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We go to our village every year for winter vacation. But in the last 3/4 years we did not go to our village due to some reasons. So this time it was decided that we would go to the village no matter what. We were all very happy, especially me and my sister. Suddenly dad called us and said that he had some important works. So he couldn’t go with us. He also said that he would come after 2 days there.

So as usual we left home and reached at the bus stop on time.

Safely reached at our village after 2 hours of journey. Our relatives were there to receive us. They were so happy after seeing us.

We spent some time with them and then went outside to explore everything. But we couldn’t enjoy much because it was almost 7:30 at night.

So we came back to home and had our dinner.

Then we insisted our aunt to tell us about some interesting things or places.

She told us about a river. The river was quite far from our place. She said that there was a house under the river which was drowned in a flood.

But the masterbed and some furnitures were there under the river still now. She also said that the house was a king's house. On the wedding day of the king, he was with his newly wedded wife in his master bedroom. And they felt something like earthquake. When they came outside the room the house started to get full by water. And slowly slowly whole village drowned. At that time no one in the village could survive the flood.

After that incident there was a river which had only two fish. Many people tried to catch the fishes but they find nothing in that river. But often those two fish are seen playing in the river.

And also if someone can go a little bit deeper in the river they can see those old furnitures and the master bed of that king.

Many people come there only to see that river.

We also went there to see the river. The river had a little amount of water, so anyone can see those furnitures from the outside of the river.

We enjoyed everything there. Because that was an amazing experience for us.

We came back from the river sight in the evening. Then everyone sat and started to gossip. We joined them as well. It was late at night talking. Then me and my sister went to help our aunt in making dinner.

After taking dinner we decided to go for a walk.

We went to a big playground. The moon was looking so beautiful. In the moonlight, everything around was clearly visible.

The environment was too good there. So we were keep walking and talking. After some time we realised that we were so close to that mysterious river. We thought it would be nice to see the river at night. As usual we went there.

After reaching there we saw someone fishing in the river. And also saw that his bucket was full of fishes.

But we heard before that the river had only two fish. So how could he managed to get as such many fishes. We went to him and asked him about it. His answers were wierd. He told us that he can manage anything from anywhere he wants.

After listening that one of my cousin told us to leave that place as soon as possible. We left the place. But he was continuously calling us by our names. We didn’t know how he knew our names. After that we ran so fast from there. He was following us till our home.

We were so scared at that moment. We told everyone about all of that. They just told us not to go outside at night.

It was scarry for all of us. The next day we were invited to a relative's home for lunch. We went there. We were about to have our lunch. Suddenly I saw someone who was standing outside the main door. His face was covered. It seamed like he was trying to hide from everyone. But why. I wanted to ask him about it. So I went to him. But he was leaving the place as soon as possible. I followed him for a while. And after some time he stopped.

Then I realised I was standing near that river. Ahh again that river. But I didn’t realise before that I was standing there. Anyway he was also standing there. I was about to ask him why he was running from us. He told me he did all of this just because to take me to the river. Suddenly I saw he wasn’t like a human. His hands and fets were bigger. He was walking towards me and uttering something. Seeing that I lost consciousness.

When I woke up I saw I was in my bedroom. I wasn’t even in my village.

I went to mom and asked if we were in our village or not. She said no. We didn’t go to our village this time as well.

What,,,,,then what was just happened to me. Was it a dream?

Wait, no...if it was a dream, then how did I dreamt about any place which exists but I never went there.

The next day our relatives came to our home from our village. So I asked them about a river I dreamt of. And they replied that there was a river like my description. And the king's story was also true.

It was a a scary and mysterious experience for me. Because it was clueless. After that day I never dreamt about that river. But why I had a dream like that I have no clue.

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Woah. That must have been confusing!

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