Be A Superhero In Your Society

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Who is a superhero?

A superhero is anyone that goes out of his or her comfort zone just to help others or make life easier for others.

Who can be a superhero?

Anyone that is mentally and physically prepared can be a superhero. All it takes is effort, determination and discipline. Prepare yourself for the risks involved and make your vision a reality.

The world is a risky place and occasionally there are needs for superheroes. Unfortunately, there may be no real way to gain super powers ( like flying, speed, super strength e.t.c) like in moved and comic books. However, that does not mean that someone cannot be a a superhero. Across the world, ordinary humans are preventing crime and assisting their communities just to make living much easier for others. Becoming a superhero is not easy, and also you need to consider the risks and effort involved. Before you may walk down the street, you might see someone that needs help. You need to be physically and mentally prepared for the mission.

*Things to do in order to be a superhero

• Act with honor and integrity

• Be brave

• Think about your aim of being a superhero

• You chose to create a name and costume for yourself lol or just do it in the secret (my personal favorite).

• Improve your communication skills so you can always be in touch with important informations.

• Be observant, look out for suspicious behaviors.

• Help the needy and give it charity.

• Help those in need of assistance.

• Try to stop crime if it isn't too dangerous. If it is out of your control, be wise and call the police authorities.

• Stay mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.

• Work on your strength and improve your stamina.

• Take martial arts classes and improve your fighting skills.

• Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

• Avoid anything that will lead to sickness.

• Decide if you want to reveal your identity or not.

You can also be a superhero by helping out in different places.

There's this lady in the church I attend. She fixes damaged church equipments and even clean the surroundings. One time she sprayed chemicals on the grasses growing around the church. The pastor in charge was wondering who did it cause he was told that one lady sprayed chemicals on the grasses. It has been over 2 months or there about and he still doesn't know who did it. He even thought that it was an outsider that sprayed the grass but still the spirit of doubt was still there. He remembered it on Sunday while preaching on the alter and he decided to ask the lady in question, you're the one that sprayed the grasses right?

The lady smiled and he said no wonder. He said he has been seeing what she has been doing, helping around in the secret.

That's the kind of superhero we should all aim for, by helping out where it is needed.

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Nice article, I like the fact that you're all about helping others. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed myself when reading it.

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