Roger Ver  is Bitcoin Cash Inspiration For Humanity

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With Bitcoin Cash and its biggest vision , Roger Ver , true love for bitcoin cash is remarkable to everyone .

Because that currency is created , I see it as a great inspiration from Roger Ver to the whole humanity that making a living with bitcoin cash is possible . ALso traits such freedom , equality and justice are possible.

This is why I aim to write for him that heart to heart words.  As he is an example to be followed on terms of clarity of vision and self displine .

All the time I put on mind such a beautiful inspiration towards bitcoin cash . BCH is the most realistic story I have lived since 2017 and when Roger ver decided to leave The Btc system.

What a beautiful period mixed with beautiful BCH memories . Collecting tiny amount of it from different faucets and any other methods.

An experience with that magnificent currency . Bitcoin cash is like a big sea and noble traditions sent from BCH supporters to me with faithful and sincere feelings and emotions .

And it seems that Roger Ver told the story of freedom and social equality for long and I am listening with such care and attention . I saw Roger summarize it in one word "  Bitcoin Cash " .

That what my builds that strong inspiration towards BCH . It's Roger Ver Inspiration as a lifeblood for me.

Let me back to story of Roger Ver I See it simply as this Bitcoin cash is the only tool for freedom and Prosperity.

Or as book that investor put all the basic tools and all what he owns to translate it into reality . Its Chapters are simply : This is bitcoin cash and How it can save you to live as you want and achieve the dreams you are waiting for .

Sometimes I forget all technical details regarding bitcoin cash then I remember fast simply when Roger ver launch a video or make a press conference . I know the value of BCH and working hard due to that decent Investor.

Thanks Roger Ver This How Real Bitcoin Should Seem

As for BCH , this is how the real bitcoin should seem . I totally agree with him . Many investors will join the movement . Kimdotcom is just the start and Elon Musk is the next. Why according you ? Simply Roger ver  is totally right . Btc is old and can't do the Job. BCH is the new digital payment system which is carrying Satoshi Vision.

My prediction whithin 4 years you will hear expressions like this " BCH reach 30000 usd or more  or Roger Ver was right bch can reach 1000 times of its worth. Because adoption is on fire now and lots of people start seeing the truth of btc is they cannot get involved because of its huge fees.

They expect the bitcoin cash vision to come soon to the light  and depass the difficulties of living to freedom and reviving again in total peace and prosperity.

No doubt that btc cannot compete bitcoin cash in terms of fees and scalability . So it is natural to send to everyone that message and give him an insight to think differently or just open a new door to him called bitcoin cash .

This is what makes me Love BCH and want to discover its various news as a hungry person. Roger ver motivation show me the right road now  and I have to put all efforts to integrate it more in my daily life. I do not concentrate on history but I focus right way to the goal . The goal is building your future with bitcoin cash.

Roger Ver Bitcoin Cash's Belief

What characterizes that investor is that he is truly have faith and confidence in BCH success. That belief does not come by accident because Roger Ver is already an investor . But why he choosed bitcoin cash ? Simply he was holding differents crypto as bitcoin and Monero.  For instance , you can look up for his channel where you find him make a comparion of BCH vs Monero and why by proofs bitcoin cash is better than Monero.

This is the most beautiful in Roger Ver . The ability to proof bitcoin cash value over other crypto through facts and knowledge . He does not give such imaginations to people or behaving as poet or for example , bitcoin cash is beautiful just join. No this is not Roger ver. The real Roger ver gives the how and why BCH is the right copy of  bitcoin

This is what makes me love him and see from his roadmap that bitcoin cash is like a river for all thirsty people on this world.

But let us tell you , Imagine after 4 years of time , that bch fly to the moon . What will be your reactions When Roger Ver is Right . But there is time to think for your own future now. This is the aim I believe on what Roger see . The events go fast today and I do my best to witness the biggest payment system will be used in the human history : BCH .

Roger Ver As expetional Bitcoin Cash Investor

If you can get back to the past and search for some news about him , He is an unique one of its time. Despite many who disagree with his vision or roadmap , he stands strong each time and defend bitcoin cash noble mission. This until we achieve the dream , specifically the BCH dream.

Roger ver is  adding value to bitcoin cash improvemement via sponsoring , making film about BCH and some others told that he convincing lots of investors in a daily basis to get more support and increase value of BCH . I can be wrong but this is my small opinion  in front of fellow readers.

The reality prove that and also people. So think all these sacrifices will not go in vain . Roger ver gives a great lesson to the humanity that bitcoin cash is here to stay and from personal experience this possible since BCH depass 4000$ in certain time. But now it is more stronger than before . 

In the coming future , bitcoin cash will be the better life for modern generation to get their full rights to live .

Summary :

What makes love Roger Ver is that he is real with real vision . All things we read about bitcoin cash today is more real . What happens today is that bitcoin cash is true bitcoin and there more we tell .

But it is my wish to all young and old BCH lovers to live that experience filled with joy and suspense which open new horizons to their future. We live BCH Time to tell coming new genration about the inspiration of Roger Ver.

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