Why Preparation and Proper Judgement Is Important In Life;From Personal Experience

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Ramadan is almost over. Only 3 more fasing. From my point of view, this ramadan has been both most successful and hardest ramdan for me. I think I have been able to produce a better version of me. Though I expected a lot more from myself, yet I am 60% satisfied with myself.

If your ramadan is easy, then it's not a proper ramadan at all. What some people do is sleep idly, passes time by watching movies, songs etc. In one word, living in comfort zone. But Ramadan is actually blessed on us to feel the misery of poor people. Like they are doing work, in the scorching heat, not getting food/nutritious food, not been able to drink water( In some part of the world, people also suffers for water). It's blessed on us to feel them. To create kindness and love for them. Feel their pain and donate more. This year, I actually felt at least some of it.

Now getting into the point, this ramadan has taught me that preparation is necessary in life. To be honest, I am suffering economically and right now, I have 0.00 money left in my pocket. Even though my dad is able to provide me, I don't take money randomly. But I do take the money for lunch when my university is open in regular days and funny thing is I hardly have lunch at university and I just keep it for emergency. When that money is over( like 50 cent), the I again take money. So, this 50cent supports me for at least 2/3 days and sometimes, a week as well. But as it is the time for ramadan, no lunch and no money. So, I was already empty handed.

Previously, I used to take money from home to donate. But, from last year, I have been using my own money for donating. So, I had to use the small fund I had to donate. Our prophet (S:) used to donate a lot in ramadan than other months and we can get upto 70x reward for donate. To be honest, I donated a lot this month, didn't held anything back. I mentioned my pocket is empty, I had 60 cents left and I just donated that to mosques😐. Now I am left with 0.00.

Also I have to cover for clover as well. Same as always, I had to buy his foods and this month, I had a big blow of his neutering cost which is more than 20$. Also I had a to buy a lot of medicines as he got injured badly. Almost meds of 5$. Another blow😅.

On the other hand, look at my profile, I couldn't able to post anything as well. How can I? Everyday, morning starts with a bit study and before noon, the heat of the summer attack us and in no time we became super thirsty. 17 hours of fasting in 44°C temperature. After all of these, with dry throat, waiting for the fasting to end so that I can have at least a drop of cold water, there's no way I was able to sit tightly and think something and write. I needed money, but my body and mind couldn't support me.

That's why I mentioned that 'Preparation' is necessary. If I were a little bit smart here, I would have started saving money for some months so that I could donate with a open hand and also meet my fundamentals. Also, I should have known it will be harder. Actually, like I said, we get a considerable amount of vacation but this year, we had to attend the university even in this heat and ramadan. So, I wasn't aware that, we would become this much weak and also we weren't aware that we have to attend this my exams and submit big big assignments in ramadan. If I have known, I would have saved a bit money to at least go by for a month.

But we learn form mistakes. This year, I have learnt my lesson. Actually, lot's of new experience. Having a pet and 9am-3pm university, then exams, assignments, donating from own money, all newexperience has broke me financially. And to be honest, I am not getting much from read cash as well which added some extra chilli to my wound. Hopefully, if I get to survive till next ramadan, I will be well prepared😅.

Now, coming to judgement part. This is not my fault, it's my dad's fault. We are making new permanent home and I told my father not to get shifted in Ramadan. But he told that as it's just from 1st to 2nd floor, it eon't be hard but againg mentioning, in 44°C, libing a normal life is not easy, and he though of shifting even though we are fasting. I can't tell how painful it was. I told them to get shifted before ramadan started and we will complete letfovers then, nice and easy. But he didn't havethat patience, the told the workers to do work quickly so that they can complete the flat fully and then we will get shifted before Eid, which means, he intented to get shifted in this situation and he suffered the most. In normal condtion, shifting home is the hardest and we did it while we are fasting. I think he has learnt his lesson and if he got the 2nd second chance, he wouldn't even think of shifting while fasting. We couldn't do thing properly and everything is unorganised. They are too tired to set the house properly. Somehow brought the things amd kept things here and there.

Here is a glimps of my new wall🙂

That's all for today. As everyday, temperature is above 40°C(Though google is saying below 40°C, my mobile app is showing it's 40°C. But look, feels like 48°C. I am hating summer now.

Gonna try to sleep to pass some time, at least the noon. It's not fair but it's too much for me. Hope ramadan gets over soon. We need to drink water to survive this harsh weather😢😢.

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You've been again for a week I think no? No read.cash post, no noise.cash too. But anyways, hope that Ramadan end soon. Why even water is not allowed when it's fasting 😅

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1 year ago

that's for the huge upvote. I don't know, I always question myself. In recent days, water is available but in midde east, the desert area, water is not available and sometimes travellers stop by in some houses for water. I think it's to make us feel that we should to kind to someone who are thirsty. Sometimes many beggers ask for water and now we know how they feel and we should offer them water. It also makes us realise how many animals feel in the summer. They are out in the sun the whole day and when there is no rail and all the drains/ponds become dry due to heat, they suffer like we are suffering. Then we can make it a habit to put water in belcony on in some tries, side of street so that they can drink. In islam, there were many wars for water previously, but the generation don't value and waste a lot of water. Even we also do waste a lot of water. But by this kind of suffering, we know how much even a drop water is valuable. Many be there are many more ponts that I am missing.

And noise cash spam listed me a long ago. I can't remain that active that they ask me to do. Sometimes, due to exam pressure, I have to take 1/2 days off but noise cash didn't gave me that chace and spam listed me😅

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