"President for a day" - The first three things I would do for my country.

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If I became president for a day, at first I will feel so excited about it and may feel confused about what to do because I've never been a president before. However, from my perspective of who a president is, he ought to love his citizens, care for them, and have the best interest of the nation as a priority.


In my country, this is far from it,

it seems like the leaders lie to the citizens and give fake promises only to get to that position and once they are there, they forget about the main reason why they got to that position.

If I am given the power of a president to rule the nation for a day, I will stay focused and fight the temptation of being selfish. The first change will be is to reorganize those in the leadership position.

It's confusing how they say we are the leaders of tomorrow but leave a bunch of old people in power who only care about themselves and their children. Due to the poor economy of the country, nothing seems to be working, everything just seems like a waste of time. If anything is working today, then that's all thanks to those who are passion-filled. The children of those in power do not school here, they send their children out of the country to further their education while they let the education sector here turn to rubbish to the extent that people now say "school is a scam".

When they need medical attention,

they fly out of the country to be attended to, then I wonder, is it that we don't have good hospitals here in our country Nigeria?

This is what those selfish people have turned the nation into.

That's the reason why I would focus on wiping out all those old men who think they are godfathers and can do whatever they like in the country.

I would make sure to get a good adviser who has wisdom and the fear of God.

If a man doesn't fear God,

he will keep doing whatever he likes thinking that no one can stop him. However, those who fear God have wisdom and are principled.

I think that the one change that can make this country recover from its illness is if bad leaders were all removed from their position.

No wonder they say that the love of money is the root of all evil, they've all become evil because of money.


By the time good leaders are installed in the leadership position, I'm sure things would start working, like in the educational sector, there would be job opportunities, bad roads will be repaired, this will be the way they ought to be.

The second thing I would do

is to look into pending projects which were stopped because of selfishness, I will have a reasonable budget made for the project and make sure it is executed immediately.

The third thing - I would do is to make sure that there are good job opportunities available for people of all kinds, so they would be able to work and fend for themselves.

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