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My Journey toward Bitcoin cash.

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1 week ago

I started my journey in the crypto world almost 2 years ago... the First time I started my work on an uptrend, and no doubt this platform gives me a lot to learn and freedom of talk. The price of this currency(1up) is up and down but I'm on this platform because the ups and downs part of life and in this crypto world ups and downs are common..... If we work only for the benefit then we waste our time. This token is amazing....but due to my busy schedule and laziness I didn't much work here but I started my work again here...

From this platform, I come to know about bitcoin cash. From start, I didn't know much about this currency, I think it's relevant to bitcoin due to the higher fee of bitcoin I didn't pay attention to BCH. But one day my friend asked to work here... I tell all the story which I know then he said you are mental... This currency has a future and you wasting your time not to use I joined noise. cash

Since I joined noise. cash I didn't much aware of it but when I started to collect information about BCH then I give thank to my friend that you give me a better opportunity... Almost 3 months I worked and my journey continues here... Many of the users left this platform but as I said earlier those who are just for gaining left easily but those have craze about to knowledge stay. I didn't get a tip for 4 days but I'm still here and work honestly.

I get almost 200$ BCH but my goal is not yet achieved and still working on it. I want to prominent this currency around the world and everyone knows what BCH has power. I'm gaining as much information as I can but still, need more... Some of the information I get I shared with you but before that, we have to know that why information is necessary in the crypto world.

  • Why information is necessary in the crypto world???

As we know, before starting any business we have to know all the up and down, benefits or losses, ...that gives us the interest to invest in that business or not. All that basics gives our attention toward any business... The crypto is an online network and it is better to know to our extent. The online system is the opposite of our routine life system. For saving money, transfers, payments all are gone on the online system. This crypto is fasting like a smoke-filled in our lungs. In the future, all we have to knowledge about crypto that will helpful for us in any medium of exchange.

Because in future the world is surrounded by online medium and it's better to be late than loss.

I learned many things from other coins but the only one who taught me all my freedom, basics and give me a complete family is bitcoin cash.

I learned from them how to trade, hold and sell currency on very low and faster transactions. We are eligible now to make our money secure, transfer at a very low fee, and gain through BCH.

We are now worthy by only the help of BCH and we are own banks now, we use it as our wills. No one can steal our money and give us a full backup and security now..... No doubt, BCH is soon the world helpful and largest crypto...The world is soon called the crypto world even it is.....

  • What bitcoin cash give us???

Bitcoin Cash is the only crypto that gives us full freedom and liberty. Low transaction and faster speed only in have BCH. I'm using this crypto and this doesn't give a me break from inside.

I enjoyed this crypto all the time. Normally, in every country crypto is legal but in Pakistan crypto is illegal because our banks want taxes and profits but we use this currency because BCH gives us full secure protocol.

Due to this crypto, we have our banking system and anytime we can get our money and also pay money to buy things through QR code. We are all protectors of our money as safe and sound.

Between we don't need a bank to pay and get our money... Crypto is itself bank now๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Why I choose bitcoin cash???

Bitcoin Cash is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies and the worth of this currency is increasing day by day that why I thought I'm lucky to choose this.

I choose this crypto because of the only crypto that gives us all the freedom of talk and good status. I join the first read cash but due to my busy schedule I didn't pay attention to this platform and after that, I come to know about noise. cash so I started my work here almost 3 months ago. I get this crypto much that others can't give me.

The only one who gives benefit during this pandemic situation for unemployed persons and I admire it. During my joining the price is only 485 to 500 $ and it crosses 772$ and now the price reminds me of the past price it nearly touches again 772$ and more......

My prediction is the price of BCH is not coming back โฌ…๏ธ it's pump up and up. One day a point comes that it leaves all the crypto behind and takes up to the top. The world was soon called the crypto world.

The whole thing attracted me toward BCH.


Thanks for reading

Yours only,

Dr. jillani

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Written by ย ย 2
1 week ago
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Does that mean you are so much old in the crypto world ๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿ‘ต๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Very nice experience in the journey of crypto. I think noise cash is better than all platforms. We get the reward of our work immediately

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1 week ago

Hahaha yeah I'm old but not much ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… Every platform is best but all have different point of view๐Ÿ˜Š

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1 week ago