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Safe water safe life!

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1 year ago

As we know this world consist of 75% water and 25% land but still there is shortage of water .

We cannot over come this problem entire pur lives! From the beginning era till now this is the main problem of some countries like Pakistan and India. People living in posh area have running water in their tabs but people of middle class families and lower class families face this problem every day . No one is there to resolve this problem. After every 5 years one election take place every single person promises to solve this issue but up till now its not been done . They gets vote and forget our problem.

Dams are also made but due to some agreement they can't built more dams .

3 world war will begin over water .

Those persons who got this blessing waste water all the time without knowing its worth .

Agriculture is also disturbed by shortage of water . Basically water is the basic need of life .

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