Mistakes Open The Door Towards Greater Success

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Life is the mixture of success, mistakes and failure. Whenever we are successful, we are happy. When we makes mistakes, we become sad and demotivated. But did you ever felt, it's actually mistake that makes you knowledgeable, prepares yourself for your future. Let me tell you some of my recent stories.

We have a small piece of land in the backyard and we are trying to use it of gardening. We are actually trying to grow some vegetables and some flowers there. My mom is very passionate about flower and she also bought some pots to grow some flowers. As I was kinda in depression and didn't have a lot of think to do, I also thought of buying a flower tree from nursery. So, I went into some nurseries and among them, I liked a flower and I bought it and planted it in the garden.

Actually I didn't know that, when we plant a seedling into a fresh place, it needs shade for two days. As, a result my plant was about to die and I though it would die. But eventually, I did not give it up and used some big banana leaves to shade it and it started reviving again. So here, I made my first mistake, but in return I got a lifetime knowledge. With his knowledge I learnt, I was able to save one papaya tree.

In my life, I actually didn't take care of anything deeply. Actually I am like this from my childhood. Whenever I plant trees, I make sure they grow up and give flowers. Everyday I went to garden, watered the plant, took care of the affected leaves. In no time, I had three flowers in that plant.

I actually didn't take in consideration that any intruder can enter the garden and destroy my plant but that was my second mistake there. A goat from nowhere entered into the garden and ate those flowers and also some part of the plant. I was lucky that someone noticed and informed us immediately and I was able to save the plant at least. I had to pay for my inexperience and mistake.

But I took care of the plant more and put frenches around the tree. May be the last goat event happened around 2 weeks ago. In two weeks, I actually didn't visit the plant as my father was watering it along with the other trees. I thought it was hurt and will take a lot of time to see some flower again. But to my utter surprise, I saw there were more than 11 baby flower coming ot of the plant now. It was very surprising to me to be honest.

But remember my last mistake and I put frenches around the flower tree? Again another pair of goat entered the garden from no where. They ate all the plant that my father planted but couldn't eat mine as I had protection this time. We actually can't do anything about it as the both goats were tied up but they tore the rope. But as I mistakes last time, I couldn't save those 3 flowers but I was able to 11 this time.

Mistakes are for one time but the lesson you get is for life time. Let me tell you another story of mine. I have been doing a training for two months. I am not a computer expert rather I am very bad at operating as I never had computer before. So, one time, while setting up, I mistakenly didn't gave only (.sh) in the end of a file which totally ruined the set up. But set up of rest of them were perfect. Mine wasn't. This is nothing, my whole linux set up was wrong as I took only a few space and soon my space ran out. Previously, someone else set up linux for me but this time I did it and a brother of mine helped. Because of last mistake, this time I could try it, I was able to know my computer well and eventually it was a successful. Not only that, this time I perfectly set up the linux without any help and did it by my own. So just think, if it worked perfectly last time, my knowledge wouldn't be so deep and if I ever faced any problem, then I had to undergo suffering.

I am really an impatient person. But these two event made me realize the importance of mistakes in my life. Really, I am looking for my mistakes and trying to learn from them more. I am afraid of difficulties but at the same time, I am loving them more and more. I actually got the true meaning of 'Failure is the pillar of success.'

I will tell we all should not be ashamed of the failure we face and should talk about them more and more. That will help others to overcome problems when they will face them. In this way, they will be able to learn from our experience and we will be able to learn from there's. This is mutualism.

And one more thing. Failure doesn't only make us prepared, it makes our knowledge deep enough. So, when you makes mistakes and fails, that doesn't mean everything is over. Rather it's a beginning of a new start which is more smooth than previous one. Failure and mistakes doesn't define us. Rather how we use it defines us. It's very much necessary for us, the crypto enthusiasts. Hope you get my message from my story.

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