Life Is Unpredictable

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I have met a lot of people in my life. Like the best example of is Read Cash and Noise Cash. I have met a lots of interesting people and made some good friends❤️❤️. And also through telegram and from Paw Foundation. I don't know if anyone do this or not but when I give a cat for adoption, I all take the responsibility for that cat. I mean, if the owner wants to know something, or need my help with something, I do my best to help. And that's why we end up having a very good relation. Specially there is two person who is lot close to me. We check on each other on regular basis, talk about daily life, and obviously cats.

So, there's a girl called Nishat. I am actually grateful to her because I brougt Clover to give him to her but in the emd I kept him. Some of you guys know that. And even though she is younger than me, but she is more matured and we had a lots of talk( Don't take it in the other way, I think if I had a little sister of my own, she would become more like her, that's why I have fun). So, somedays ago, her cousin fell sick and she was sad and mentioning all her tragedy to me. I told her to wrte it as a article. Other people should also know even life has it's own mood swing and also make them understand not everyone is having good life and it's a blessing to lead healthy life. Another thing to mention, I am not taking advantage if her misery to make money. My purpose is to share the story with you and if Random Rewarder rewards me, I will be able her with BCH. And I told her about the site but she told me she doesn't have enough time as she will seat for public exam in this september and then public exam after 2/3 months of the result. So, she told me she will try to write something once in a while(may b one in two week) and so it will help her to maintain and buy stuffs for her cat. I am also supporting her and I will support anyone who has 'Will' to be self dependent becasue it has different taste👌.

So here is what she wrote to me.

If we look at the world, we will see that most of the people are unhappy with there lives. Again if we look at the social media's we will see everyone is depressed there. Nobody looks happy with there own lives. Look I don’t know what is the definition of depression to others. But I think It's all about loneliness. Like you can't be depressed when you are with somebody. Yeah maybe some people will not agree with me but that's fine.

I grew up in a joint family with around 30 people. I have 3 aunts and all of them are in the same district where we live. We get together 5 or 6 times in a week 😂 I have 10 cousins who are like my friends. There is always a lot of fun when we are together. So the word depression was very unknown to me until 2020. Covid started in 2020 in our country. So government had taken some necessary steps like lockdown to protect us from the virus. In the lockdown everyone was forbidden to leave the house without any reason. Because of this we stopped to get together. And that was very painful for each and everyone. Video calls were our way of talking and seeing each other. But after 3/4 days, we were so desperate to see each other and get together again. So even the virus couldn’t stop us to gets together again. We again started to go everyone's house and spend time together like before. 2020 was pretty good for us. Then the year 2020 ended and 2021 came.

We were enjoying the lockdown happily. Because of the lockdown everyone was free to spend more time together. Everything was going so well. And then suddenly something happened. In last week of July,2021 I went to my elder aunt's home and my parents were in my grandma's home. Almost everyone in my aunt's home were sick specially my uncle. There were suffering from high fever. My uncle's condition was getting worse day by day. After seeing his condition everyone decided to test the covid test. And unfortunately uncle was covid positive. At first we were just shocked after listening the news. My aunt was crying so badly in front of me. I couldn’t stop her. She was screaming and crying. The doctor said to make arrangements to keep my uncle in a separate room where no one else could stay with him. That was a heartbreaking moment for all of us. Because we never thought that something will happen like this with us. After that I got a call from my father and he said my mom was suffering from some breath problem. She couldn’t breath properly. After listening that I went to her and saw there was already a doctor there. The doctor told us to test the covid test of all of us.

And again surprisingly we all tested covid positive.

Things started to change. Doctor strictly told us that we can't be together for a long time. We have to live separately. We were living in the 1st floor and my elder aunt was in 2nd floor. But we were not allowed to meet. Also the other aunts and relatives were not allowed to meet us. So just we know how we spent those days. Sometimes we could hear my aunt's crying Because my uncle's condition was too bad and he had to take oxygen. All my cousins came to see us but they were strictly forbidden to meet us. So they just came and cried outside the gate. And at that time I came to know and understand what is depression. When you can't see the people you love so much,, there are standing outside the gate and you are not allowed to meet them,,, that feeling is so painful. And those days were the worse days of our lives. After much suffering we were all able to become covid negative finally.

We were allowed to meet each other after one and a half month. We were so happy that can't be expressed in words. Things started to change again. But this time the change was so good. We again started to meet and spend time together like before. And that was the best moment. Though everything was going well now but still there was always something bad happening to us. Many incidents happened to us which was not good. But still we were happy Because we were all together.

2022 came and we happily celebrated the new year.

In February, 2022 again something happened to us from which we are suffering till now . My cousin got very sick and we found out she had kidney problems and needed a kidney transplant very soon. Now she has to undergo dialysis 2 days a week that is a painful process for her. And she has to go another district again and again for her treatment. So she is suffering a lot.

So everything bad happening to us since 2020 and 2021,,,We just wish we could live in 2019 again.

Everyone has problems in their lives. If we look at the lives of others, we will realize that our problems have nothing to do with their problems. So I learned how to be happy in a small moments of life. And I want to suggest all of you to always be happy💕.

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Everything in life is indeed unpredictable, buddy!

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