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Are You An Employee Or Entrepreneur

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2 years ago

Indie or Employee?

Ever wonder if you really are best suited as a full-time employee or if your true calling is to venture out on your own?

Answer the following questions as Strongly Agree (SA), Neutral (N), or Strongly Disagree (SD), tally your score with the Scoring Key, and see where you stand. The answer might surprise you!

1. I like focusing on only one aspect of a project.

2. I love having set work hours every day.

3. I like to take risks.

4. I like being given a list of tasks to accomplish.

5. I like creating task lists.

6. I do not enjoy delegating tasks.

7. I like being involved in one project at a time.

8. I am comfortable with public speaking.

9. People gravitate toward me.

10. I am a team player.

11. I like receiving a steady paycheck.

12. I like having a flexible schedule.

13. I have vast knowledge of my industry.

14. I’m constantly seeking advancement.

15. I would like to be promoted but I’m happy where I am.

16. I deserve to be promoted more than any of my contemporaries.

17. I am an excellent communicator.

Results in Descending Order 50 to 35: You are a valuable employee! You are doing a great job fulfilling your role as an employee and are right where you should be, which is providing a valuable service to your company. 45 to 15: You are a great employee with potential for advancement and leadership. 15 to -19: You are very well suited to lead others in your full-time employee environment and have a good chance at continuing to

Should you choose to venture out on your own, whether as an independent professional or the founder of a full-fledged animation studio, you must ooze entrepreneur and innovator traits from all your pores.

The very same traits, mindset and determination that will make you a successful business owner are the same ones that are needed to make you a successful independent professional.

On the other hand, if you are perfectly content (if not thrilled) to remain an employee for the remainder of your career, you should still

18. I finish all of my tasks, no matter what.

19. I’m constantly looking for patterns.

20. I enjoy carefully following each step in an already established process.

21. I like to come up with my own processes.

22. I don’t take very many notes.

23. The unknown excites me.

24. I am good at troubleshooting problems.

25. I try to troubleshoot things in advance before a problem presents itself.

26. I always try to make things better.

27. I always want more.

28. I am mainly technical.

29. I am mainly creative.

30. I see things in black and white.

31. I see things differently than most people.

32. I’m not very good at reading people.

33. I like to collaborate.

34. I like to work on my own.

35. I like to view an idea from many different perspectives.

36. I feel the need to control everything I can.

37. I tend to be a conventional thinker.

38. I am extremely curious.

39. I often get absorbed in projects and lose track of time.

40. I am relentless.

41. I enjoy a microcosmic view of things.

42. I am courageous.

43. I work on things until they are perfect, even if it takes all night.

44. I am highly reflective and like to review the day and my own thoughts.

45. I do not like to teach others.

46. I like to learn.

47. I am an optimist.

48. I have a tireless work ethic.

49. I am a team player.

50. I enjoy seeing the big picture.

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Written by   168
2 years ago
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Nice are always writing most valuable articles.

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I wish I could be perfect at all of these. SA

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