Random Thinking About Luck in Past Year On The Night Of Fortune

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Well, we all know about the clover. The fourth clover indicates fortune. And what is the night of fortune? In Islam, today is Shab-e-Barat and it's called the night of Fortune and Forgiveness. Generally, we believe our fortune has been written long ago but on this night the luck for the next one year become final. Not only that, we as ask forgiveness for the crime we committed in last year and also ask for good fortune in the next year. It's not only limited to God. Some also also for forgiveness to people if they have hurt anyone in the past. We pray a lot at night.

I am done praying. Listening to recitation of my favourite Surah 'Ar Rahman' and thinking about the luck in last one year. Counting all good things and bad things happened to me and trying to judge if it was a lucky year or a unlucky year for me. So, I am just gonna talk about some of the important event happened in last year and will mark if it was a good fortune for me or not.

At first, our university was closed due to Covid. Almost it happened almost all over the world. For affluent student, it was a good thing. Specially the rice people who doesn't have any pressure of their family. But the poor student felt the pressure. As for me, I count myself as a hybrid. If I don't pass quickly, my family can bear the expense but I want to stand on my own leg. I want to go abroad as quick as possible. Besides, I just started to go to laboratory on daily basis and started to get involved with work and started to learn. But as the university was closed, it totally brought a bad luck to me. So the year didn't have a good start. To be honest, I enjoyed the little vacation at first but after 2 months, I understood that I am doomed.

But the starting of the vacation was quite good. Actually I watched a lot of movies and series then. I had a terrible year in 2018-2019 due to my college. So I was kinda hoping for a vacation and free time that corona provided me. I saw a lot of anime series, Haikyuu, some SOL series like clannad, Your lie in april, Orange, Tsuki ga kirei. And also we did some charity work then. It was only the starting of the pandemic. So, we made hand sanitizer and distributed them to the drivers and shopkeepers, taught them how to use the handsanitizer. We also collected money from our area and alumni association and donated food to the poor people then. It was a very good experience for us.

Because of the next event, I am here actually. Yeah, I got into the crypto world. But the starting wasn't that good. Actually I was interested in a Bangladeshi project and I know it's a scam project. But it was possible to earn a decent amount of money at first and I thought that would be a good experience. So me and mehnaz joined but eventually I had 1 $ loss form there and mehnaz had 3$ loss. Also @hasan999 had some loss also. But hasan saw me commenting on their page and asked me if I was interested to earn money online. I was having a free time and I agreed. He introduced me to Read Cash and rest is present. I earned a decent amount of money from here and also made a lot of friend and close buddies. I learnt about BCH and other coins. But surely the point system was very tough then😅😅😅.

Back then, I was totally free and I tried some creative things like drawing digital arts, making paper craft and kite flying. We had a lot of fun then though my threads were terrible and we got cut multiple time. But then fasting was going on. So they were good medium of time pass. The time was good too then.

Then one of the significant moment is I got into the world of treading. Binance is very very hard to trade and to be honest I lost some money there at first and then started gaining. Then I understood one thing for sure. You can't learn to walk without strumbling. Same was with me. I struggled and I started to see a clear vision of the charts and now I am a better analyst. So the beginning was not good but I made a lot of money from trading. So new achievement was unlocked anf it helped me to self-dependent. If anything best happened in last year, no doubt it's this.

And then a long tour with my friends. We travelled to cox's bazar and saint martin and it was the coolest tour. I got to see the sea close for the first time in my life. The secenario was very pretty. So got to see the ebb and flow. We spent night on beach and for the first time I saw a shooting star. Those days were very good actually.

So, it seems the year was pretty good right. But there's also a dark side which is worse than all good thing combined. I blocked my best friend. There were certain reasons for those and obviously it broughy some good to us but still, I was very depressed then. Probably the worst time of my life and I still miss her. We used to have fun, discuss about scientific things and religious things. She was my friend for 7 years and may be you know the rest why it was that much hard. I never want to feel those depressed moments again. Now all that left is this.

But I was also blessed with some people to support me. Among them one is special and she knows it. She helped me a lot, and a reliable place to share problems and also there was a little bit ups and downs but in the end everything's good. She is a very good friend+sister and I am looking forward to have a good time there.

So in the end, I am gonna say that was a neutral year for me. There are lot's of positive things but still I said, I never want to feel the situation that I was in. Worst moment of my life. But I was able to get back eventually with the help of my friends and obviously praying. So I think it's a draw😉😉. I hope God would set a good fortune for me and I would be able to have a good year.

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