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"The more easily you get your wealth, the sooner you will lose it. The harder it is to earn, the more you will have." Proverbs 13:11.

It rained quite heavily today and I'm supposed to feel happy about it because the weather has been very hot. I'm lucky to not be among the people who developed a skin rash as a result of the hot weather. The weather is calm now and I've been able to have a good rest too. The only reason why I do not like it when it rains is that everywhere becomes muddy and dirty. The dirt and mud around make me feel very uncomfortable and wish that it didn't rain. It rained already and I don't have the power to undo it so, I'm just going to live and deal with it.

Natasha Fernandez

How is your Sunday coming? Did you attend church service?

Earlier at church today, my pastor preached about newness in Christ.

Do we have a lot of people who say that they are saved but are they truly? Yes, We do not have the power to judge anyone because judgment is of the lord but whoever thinks they are deceiving man by concealing their sin well should know that the Lord sees all and he can't be deceived. Besides if you're saved, it's not for anyone but yourself.

As a believer who is born again, a new being should be seen in you and the old being crucified. We can't say we are saved and still naturally live in sin. Being saved doesn't mean that automatically we won't sin again, there are times we fall but when that happens, at that moment we don't like ourselves until we have reconciled with him. (God)

An example of a person who lives naturally in sin; a person who steals, yet feels no remorse about it, they feel less concerned about their action, they just don't care about what happens or the consequences. Apart from stealing, other sins are committed, as a believer, if after doing something wrong, you don't get that feeling in you that you have done something bad and you don't feel remorse, then your salvation is in doubt.

I don't plan to bore you with this topic.

We have entered a new week already and the weekend has ended today, till next weekend again. Work starts from tomorrow and I believe that we have all prepared a positive mind to face the week. We can't predict if the week will go exactly how we want it to, we may experience set back in our plans but if we stay positive-minded no matter what, we would be able to scale through.

I found the quote which is at the beginning of my post in the scriptures. I have been doing my best to work smart and diligent here on the blockchain and in every other place I work. Like every human, we always need a kind of encouragement to keep us going efficiently, although we sometimes don't get it the way we want. The quote at the top of the post should be like encouragement to us all, in all we find ourselves doing, we may not find ourselves earning that which we have assumed we would be able to earn but we should always remember and stay encouraged with this word which says "The more easily you get your wealth, the sooner you will lose it. The harder it is to earn, the more you will have".

In conclusion, the harder it is to earn, the more we will have because the time and energy spent in earning the money would be valuable and it would be impossible to spend that which has been earned anyhow. Finally, in all that we set our mind to do this week, we should be intentional about it.

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