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Everything you need for a traveling guitarist

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Let's not turn around unknowingly

Where the river came to a halt!

It is difficult to find a person in Bangladesh who has not heard the lyrics of this song written and composed by Lucky Akand, at least in Bangladesh. Because, it is still seen that many people who are thirsty for travel, when going for a walk somewhere or after going to a certain destination, all of them sit together under the open sky in the evening and sing to the tune of this song. And if, fortunately, one of the travelers is an expert in guitar, then all in all, Sohaga is in gold. Although it is difficult to master the technique of playing the guitar, it is even more difficult to keep the tone of the sound produced by the guitar.

After all, it's not just about guitar learning grammar, it's about the association of more accessories with the guitar. For example, playing the guitar requires picks, which are three-cornered, but not full-angle, and sometimes many picks are oval or betel-shaped. However, this plastic object creates a clear and melodious melody as soon as you touch the six nylon strings on the fret board of the guitar.

Classical, electric and acoustic guitars in the film; Image Source:

Although writing about the type of guitar goes beyond the main topic, let's get acquainted with the guitars very briefly. There are basically three types of guitars-

  • Spanish guitar: Simply put, the guitars we usually see people playing are Spanish guitars. But to put it a little better, Spanish guitars have freight boards.

  • Hawaiian guitar: Hawaiian guitar usually does not have a freight board and cannot be played with rhythm. Lying on the lap is played with a sliding metal bar.

  • Bass guitar: Although the above two guitars have six strings each, the bass guitar basically has four strings or strings. And these strings are used to make sounds much thicker and heavier and more serious than ordinary guitars.

The above three types of guitars are again acoustic and electric.

Several types of guitars;

Acoustic guitar: The acoustic guitar has a round hollow part, called a sound hole. As a result, when the guitar strings vibrate with the help of your fingers or picks, it echoes in the body of the guitar and is expressed through the sound hole. Also, many acoustic guitars have pick-ups inside, which can be played louder or louder with the help of amps. The popularity of this guitar is highest for beginners learning and regular practice.

Electric Guitar: The name of the guitar suggests that it is electrically powered. In the case of this guitar, the vibration of the wire is converted into an electric signal, which is then tuned by another instrument called the amp, which is emitted through a loudspeaker. The guitar is popular for its ability to develop skills in the middle stage of guitar learning and to create new melodies and to publish melodies on a large scale. However, playing the electric guitar requires not only picks, but also many other accessories. Such as- processor, amp, guitar cable, soundbox or headphones, tuner, rig etc.

Speaking of which, if you go for a walk and take the guitar with you, then what is the problem? Because, when we go for a walk, we usually try to stay as light as possible, but hearing the description of the guitar accessories, it seems to be quite a problem now. Because, in general, the sound of many acoustic guitars sounds very rough and heavy in special cases; Again, in the case of electric guitars, you have to carry an amp. So, today's article is about the description of the most important and easily portable guitar accessories or kits for the traveling guitarist.

Travelable guitar

Over the last 50 to 100 years, models of acoustic guitars in particular have been almost identical. However, new models of guitars are seen in the case of electric guitars. Also, the popularity of Ukulel as an alternative to guitar has increased. Also, all the world's leading guitar companies are building new and easily portable guitars with travel in mind. These include guitars of different shapes, sizes and designs. Various variations have also been brought in the case of electric guitar.

Martin Steel Strings Backpacker Travel Guitar;

When it comes to guitars that are easy to carry and small in size, the first thing to say is the Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar. This guitar looks a lot like our native musical instrument Dotar. This 15 freight guitar is also made up of six strings. Also, the Amigo brand AMT 10 model guitar. This guitar is also relatively small in size and has been made keeping in mind only the traveling guitarists. 10 more rover steels from Washburn, carbon fiber travel guitars from Claus and Cordoba Mini Travel nylon string guitars; The guitars mentioned are quite good and popular in the case of acoustic guitars.

In the case of electric guitars, we have to talk about Fender's brand new Acustosonic Telecaster electric guitar. This 22 freight guitar made of mahogany wood looks like an acoustic but it is actually an electric guitar. The reason for its popularity is the taste of playing acoustic and electric guitar at the same time. You can also choose from Rocksmith, Escape Mark 3, Shredded Travel Guitar and Hoffner's City Series, easy to carry and hassle-free electric guitars.

Fender Acoustosonic Telecaster Electric Guitar;

While these guitars may seem heavy, they are only light when you hold them. At the same time understand that the guitar is not so thin or bad. Moreover, these guitars are made only with the travelers in mind, so the melody produced from them is neither too heavy nor too thin, but also full in the middle position. These guitars usually have a built-in pickup and the melody is mostly set. Rechargeable batteries are also available in many cases.


There are pocket / mini-amps to solve the problem of amps on the go. Vox's AP2AC AM Plug 2 will weigh 300/350g if too much, and will be the size of a bubble gum packet; So even if you don't have space in your suitcase, at least in your pocket it will easily become a place for this amp. With two AAA or triple batteries, this amp has a continuous charge of about seventeen hours - and the amp can be plugged directly into your guitar, as it was built; There is no need to use cable separately.

Vox's AM Plug 2 amp;

It has three volume keys to get the right melody from the amp - one for gain, one for tone and one for volume. And with this mini-amp on the guitar, you can play bass, blues, classic rock, lead or metal rock effortlessly if you want. From this amp you can also use headphones without soundbox at the same time.


Suppose a melody suddenly peeks into your brain at the beginning of a trip, but you are traveling and you do not have a guitar accessory with you, so what do you do? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like VOX's amp plug is on your head right now, but with amps you can no longer do paddle, tone, level or gain work together; You can't even record the tune, can you?

Irig UA will free you from such problems. The funny thing is, with the USB cable plug that comes with it, you can easily enjoy all the benefits of it on your Android phone. In that case you don't even have to carry anything heavy like your laptop. Android apps of this rig are provided for free, with which you can take advantage of amps, paddles and various tunes. Since it will charge from your Android phone, there is nothing to worry about its battery or charge like the mini-amp.

Irig UA;

When you connect your guitar to the earig it will apparently act as an audio processor. Although it may not be possible to do the special work of audio with it, you can be so sure that there will be no gap between playing the guitar and the melody produced from it. That is, the rig will in no way create a gap between the melody and the playing, but rather a combination of the two. So your Android phone will not only work as an audio processor, but it will also create a place for the rig where you can easily enjoy the benefits of paddling and different tunes in different ways.

Another advantage of Irig is that you can play the song of your choice and play the guitar to the tune. In this case, Irig's apps will not be a problem.

Headphones / Soundbox

Headphones are best suited for travel, but there are currently several soundboxes that are easy to carry and without electrical hassle. They can also be used with amps or rigs. Both headphones and soundbox are needed. So you can use your own phone headphones or good quality headphones if you want. Or you can rely on a very good quality soundbox.

Image Source: Google

Portable tuner

Even if you choose the best of the best guitars to travel with, you may not like the melody or instrumentation of that guitar; And the main reason for this is that the guitar is not tuned properly. Although tuner apps are currently available on Android or ISO phones, most musicians use portable or mini tuners.

Portable tuner;

These types of tuners detect the vibration level of the guitar strings, making it possible to tune appropriately with these tuners even in extra noisy environments. These tuners have a fairly large display, so you can see when a tune is changing and at the same time the display can be rotated up-down and right-left very easily. In addition to guitar, these tuners also offer bass, violin and ukulele modes.

Paddle case

There is no substitute for a paddle case, especially for an electric guitarist. Guitarists use paddle cases to avoid the hassle of processor loads and a bunch of cables. This 9 volt paddle case has five separate paddles; Which again has a built-in tone. Not too heavy, and not too light.

Gator guitar paddle case;

Peak holder

It is normal to lose the peak. This small object is not felt even if it falls from the pocket or bag. And sometimes there are no more picks, so pick-up holders are essential for traveling guitarists. This type of small peak holder can hold up to 12 peaks.

Peak holder

Thanks to everyone for reading my article

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Wow what a beautiful articles writing about goitre is interesting keep it up and I also appreciate reading your articles nice job thanks

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1 year ago

I really love guitar music 🎶 but unfortunately i can't play even for a single second but i may join my friends in learning how to play the guitar

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