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Ederborstein: A collection of hundreds of years of diamonds

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At one time there were two separate cities, Eder and Oberstein. In 1933, the two cities were merged and renamed Ederborstein. The city is located near the Hunsrck Mountains in southwestern Germany. The city has a rich history. Europe's oldest diamond mine is here. For more than 500 years, various diamonds and pearls were mined here. Later, a museum of diamonds and pearls, an internationally renowned diamond research center and much more was built in the depths of the mine. There are numerous showrooms selling genuine and counterfeit pearls.

Tourists have to take the help of guides to get around the inside of the Ederwerstein diamond mine;

Ederuberstein's diamond mine has been world famous for a long time. In the eighteenth century, the region was known as the source of precious stones. By 1827, some locals in Ederwerstein had discovered the diamond mine in a place called Coopersell. They find various types of precious stones in the mines. At that time the cost of extracting diamonds from the mine was also relatively low. The area gradually became more densely populated with low-wage workers and low-cost gemstones. Several well-known gem factories were established in the area. The water of Nahi river flowing near the city was used in these factories. In these factories, gemstones brought from the mines were cut into a shape and transformed into expensive jewelery through various processes. As a result, the city continues to prosper economically.

Various scenes inside the diamond mine;

This diamond mine, one of the oldest and most famous gemstones in all of Europe, later developed into a huge museum of mine-centric museums. The location of the mine, however, is in a somewhat inaccessible place. Many tourists from different parts of the world come to see the mine in the middle of the forest surrounded by mountains. They were attracted to this diamond mining museum for a different experience. To enter the diamond mine, you have to get out of the car and walk a long way up the hill.

The entrance to the diamond mining museum;

And like the five mines, you have to wear a special helmet on your head to go into its cavity. Spread over a huge area, this mine is now a mere sight to behold. Because, for more than 500 consecutive years from 1454 to 1870, billions of Deutsche Mark diamonds have been mined from this mine. Due to its use for many years, Ederberstein's mineral reserves were reduced.

Replicas of various historical diamonds are the center of attraction for tourists visiting the museum;

In this way it goes from the present page to the history book of the past. The mine has been abandoned for some time since then. Later, various steps were taken to turn the mine into a museum. The museum's collection has been rich for 81 years. Through this museum, tourists can learn about the history of various diamonds, gems and pearls, as well as the heritage and culture of the city of Ederborstein.

Ancient gem-engraved cups, sculptures, etc. can be found in this diamond mining museum;

Mine's excellent security measures or watching the light play inside. The German guide turns the tunnel from tunnel to tunnel to show where the gems of any size have been extracted.

A glass house in the mine is decorated with various patterns of gems found there at different times. The youngest children of the school were also brought to the mine on an educational tour. It takes a long time to see the huge gem museum. The museum is decorated with more than 7,000 precious gems in 56 show cases measuring about 940 feet. Precious gems of different sizes or carvings of precious stones have been brought from different parts of the world.

Various gemstone patterns decorated in the museum;

There are also carved statues of famous people in the show-case. This museum has a crystal hall where there are replicas of all the historical diamonds. The museum also has many masterpieces of mosaic and crystal, the light is shining from the body of these works of art. There are information boards and great pictures to tell you where in the world there are diamond or pearl mines. The museum has the opportunity to see the ancient cups, idols, etc. carved with gems. In addition to this, tourists will find fossils of various animals 400 million years ago in this mine.

The city of Idahobastine is completely different from other cities in the Rhineland-Palatinate state. The city is quite tidy, clean. Many tourists can't resist the temptation to have a kind of flavor as an old-fashioned city without glamor. So they are not only satisfied with the museum of mining, they also visit the various places of interest throughout the city. For example, the world-famous Felsenkirch Church, the mountainous Oberstein Castle, the Arbeshkop Mountain - all attract tourists.

Pictures of the city of Ederbustin;

Many also like to spend time at the popular Christmas market in the Barge Oberstein area of the city. There is a very old theater hall here. Various cultural events are regularly organized here. Many people also flock to this theater to watch those local programs.

Felsenkirch Church

The city is surrounded by the fifteenth-century Felsenkirch Church. This historic white installation on the hill was built by Emperor Warrich IV. The interior of the church has all the wonderful paintings. Many tourists want to spend some time alone in the quiet, clean environment of the church.

Legend has it that two sons of the same king liked the same princess. Everyone knew the love of a prince and one secretly expressed that love. In one battle, two princes went out to fight. At this time the elder brother can know about the love of his younger brother. He became very angry with his younger brother and killed him. After returning from the war, the elder brother became very remorseful. Continue to burn with remorse. He built the church in memory of his younger brother. After the church was built, water began to rise in the form of bubbles from a place there, which is still emanating from that place today.

Felsenkirch Church, a historic monument in white on a hill built in the fourteenth century;

Oberstein Castle

Oberstein Castle was built in the seventeenth century. At that time it was used as the residence of the Chief Administrator of the city of Oberstein (Count Don Oberstein). Later it was used for administrative purposes. The fort suffered extensive damage during World War II. The fort was later rebuilt.

Oberstein Castle, built in the fifteenth century;

The fort has special exhibitions for tourists in several rooms. In one room there is a stockpile of various weapons used in ancient times, and in another huge hall there is an arrangement for organizing cultural events. Another small room has a gallery. This gallery has various local specimens of different times.

Arbeshkop Mountain

Mount Arbeshkop is the highest peak in the state of Ronirland-Palatint. Many tourists choose this 26 feet high mountain for hiking. Just as they like to hike in the summer, they choose to ski in the snow-covered mountains in the winter. That is why there is a constant flow of tourists here.

Hansruk Powert

Another major attraction of the town of Idahoberstein is the 410 km long walk from Hansrock to the state of Saarland. Many people are thrilled to walk along a long bridge built between two hills.

410 km A long walk from to the state of Saarland;

The mining museum and the rich local history and history of Germany, the city of Ederwerstein is visited by a large number of tourists every year.

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