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The benefits of writing a diary

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8 months ago
Topics: Life, Freewrite, Love, Reality

Human nature instinctively likes to remember the circumstances, events and observations of its life and learn from them whenever possible. The most important way to remember and save these events and observations is to put them down on paper. This is called writing a diary. The practice of writing a diary is centuries old. Writing a diary consistently is a very "useful" process. Because of its usefulness, successful people around the world have made it a part of their routine.

 A diary is usually used to write a chronological account of thoughts, ideas and issues. Many diaries written centuries ago are still read with great interest. It's amazing that diary writers are men. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. These include "Dorothy Wordsworth". And "Virginia Wolf" has become very popular. Similarly, Anne Frank is considered to be one of the great writers of Europe. The young Jewish girl had to hide for two years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. His family was then captured by the German secret police Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp in Poland. Ann's mother died there. Her sister and Ann later died of typhoid. When the Germans withdrew and the Russians occupied the area, Ann's diary was found. The book was published as The Diary of a Young Girl and has been translated into fifty languages. This diary is considered one of the most popular diaries.

There are several benefits to writing a diary that are numbered:

The first advantage:

  One of the major benefits of writing a diary is accountability. Accountability which is also called "self-accountability". This is the balance by which a believer can improve his life. Because only after calculation does he know at what point in life he stands. Hazrat Umar (RA) used to say: Do your reckoning before you are reckoned. Weigh yourself before your deeds are weighed, and prepare for the great trial on the Day of Resurrection, when none of you will be able to hide.

Second advantage:

Writing a diary does not lose one's past. If it becomes a habit to write a diary from childhood or early adolescence, if the things written at an early age are observed even in the last age, then the diary takes you back to childhood, and if the opportunity arises to write "your past", this diary is complete. Supports Akbar's "Aap Betiyon" diary etc. is definitely mentioned. In the same way, if a diary or a diary is used in the journey, then a diary is helpful in compiling a travelogue. This can be gauged from reading travelogues. Maulana Rafi-ud-Din Muradabadi, one of the distinguished disciples of Hazrat Shah Waliullah Mohaddess Dehlavi (may Allah have mercy on him), traveled to the Haram in 1202 AH. On his return, he mentioned the day-to-day routine, even the seemingly trivial things that it might not be possible to write without a diary. Similarly, there are many travelogues which are only diaries after many years of travel

The third advantage:

The changes that come with it are predictable. There are many events in our life that affect our mind and after a while our mind is molded into a different pattern which we do not even realize. If we write down the day's events and look at these manuscripts after a while, we will be amazed at how much we have changed. Fourth advantage: A diary written twenty years ago becomes a historically authoritative narrator. That tradition can be about an individual or a society. It can be about an important event or even a tragedy. In the same way, the diaries of scholars protect the precious pearls of beautiful memories from being lost. A great example of this is the personal diary of Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Hazrat Maulana Sami-ul-Haq Sahib Shaheed (may Allah have mercy on him) which started seventy years ago today. The words written on a daily basis are very precious diamonds. Introducing him, his nephew writes:

 Respected Hazrat Maulana Samiul Haq Sahib Damat Barakatham was accustomed to writing routine diaries from the age of eight or nine. In these diaries, he used to record the daily and day and night trips of his personal and great father Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Hazrat Maulana Abdul Haq, as well as his relatives and friends, neighbors and national and international events. Your first diary is written in 5 AD, which shows your taste and scientific interest from childhood. When Ahqar took a cursory look at these diaries, he found that during the study of Jabja, when he saw a strange event, research text, scientific joke, meaningful poem, literary point, and historical marvel, he saved it in the diary. It occurred to him why this extract of study and the fragrance of hundreds of magazines and thousands of pages should be presented to the readers so that future generations and prisoners of study could benefit from it. However, it should be clear that neither It is not a permanent compilation and is not intended to be published. Therefore, it is not necessary to find uniformity of style and thematic coherence in them. ''

Fifth advantage:

The writing skills of a regular diary writer are improving day by day. For a regular diary writer, the chances of success in the field of writing in the next life are created. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Through study, a person's range of thought and thinking is widened.

There are many more benefits to writing a diary if you consider it. One of the things that has deteriorated over time is writing a diary. In today's busy life writing a diary has become an impossible task. There is hardly a person who maintains this tradition. With these benefits in mind, we should make it a habit to write diaries.

How to write a diary:

Writing a diary is as useful as "seeking courage." Consistency and consistency are essential for writing a diary. And it is not the sole purpose of the diary to move daily routines to the page of the worksheet, but to consider a few other things besides them. For example, the political, social and literary aspects of the region in which the diary writer resides should also be prominent and the most important events, engagements and other references of the day should be briefly described so that it can be estimated from the reading. Find out how the diary writer tries to look at an object or event from different angles. Similarly, when writing a diary, care must be taken to avoid writing things that are embarrassing to say in front of other people, as there is a strong possibility that the paper will reach another person in the future. And they can be our parents and children

To this day, paper has been used to write diaries, but just as there has been innovation in everything, there have also been innovations in diary writing methods. Still, the best thing to write a diary is a paper diary, but if it's difficult for anyone, there are also apps called Diaries from the Play Store for Android mobile, in which diaries can be written and Setting your e-mail address in it also becomes a backup of the text written in it so that the written diary is not lost in case of mobile loss or change. In addition, there are many websites where there is a facility to write a diary every day and in case of not writing a diary, an e-mail comes as a reminder, but in this modern system, "privacy" does not remain. The best way to keep a diary is to write it down.

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8 months ago
Topics: Life, Freewrite, Love, Reality
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