That one wish would come through.

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The topic goes thus; 

If you had one wish to make and that wish would come true, what would it be?

My wish.

I would wish that God reverses the curse he placed on Adam & Eve.

In my own words, I will quote what the Bible says about those who would not work. "Let those who won't go out to work not eat".

Initially, I would have wished that humans should be able to have an abundance of money even though they don't work, but I thought about it that money may be used anyhow and we probably may not know the value of money and God may not feel pleased with it. So I remembered that the reason why men have to suffer today before they have what to eat is because of the curse God placed on them and every woman has to go through the pain of labor to birth a child.


Humorously, I was saying that God should have told Adam & Eve that they should kneel or do some other physical punishment then forgive them later and probably erase their memories so they won't remember what they had done and finally, get rid of the serpent so it won't come to deceive them again.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if Adam & Eve were not cursed?

Probably if the serpent had been destroyed with their memories erased then everything goes back to the way it was, God would just decide to permit them to have sexual intercourse so that the earth would be replenished just like it is today, the only difference would be that man won't have to toil the ground before he eats and women would not go through so much pain in order to birth a child.

Have you ever imagined this?

I'm sure you must have been curious to know why that was my wish and I believe that with what you've read so far, you understand to an extent.

Let's assume that we are currently living in a world where Adam & Eve were never cursed and the serpent was destroyed, I think life would be much easier to live and there would be no evil on earth.

Ron Lac

Why I think evil is present on earth today.

Do you know that a lot of people are still being deceived by that same devil that deceived Eve back then?


The devil was once called Lucifer, the bright morning star who was a beautiful angel and had a melodious voice in heaven. He became boastful about what he possessed and started envying the throne of God. He wanted to bring God down forgetting that he is the alpha and omega. He wanted to be God, so he deceived other angels who followed him. When God saw this, I'm sure there must have been a battle in heaven, and to show his supremacy, he cast Lucifer down to the earth and took away all that made him a beautiful angel in heaven. Lucifer has become the devil today and other angels who fell with him are the demons.

I understand that we can't question God, no one can and some mysteries are better left the way they are. However, have you ever asked yourself why God didn't just destroy Lucifer and the angels that fell with him so that they stop existing instead of making them wander freely on the earth?

I've come to understand that anywhere the devil is, there would be a disaster. Imagine you're in the midst of a group of people and one person's thought has been poisoned by the devil, it takes God's grace to let the thought of others not get poisoned and that is why it is known that the devil is here to kill, steal and destroy. A lot of the bad things happening today are because of the devil who has corrupted the hearts of many. Only those who guard the fear of God in their hearts are safe and they are the only ones with wisdom because the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Still on the topic of my One Wish.

If God reverses the curse, man may not need to suffer again like we are now and women won't go through pain to give birth and that automatically means that the devil will be destroyed.

If the devil is destroyed, the hearts of man would be free of deception and man would live a happy and good life that would be pleasing to God.

Although it seems like God wants every man to be judged after rapture before the earth is destroyed then a new one begins without the devil just like the one I'm wishing for.

Don't you think so too?

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