The inevitable things of life.

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All humans will one day be faced with the inevitable things of life.

"Nothing is permanent. The only thing any of us have in common is inevitable". Colleen Hoover

Change will happen

No matter how we try to avoid this, it will still happen because it is one constant thing. Those boobs that look perky and firm now would one day fall unless you decide to go for surgery, it's just like the law of gravity, what goes up must come down.

You'll have disagreements and even conflict.

I use to feel that being a nice and calm person would be you wouldn't have to a thing like a disagreement and conflicts. One day you would bring something to the table only to end up being misunderstood, One day you will try to get people to understand your opinion and there will be disagreement and conflict because someone somewhere may feel that there is a suitable person to bring an idea.

You will fail

You will be faced with that moment when you think you've done it well only to realize that a little error has ruined every. You will try and try but keep failing. Then, you would think giving up is the perfect decision.

People will surprise you.

In other to save themselves, they will lie against you, make sure you look like a fool, make you look like the worst person on earth, may you feel inferior. You wouldn't believe your eyes and ears, you would want to understand the situation but will not, you will she'd tear because of it. As long as they are satisfied with what they've done, that's all. The hypocrites.

You'll make mistakes.

You devote your time and commit yourself to all of it but still can't get it right no matter how hard you try. You get the logic but one thing keeps confusing you.


We shall all turn to dust one day.

We only live once so whatever we find ourselves doing, it should be done well. I am a believer and I believe that there is heaven, it's Important to live right to judgment from God won't be against you. Let the body suffer so the soul can have eternal life in Paradise.

While you live, make every moment count, be good to yourself.

Please try to rest often as you do your daily jobs, no work is worth dying for. I just lost a healthy friend who needed to rest, he saw the signals but still went to work, he fell and died while working.

Only God understands, however, death is inevitable but we pray against untimely death.

In all these things which we shall sure experience, there is certainly a good side to it which is the fact that we learn, and because stronger.

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