Friday Advice For Young People

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3 years ago

1. Nobody cares about your GPA after graduation.
2. Nobody cares which college you went to either.
3. Your cliques won’t last. Your cliques won’t last.
4. Relativity: your 20s go by faster than your teens.
5. Rule of Thirds: in your network, one third love you.
6. Rule of Thirds: in your network, one third hate you.
7. Rule of Thirds: the remaining third are indifferent.
8. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.
9. The boos always come from the cheap seats.
10. There are living fates much worse than death.
11. Your mind is your best friend and worst enemy.
12. Your ego can make you. More likely, destroy you.
13. Cut the jokers out of your deck. Do it immediately.
14. Massive success rarely comes without equal envy.
15. Appreciate the process. The journey is everything.
16. Remember: fame, fortune, friends are fast fleeting.
17. In the darkness, even your shadow abandons you.
18. Everybody is trying to sell you something. Even me.
19. 99.9% of what you read/see/hear is pure horseshit.
20. Heroes are human. Every saint is actually a sinner.


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3 years ago


nice advice maam great job

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2 years ago

Thanks for the interesting advice.

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3 years ago

Your very welcome! Godbless!

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3 years ago