Effect of Technology on Health

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Man is present on the Earth for many centuries. He has to face all types of climates. The thing which is important to notice is that man has the ability to maintain health and fitness in all the conditions. Now, in this era of technology we have to counter against many factors which have strong impact on our health. The main thing which is necessary to discuss is the increasing level of technology. In his article we will argue upon both positive and negative effects of technology on health as well as the important measures to be taken to maintain our health.

Positive effect of technology on health

Technology has played a vital role in our lives. We are now able to watch the world in broad way. All of this is possible due to progress and upsurge in technology. Man is now able to use technology to save lives. Technology has given a new power to our lifestyle. We are capable to main the health and fitness. Now we will let you know the effect of technology on human health and fitness.

Device to monitor health

Use of technology has made it possible to invent devices to maintain our activities. The invention of wearables has a very positive effect on health. There is a positive effect of wearable technology on health. It is significant for both patients and healthcare providers. Now we are able to diagnose any disease very deeply and can cure it at vast level. When technology was not enough we had to diagnose all the diseases physically. But now there are robots for monitoring all the activities and processes in our body. They can be working for us.

Remote access to healthcare

Now most of the people are using remote access to both doctors and patients. Use of telehealth and telemedicine to connect with most of the patients is on peak now a day. Technology has made the life more convenient. Telemedicine is the method due to which two persons the patient and doctor connect them through video calling. By doing so we can stay at home and get our problem solved.

Ease of research

 Use of technology has raise the research field to highest peak. We can now research on every disease profoundly. Our laboratories are becoming huge. The appliances used in laboratories have been improving to a greater level. This progress in technology is helping us improving our health and lifestyle. We are getting rid of many diseases. We are becoming able to produce health promoting medicine. We are producing now producing medicines from micro-organisms. All of this have become possible only due to use of technology. In old times many of the people died due to lack of knowledge about different diseases. These diseases were considered fetal. This problem is now solved due to technology.

Gadgets used for fitness

Here we come to the point which is considered revolution in the field of health and fitness. Technology is improving our health condition in many ways. We have invented gadgets which we use to maintain a balance in our health. There are many apps which we use to make a record of our daily activities. By using these apps we can also earn money which gives us motivation to increase our daily workout. We use many gadgets in our gym centers to make our body fit. These gadgets also give us best body form. By the use of these gadgets we can lose our weight to a suitable level which is helpful for us to avoid from many diseases.

Negative effects of technology

Technology has made our lives easy. Now we will look at the other side of picture. Technology has also some cons which can’t be neglected. We will explain all the factors which are not good for our health. Here we explain some of them.

  • Hearing loss

  • Poor posture

  • Digital eye strain

  • Sleep problem

  • Emotional problems

  • Poor development of children

  • Inaccurate information

  • Low physical activity

These are the prominent effects of technology on our health. We will the provide detail about all of the above factors.

Hearing loss

Just go out and look around yourself weather, you are walking in a street, jogging in a park or working out at the gym. Most of the people in your surrounding will have headphones in their ears. They seem to be convenient but actually they are even dangerous for you. This can harshly effect your hearing ability. It is believed that hearing music loudly for more than 5 minutes daily can increase the risk for permanent hearing loss. That is how the technology is destroying our health.

Poor posture

Prolong use of technology such as cell phones, laptop or a computer can cause the back and neck pain. This is due to leaning position of our head. The over use of this can lead you to poor posture, neck strain and pelvic pain. If you are doing this frequently for more than your routine life it can become chronic and there will be no ways to reverse it. This can be very poor condition so be aware of this kind of results if you do such kind of activity in your daily life.

Digital eye strain

Excessive use of screens causes a syndrome which is called as digital eye strain. In this case you will experience the following symptoms:

  • Eyes and shoulder pain

  • Blurred vision

  • Dry eyes

  • Severe headaches

The main reason for this is the intense light from screens and viewing screen from close distance.

Sleep Problem

Technology strongly effect the sleeping habit. Most of the people spend some time before screen or use cell phones before sleeping or going to bed. According to psychological point of view if you are doing a task in which you have much interest then you will not feel how fast the time is passing. Use of social media forces the young generation to stay on mobile which leads to forced insomnia. Late night use of mobiles or computer screen effect the natural sleep cycle. Due to which you can’t sleep well and the next day you don’t have enough energy in your body to work efficiently.

Emotional Problems

Use of social media connects to the broad world where you can observe the people from different countries and different financial status. If you compare yourself to the high class people you can lead to inferiority complex. This type of thinking can lead us to depression and aggression. The people which use more social media become more isolated than the people surfing less time on social media.

Inaccurate information

Internet is full of many sources of information. People who does not know about a little knowledge of medicines or diseases are pretending to be a doctor on internet. This inaccurate information leads many patients to death. Even if a healthy person follows them he can face a lot of problems related to health. This is also a highly wrong use of technology or we can say that it is the negative effect of technology.

Low Physical activity

In today life technology has made us lazy. We now order everything while sitting in our home. We have computers to work and so we don’t have need to go to our office. This is considered as facility but if we see it with a broad mind it is decreasing our physical activity. This is severely affecting our health. We are being used to it. Because of this we have obesity and many other health related problems. Most of the joint diseases are result of this.

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