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Abdullah Ibn Zubayr: Death Lonely Caliph

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Husain, the grandson of the Prophet, and his family were tragically killed in Karbala. As soon as the news reached Abdullah Ibn Zubayr, he was moved. Announced the removal of Yazid from the caliph's masnad. He was then in Makkah. On the other hand, Yazid ordered the siege of Medina. The people of Medina also resisted. This conflict in 683 is known as the Battle of Harra. Most of the leading figures, including Abdullah ibn Hanjala and his sons, were martyred. Medina was looted by the Syrian forces and women were humiliated. The city of the Prophet came to a standstill. Then Yazid's forces left for Makkah. But the siege did not work; I had to go back. Because, Yazid died suddenly.

After Yazid's death, Muawiyah II sat in the masnad. To some people the throne became a matter of disgust. Muawiyah II was of that class. Moving away from the caliphate, he continued to spend time in solitary worship in the mosque. He died in just three months. As a result, a large part of the Umayyad Empire was no longer barred from reaching a consensus on the caliphate of Abdullah ibn Zubayr.

Abdullah bin Zubayr (R.)

It was not long before the Muslims, disgusted by the Quraish, migrated to Medina. Meanwhile, rumors began to spread among the Jews in Medina. Muslims have been bewitched; As a result, they will not be able to give birth to any child. Although the significance is not true, it is still true that no Muslim child was born after the migration. To many, the issue is so embarrassing. One son put an end to that situation. Son of Asma and Ibn al-Awwam of Zubayr. One is the daughter of the famous Companion Abu Bakr (RA), the other is the half-brother of the Prophet (SAW). The birth of this child was a turning point for the Muslims of Medina. The Prophet himself named him Abdullah. The first child born in Medina after converting to Islam.

Abdullah played an important role in the expedition to Africa during the reign of Caliph Uthman (ra);

It was thought that it was not possible to compete with Abdullah ibn Zubayr on three issues - worship, heroism and eloquence. He used to prostrate so long during the prayers that the birds used to sit on the body as if on the wall. He was with the Muslims in Yarmouk and Egypt. But the most distinctive thing was the expedition to Africa in 647 led by Abdullah bin Saad. Control of North Africa was then in the hands of Gregory the Patrician. Several times a large number of opponents surrounded the Arab forces. Abdullah ibn Zubayr set out for the king with some of his horsemen. Enemies thought correspondents. When Gregory could see; By then it was too late. Abdullah ibn Zubayr gave the takbeer that killed Gregory; That's why they get angry.

After this victory, Caliph Uthman (ra) asked him to stand on the pulpit of the mosque and narrate all the events to everyone. Abdullah began to speak in detail about the victory. Ibn al-Awwam, the father of Zubayr, was present at the meeting. At the end of the speech he said in amazement, “When I heard your speech; It seemed certain then; It is as if I am listening to the speech of Caliph Abu Bakr. ”

During the reign of Caliph Ali, he was the commander of the infantry in the Battle of the Camel. Father Jubayer was killed in this battle. Abdullah himself suffered forty-three blows. He was found alive among the dead. The news of the survival of the person Ayesha Ra. Take it to; He was given a reward of ten thousand dirhams. In fact, after her father Abu Bakr, Ayesha loves her nephew Abdullah the most.


Abdullah ibn Zubayr did not deny the caliphate of Muawiyah. After his death, Yazid ibn Mu'awiyah began to take the oath of allegiance. At that time Abdullah bin Zubayr and Husain bin Ali left Medina and went to Mecca. Hussein later left Mecca for Kufa, where he was brutally martyred in the desert of Karbala. Abdullah ruled Mecca alone. Yazid sent him a letter of allegiance, but he refused. Although Mecca was besieged, Yazid died before it could succeed. Within a few years of the deaths of Yazid and Muawiyah II, the entire Muslim caliphate took the pledge in his hands.

Abdullah ibn Zubayr is now the sole hero of Hejaz and the surrounding area. He expelled the Umayyads from Medina and appointed an administrator himself. Send a letter to Basra. Abdullah bin Ali, Abdullah bin Abbas and Abdullah bin Umar came forward to take the pledge. New imams and tax collectors were appointed in Kufa. The people of Kufa also trust him. When they sent envoys to Egypt, Algeria and Basra, they took the pledge. The people of Yemen and Khorasan did not hesitate to take the pledge.

Abdullah ibn Zubayr took the oath of allegiance to various provinces;

Mu'awiyah ibn Yazid, or the second Mu'awiyah, swore an oath of allegiance to the people for Abdullah ibn Zubayr in Damascus before his death. Dahhak ibn Qays, a resident of Damascus, was given the task of making a decision. He also decided to take the oath of allegiance in the hands of Abdullah bin Zubayr. Meanwhile, most of the governors of Syria are loyal to him. Marwan Ibn Abul Hakam, one of the men of the Umayyad family, also left for Bayat. But on the way, he met Ubaidullah bin Ziad, the mastermind of the Karbala massacre. Ubaydullah was scared. If Abdullah ibn Zubayr is seated in the masnad and consensus is established; However, he will have to stand on the fence for the murder in Karbala. As a result, he took the pledge by holding Marwan's hand; Persuaded him to become caliph. This does not only change Marwan's mind; The equation of power changes.


Ad Dahhak decided to take the pledge in the hands of Abdullah bin Zubayr. As a result, the clash with Marwan became inevitable. In 65 AH, a fierce battle took place for 29 days at Marj Rahi in Syria. Dahhak's forces were defeated by deception in the last century. Dahhak himself was killed. Marwan was soon able to establish authority in Syria. But could not last. After his death, Shambasi took the oath of allegiance in the hands of his son Abdul Malik. The long conflict continues.

Abdul Malik was able to establish his authority over the whole of Iraq by 71 AH. Only the Hejaz region remains. This time, the governor of Iraq, Hajjaj bin Yusuf, ordered the siege of Mecca. Hajjaj, who was criticized for his cruelty, appeared with five manjankis. Closes the supply route for supplies from outside Mecca. As the supplies were blocked, the besieged people started drinking Zamzam water. Manzanik was wounded and reached Kaaba Abdi. Many people on the side of Abdullah bin Zubayr were killed. The rest slowly move away. Only mother Asma (ra.). Relying on the chest of a lonely companionless son.

Seals used by Hajjaj bin Yusuf;

The walls of the Ka'bah were destroyed by Hajjaj's shelling. It was during that siege that Abdullah rebuilt the Kaaba on the foundations of Ibrahim. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) once said to Aisha (may Allaah be pleased with her), “If the people of your people were not Muslims, I would have broken the Ka'bah, put Hatim inside the Ka'bah, and made two doors. One to the east and the other to the west; People would enter with one and exit with the other. ” Later when Hajjaj bin Yusuf captured Mecca from Abdullah; Hatim was then thrown out again as before.

That story is heartbreaking

After a long siege, almost everyone left Abdullah's side in despair. Abdullah ibn Zubayr's mother came to Asma (ra).

  • -Mom, everyone has left me. I don't even have my two sons and relatives. The number of people with me is limited; It is not possible to survive with them. If I leave the caliphate in exchange for worldly things; But they are ready to give it to me. What do you think about this?

- By Allah, you know your duties and responsibilities very well. If you have faith and are on the path of truth and justice, you will remain steadfast and unwavering in this path. Your comrades have been martyred in the way of justice. Don't give the slaves of Banu Umayya a chance to play with you. And if you desire worldly wealth; Then you are the worst slave. You have destroyed yourself; You have destroyed your comrades. And if you think, I was on the path of Hawke, my comrades have become weak and weak. Then I will say it is not the religion of the hero; Not the principle of the righteous. Will you be able to live forever? Shahadatai not superior?

  • -Mom, I'm afraid the Syrian soldiers will kill me and mutilate my body.

  • -Dude, after slaughtering a sheep, it doesn't hurt to remove the skin.

Abdullah ibn Zubayr kissed his mother's forehead. He said, "This is my decision. To this day I have called to the truth. I have never leaned towards the world. I have not loved the worldly life. The religion of God has been violated in my lifetime. How can I accept it? That is why I rebelled. I wanted to know your opinion." Mother, today I am going to be a martyr. Don't let your suffering increase. "

The city of Mecca, painted around 1893;

Asma (ra) prayed heartily. And Abdullah bin Zubayr stood up against his opponent. He fought like a hero. He was reciting a poem-

  • ‘Asmayu, Ya Asmayu, La Tabkini; Lam Yabqba Illa Hasabi and Deeni.

  • Wa charimun la naat bihi yamini. '

  • That means Asma, Ogo Asma, Kendo Nako R.

  • Satisfaction of the hand without the sword, without respect and religion, what do I have!

On hearing the news of his martyrdom, the warriors of Syria burst into joy. Takbir continues to give muhurmuhu. Upon hearing this, 'Abdullah ibn' Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) remarked, "Those who give takbeer on the news of his birth are better than those who give takbeer on the news of his death." In fact, he was referring to the sound of takbeer given by the Companions at the time of Jubayr's birth in Medina.

Even then

Hajjaj bin Yusuf crucified the body of Abdullah bin Zubayr to appease his anger. He sent a messenger to see Asma (ra). When the bereaved mother refused to come, Hajjaj himself went and appeared before her. Sneer,

- See how God conquers the truth?

-Sometimes injustice is given temporary victory over the seekers of justice and fairness.

- Have you seen how I defeated the enemies of God?

-I see, you've finished my son's world; He is your Hereafter.

However, when Khalifa Abdul Malik heard about Hajjaj's misconduct, he rebuked him. Instructed to behave. Once again Asma Ra. Hajjaj is facing this. He calls her 'Amma' and wants to know if she needs anything. Asma simply replied, ‘I am not your mother. The mother of the boy who was crucified on the mountain road. And I have no need. '


Abdullah bin Zubayr was martyred in 73 AH, 692. Since he resided in Makkah from the month of Muharram 61 AH; Therefore his period is taken to be twelve years. Some, however, reduced the three years to nine years. However, with the fall of Makkah, the monopoly power of Abdul Malik bin Marwan was established in the caliphate. The Umayyad domination was revived after overcoming tensions. Some of the disintegrated rebellions rose to prominence but failed to materialize. Rather, the Umayyads spread from as far as the Indus to Andalusia.

Abdullah's death made the Umayyad dynasty irresistible; His evidence in the next detail;

Abdullah ibn Zubayr was an eminent Companion. He narrated many hadiths directly from the Prophet (peace be upon him). Narrated from Ibn al-Awwam, the father of Zubayr, also from Sahabi Umar and 'Uthman. A group of Tabi'is have narrated the hadith from him. Ibn 'Abbas was once asked about Abdullah ibn Zubayr. He said

Abdullah was a reader of the Book of Allah, a follower of the Prophet in the Sunnah, obedient to Allah and fasting even in the heat of fear. He was the son of Hawari of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Her mother was the daughter of Abu Bakr. Rasul's wife Ayesha (ra) was his aunt. So Allah has blinded him; No one can forget his dignity except such a person.

Thanks to everyone for reading this article

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