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2 years ago

Most young people complain why they don't have an audience.

Why nobody's paying attention to their YouTube videos. Why nobody's reading their blogs. Why nobody's loving their brands.

It's not their fault. Modern society has made "instant gratification" the new normal. People don't have the patience anymore.

I felt sad about it.

Here's the truth: Great things take time.

You need to invest a tremendous amount of time, energy, or even money into whatever you're building.

If people aren't paying attention, it simply means you're not there yet. Whatever you're doing isn't good enough.

The key is to become so good people can't ignore you (or your brand).

Stop wasting time complaining why you're still unsuccessful.

Channel your energy and time instead into improving, experimenting, and learning.

I know you can do it.

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2 years ago
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