By far the starship is said to be the largest rocket in the world, through which SpaceX seeks to build human habitation on Mars.

SpaceX and Starship

Elon Musk;

Many people in the world today know Elon Musk, who can easily be compared to Tony Stark of Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is, of course, not an engineering degree holder in multiple disciplines like the imaginary Tony Stark. But Elon Musk is a successful entrepreneur. And behind such a title are all new innovative ideas.

SpaceX started its journey in America in 2002. Although it did not see success for several years in a row, SpaceX is currently the most successful private company in space research. In 2008, SpaceX was able to send a liquid fuel rocket into Earth orbit for the first time. Soon after, an agreement was reached with NASA and the opportunity to work for them and the International Space Station (ISS) also came.

In 2010, SpaceX conducted a commercial mission in which a spacecraft called the Dragon Capsule was able to successfully orbit the Earth. They then gave birth to another in history হিসেবে the first commercial company to successfully deliver a cargo from NASA to the International Space Station.

Animated images of Starship Rocket;

The purpose of establishing Elon Musk's SpaceX was to reduce the cost of space travel as much as possible. After one experiment after another, SpaceX invented a reusable rocket, which was able to reduce the cost of space travel in a real sense.

Mask now dreams that people like the moon will one day set foot on Mars. However, building artificial settlements on Mars will not be as easy as the lunar mission. That is why more special types of technology are needed. To this end, SpaceX started working on a special rocket. Starship is that rocket.

First of all, let's talk about the name Starship. Elon Musk wasn't sure exactly what name it would be until it started working in 2016. At first it was renamed the Interplanetary Transport System, but it did not last long. Then the Big Falcon rocket was matched with the old Falcon rocket. But in the end the final is the starship.

Rocket Booster of Starship;

A total of two parts of the starship. One is a rocket booster with a total of 36 Raptor engines. The job of a rocket booster is to get the original vehicle into Earth orbit by gravity, and since the starship is a fully recyclable rocket, the booster will land on the earth again in a specific landing pad after the original vehicle reaches orbit. The raptor engines used in the booster can be used 1,000 times effortlessly, if there are no special problems. SpaceX's other Falcon rockets were powered by liquid oxygen, but the state-of-the-art Raptor engine will run on liquid oxygen and liquid methane.

The other part of the starship is the main vehicle, which has 6 raptor engines. As soon as the booster separates from the ground orbit, another rocket will be sent and re-fueled in conjunction with the original vehicle so that the original vehicle can reach the intended mission moon or Mars. Starship is a combination of rocket booster and original vehicle.

Re-fueling process;

The height of the starship is 120 meters which is bigger than a football field in length. This spacecraft is capable of carrying a large number of cargoes with a total of 100 passengers on a long-distance mission to the moon or Mars. It also has a total capacity of 150 metric tons, which is equivalent to 21 African elephants.

The whole rocket will be made of stainless steel. Although the earlier rockets were made of carbon fiber, there are several reasons for using steel. This will reduce the cost, on the other hand, the amount of heat generated during landing on Mars at a speed of 17 thousand miles per hour is unbearable for carbon fiber.

Starship is under construction in Texas, USA, where numerous prototype starships are being built, with samples to be tested before the final mission. Although several tests failed at first, the latest news is that a sample of the starship SN-5 successfully flew at an altitude of 150 meters above the ground.

The question may be - how is it possible to finance the starship project so much? Most of the money for this project comes from Elon Musk's other project, Starlink, through which SpaceX is working to bring Internet services to all remote areas of the world at once. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Mujwa is also funding Project Starship, which will take SpaceX to the moon as a commercial passenger for the first time. Once the starship is fully ready, a mission to the moon will be conducted before going to Mars. Then in 2024 the journey will be for the purpose of Mars, but the year 2024 has not been decided yet.

Although the work of making a starship has started for the purpose of traveling in distant space, there is another groundbreaking idea about this. What is that! Well, imagine what it would be like to get anywhere in the world in 35-40 minutes! Musk's SpaceX company is going to make this possible even if it seems like crazy gossip. Starships may also be used for internal travel around the world. In this case, the cost will be such that it is close to the business class of the airplane.

Elon Musk's project may not be successful, but he has shown people dreams. He believes that in this cluttered world, people spend every day hoping for a better time. The dream of going to Mars is such a hope for the people of the world, that the wait will end one day. Surely one day people will reach The Red Planet Mars.

Thanks to everyone for reading this article

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