One of the best weekend ever...wait! Will I have the strength for all of it?

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1 year ago

A week ago, I had to visit a place on Victoria Island. On my way going, as usual, we crossed the third mainland bridge. As the bus moved, I watched the ocean, imagining how wide it is, I wondered if it has an end. Hubby noticed how I was seriously watching the ocean, then he called out to me. I turned to him and told him that I love the view and would love to go into the water. I said that knowing full well that it's not a kind of water one can enter, there could be lots of wild aquatic animals inside.

Alice Castro

"I would love to go to the beach and have a nice time there", I said. He replied, asking me how I can go to the beach when it isn't a festive period, I laughed and asked him where he learned that one can only go to the beach during the festive period, then I assumed that he may have said that because he feels that there might be no one there at the beach making it lively and fulfilled.

After the talk, he finally said, "don't worry, we will go to the beach on a good day when there is money". I ended that conversation with "it's alright."

Let's pretend that I have $1000 right now which I can spend on anything I like over one weekend. Knowing well that it's for entertainment purposes only and I can't give it away, invest it or save it - The money must be spent, here is how I'm gonna enjoy my life.

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The weekend starts on Friday and that's the reason why everyone loves to say TGIF, a short form for 'thank God it's Friday.
$1000 in my currency should be about NGN415,960.00. This is a lot of money really and I can't believe I'm about to spend this much money only on entertainment hehe. Okay, here is how it's going to go, or here is how I would want it to be.

"Hello hubby, how is everything going over there, are you done with work? I just finished all that I told you I was doing the other time and I've taken Nathaniel to be with his cousins for the weekend. How much longer will it take for you to get home? We have until 7 p.m to get to the cinema so please hurry up".

That would probably be my conversation on phone with hubby, telling him to come home so we can get prepared and head over to the cinema. However, I don't think I would love to go to the cinema anymore. I don't always go out so I don't know places, sincerely. It's always from the house to work, back to the house, then to church, and back to the house again. If I'm to take myself out with some other person, I would need to ask for good recommendations on where I can go have fun with friends, siblings, or hubby, and my son.

So, back to the $1000, since I can't invest it or save it, I would go shopping with my siblings. I would call the three of them and have them go shopping with me. We would buy quality clothes, bags, shoes and hair for ourselves. Keeping in mind that I have about N415,960.00 to spend. All that we would spend on shopping for bags, shoes, hair, and clothes would be up to N250,000.00, that's about $600.


On Saturday, I would take myself, my hubby and my son to somewhere we can treat ourselves. The first place we would go to would be a nice, clean, lively beach. I've been wanting to go to the beach, now that there's some money available for entertainment, I would make that happen. From the previous shopping spree I went for with my siblings, I would have made sure to get beachwear for myself, my son, and my hubby.

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So before we leave the beach, we would make sure to have lots of fun. Once we've left the beach, we would go to an exquisite restaurant, there I would make sure to order foods that I've been craving but I've been unable to have.
I would order for a barbecue, pizza, cold stone, I know that hubby would order for the things he craves too, food and drinks and I would get a hamburger for my son and whatever he says he life so long it is healthy for him, I know he would love it.

Geraud pfeiffer

Once we leave the restaurant, we would also visit a spa. There, I and hubby would go for manicure and pedicure services and other skincare services which we find to be good. The amount we would spend on all these activities would be about N102,000. That's about $245. I would be left with $155 which is approximate N65,000


Finally, on Sunday, I would organize a party at my house for friends, family, and friends of friends. The rest of the money would be used in preparing foods, desserts, and drinks. A DJ would be called to keep the house lively with cool music, and from the money that is left over, the DJ's bill would be settled.


So that's what I'm probably going to do if I have $1000 to use for entertainment for a weekend. It would be one of the most amazing weekends I would ever experience.

Thanks for reading


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1 year ago


These are wonderfully spelt out and I can see you have planned all to suit you and your family. Even if the money can´t be saved or invested in, at least one should take care of himself or herself.

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1 year ago

Yes o, it would be one of my best weekends. I'm only worried if I will have the strength for all that fun hehe

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1 year ago