Does a good woman exist

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3 weeks ago
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Honestly speaking if there is this saying that no one is perfect,than certainly a good woman does not exist,but luckily they are qualities that good qualify one at least to some extent.

Okay let's not go spiritual

Number one is health

Health is the top feature goes who would be interested,if only showing pity for poor health conditions,not to be rude.most beautiful things come from healthy lifestyle even though it's not a thing of the rich but at least to a considerable proportional class.

Number two body statue once again I'm not going spiritual on this one

Poor body features to show more than you think they do,it mirrors your inner being the way you eat ,dress,sleep ,your emotional state and more ,so this is a top priority.

Number 3 the way you dress

Okay if you're mourning your always going to put on black, enough info on this please

Number 4 Her possessions

I'm talking about things,she owns a dildo or a Lamborghini or she own all sorts of animals or all the latest gadgets,ok this is,the whole makeup in the world,a sewing or knitting kit, alot of information.

Number 5 her hairstyle

Does she like bald hair,or low cut hair or sew ins or natural hair or beads on hair or always tying scarf or covering hair,or Rastafari,ok or dreadlocks.

Number six

The books she reads

Bible,novels,or encyclopaedia or fashion magazines, newspapers

Number seven her. Occupation what kind of job is she a hooker,a patron a trader an accountant,a lawyer,a teacher or what does she do for a living,does she mind her own business,is she always to busy ,to uptight,to free,or to loose, occupation tells alot more than you think.

Accept criticism,do your own scrutiny research if you want to go spiritual there you have it


Caring about others

Being faithful and all the things that make me want to fall asleep right now.

I think there should be a point when your sick of imitation cause of the fear of someone else.

It's very natural to imitate it's like a part of living you don't even see.

Say like relaxing hairs and straighting hair and the way you dress I don't even want to explain,there is alot of imitation and fear of being who your not can be very harmful to health,so rather than trying to be something else or trying to improve,just accept the way you are sometimes and not want to change a thing ,cause in time you will regret it.

It not always about improving sometimes it's accepting thats, what you do naturally,when pass from one class to another when you go to school,when you go from making a small income to making a greater income, improving all the time can make someone sick.

Anyone giving you the mindset that all you should do is improve is ruining you and does not care about you one bit because if the person did they wouldn't worry a they way you are, putting you in uncomfortable situations,just for the sake of improvement .after all it's just a string of the last straw that breaks the camels back.

Okay it's not someones job to improve you it's your job,and you should be the horn and the wheels not the passenger.

Thanks for reading this trash

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3 weeks ago
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