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3 years ago

I still can’t believe it. How underrated it is to write every single day. Every night I get to sit down, collect my thoughts and just let my fingers do their work. My mind often feels calm, and words appear out of nowhere. I enter ‘the zone’, where time just flows by.

What makes it possible for me to write every single day may interest you. The secret is, know the difference between creating and documenting.

When you create something, you need to sit down every time and create something out of nowhere. But if you document, you just write down your experiences from the day and what’s been on your mind.

Today, I realized I’ve not got one single evening for myself since I started this challenge. I’ve gotten home earliest 9 pm every day because I’ve been out looking for inspiration to my blog.

This evening I got excited about just letting myself relax. Sometimes the most exciting things are the simplest.

How I made the most out of this evening

I did what I felt for, and did things to relax my body & mind. To get into a state of abundance & clearness. Here’re some of the activities I did:

  1. Taking a long bath. Reading some great books, as well testing an application called “Blinkist”. This application summarizes books and gives you an ca 18-minute version of it. Great application if you want to gain knowledge and inspiration.

  2. Called some people and just enjoyed having some quality conversations.

  3. Meditate for a while. During this session, I got rid of some bad delusions, thought about new ideas & improvements in my life.

  4. Having a quality conversation with my landlord and gaining immense wisdom.

  5. Power napping. Oh god, it’s underrated. It feels like you’ve got a new day ahead of you afterward. I prefer 15–20 minutes, it gives the best results for me. Test it for yourself.

I feel like a millionaire

To do small and easy things sometimes makes me excited. To just let go for a while, and not trying so damn hard. As a person with much drive, it’s a relief went it happens.

I love to have many things to do and projects to work on. Yet, in order for me to feel like a millionaire I need balance. What about you?

It’s time to end this day

Now I’ve done this for some hours, and it’s time to go to bed. The next days will be everything besides chilling. I’m excited thanks to tonight’s relaxation. Life is beautiful.

How you can apply what I learned

  1. I don’t know about you, but balance in life makes it easier. If you like to chill a lot, try to mix it up with more hustle. If you’re the opposite, try to find pauses during the day. The more you experiment, the better you understand my intuition says.

It’s when we enter the silence and softness as our deepest thoughts enter the surface. During times like this, I get a lot of creative ideas.

A lot of the knowledge I acquire hides in my subconscious mind. Often it bubbles up to my conscious mind when I calm down. Yet, how often do we let ourselves calm down? Just to be alone with our own thoughts?

I try to do my best to find time for it, and I think my daily writing helps a lot. Thank you medium, every writer & reader for keeping this website alive. We’re making history.

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3 years ago