Online Classes Towards children

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Online classes

As we know that online classes are those classes where students can attain to their classes by staying at home with the help of gadgets like mobile,laptop,ipad,iphone tablets and different electronic devices in the access of internet.There are different applications for online classes like Zoom,google meet ,google class room.The concept of online class was developed after the development of internet.Now it is widespread over the world.It is becoming more and more popular after the outbreak of pandemic Covid-19.

Online learning is one of the alternative way of education.Not only the children are enjoying on taking online classes but also the teachers enjoying on giving the online classes.When i look at the children i find that they are busy in learning new things everyday.It is the good opportunity to everyone to learn new things.

Benefits of online classes

As online classes only run with the access of internet only the few groups of children get opportunity to learn and continue their study.Those parents who don't afford or manage internet to their children don't get opportunity to join their classes.This problem affect children psychology .When they find their friends are enjoying ,taking about online classes then they become sad and blames their parents.And that makes their parents to buy gadgets at any cost .sometimes even by selling their fixed properties.Everywhere the internet speeds are not uniform,sometime we get to listen that some students walk for hours to get good connection .

Response of children towards online classes.

Many of teachers are now well trained with this new way of teaching.They put their efforts on new techniques to make online classes effective .When we look at the children there are many types of children.Suppose in a class of twenty students there are twenty types of students.likewise one is most dedicated student another is semi dedicated and another is not dedicated student.That's not only depends on child capacity but also on their parents.Those parents who don't care on what their child are doing either they are enjoying or boring on learning then children can't do better .First there is the need of good environment .where there is good environment then the child can't cheat their parents.When parents and teachers encourage and motivate their child then they start enjoying on learning.That can charges their activities positively.

How to make online learning friendly .

  • Many children are suffering from eye problems these days.It is due to overuses of e-devices.So there must be break after certain interval of time.

  • Many children are becoming aggressive .They don't know how to response parents,relatives and neighbours.Motivation should be given by family members and teachers time to time.

  • Over uses of e-devices can harm to their eye,brain,body and soul.Exercises should be done regularly to make them fit and healthy.

  • Parents should not focus only on their Online study ,they should teach them to do household works and that can distract their body from evil things and games.

  • Parents should be consensus about the whole activities of children .

various types of problems are seen on children behaviour and psychology .To make them physically and mentally fit there is there is great role of parents and everyone to support them,to remove negative things from their minds and planted with good seeds.The mind of children are like the barren fields so it is our duty to sow the good seed of knowledge and good things.It is our duty to make their mind fertile which can grow new things.

Thank you.

This is my first try .Hoping to receive your incredible feedback.

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