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Earthquake effects

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1 month ago

The effects of earthquake include,but are not limited to the following

1.Shaking & Ground rupture

Shaking & ground rupture are the main effects creating by earthquake, resulting more or less severe to damage buildings and rigid structures.

2.Soil liquefaction

Soil liquefaction occurs when,because of the shaking,water -saturated granular material temporarity loses it strength and transforms from soil to liquid.It may cause rigid structure like buildings and bridges,to tilt or sink into the liquefied deposite.

3.Human impacts

An earthquake may cause injury and loss of life,road and bridge damage etc...


Earthquake can acuse fires by damaging electrical power or gas pip line.


Earthquake can produce slop leading to landslides.



Floods may be secondy effect of earthquake,if dams are damaged.Earthquake may cause landslips to dams river,which collapse and cause floods.

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Written by ย ย 5
1 month ago
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