What are your thoughts about a house husband?

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2 years ago

I'm not sure about how I feel about a househusband or better yet, I can't describe what I feel about it.

Women are generally known to be the caretaker of the home, they do chores like taking care of the children and the home, doing the laundry, preparing the dishes, mostly 99% of the chores at home are done by women.

Some men have a mindset

that there are chores exclusively meant for women. To be honest, such a mentality disgusts me. We all know that the man is the head of the family as ordained by God so there is nothing that can ever change it except God of course.

In this part of the world where I live, if a man who has a wife is seen doing chores that have been tagged exclusively for women, they go ahead to conclude that the man's head has been used, it's another way of saying that a fetish substance has been used to wash the man's brain, can you imagine that?

I mentioned earlier that God has ordained a man to be the head and nothing can change that, not even if he decides to assist his wife with the chores at home, it doesn't take "MANLINESS" away from him. (If the word exists)

Mohamed Hassan

Speaking of a househusband,

it's an entirely different thing, and to be very honest with my thoughts, if roles were changed, well, to be honest, the thought of it feels awkward.

Will the man knows how to take care of the kids and chores at home🤔?

No one should doubt it when it is said that women are stronger than men. We see women who run their businesses or go to work and still return home to take care of the kids and things at home. A man only goes to work, returns, eats, sleeps, etc. But most men fail to realize that what they've tagged as women's jobs only can also be done by them too, ego and laziness won't allow them to see it that way.

Okay, how would I feel if the roles of I and my partner were changed and he becomes a househusband?


I would have no problem with it if it means that I would be making more money to support our family and he would be taking care of the household, the kids and would take the time to focus on his creative pursuit. The point is, so long we are both happy with it, then it's fine but if we can't agree on some important things, it might just be a no-no for me.

To be honest,

......the thought of a househusband just gives me this feeling that I can't describe, a feeling of not being okay with it, however, if roles were changed and I get to have a job that pays so well and I love the job with the whole of my heart and my partner sticks to beings a very good house husband, then it's fine.


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2 years ago


I can kinda relate to this as I am the one who have a regular job and the one who works hard for our family. Husband is lazy sometimes to do the household chores especially taking care of our son. But about other household chores he usually helps me like washing the laundry or cleaning the house.There was one time that he told me that folding clothes is women's job, and I was like? Really? It's not about its women's job but it's how a man or husband wants to help us with our daily household chores.

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2 years ago