Near-Death Experience.

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1 year ago

Death is simple, life is hard, just like some people would say. I've tried imagining the scenario. Imagine a woman who goes into labor for a few hours,  and tries all her best to push. You would hear the doctor saying "push, push" but each push seems not to bring the baby forth. If not for Eve, perhaps women may not need to go through the pain of labor before birthing a child. I know that science has made things much easier today. When a woman in labor starts to feel painful contractions, she gets injected with the injection that stops the pain.

Life of pix

I remember the day I was in the labor room. I got to the hospital on Thursday, because the cervix wasn't fully dilated, I was placed on drugs that would either help stop the contraction pain if it were a false labor or intensity the contraction if it was real labor.

After taking the drugs, I had to stay at the hospital till the next day. The contraction did not stop, it kept coming. At that moment, I thought I was already experiencing labor pain not knowing that the main thing had not started. 

The time came for me to push the baby, the doctor advised, knowing it was my first time. She said, " when you feel the pain, push your baby with pain". Oh my God. I don't know how to explain what the pain feels like but trust me, I'm not trying to scare you though, but the truth is that the pain is out of this world.

I pushed and pushed until I couldn't bear the pain. Instead of giving up, I thought about how much I wanted to see my baby, then I braced myself and got ready for the next contraction that came with serious pain. Instead of focusing on the pain, I focused on the thought of seeing my baby. I held my legs and pushed with all the power I had as I felt the contraction and that was how I delivered my son.

But something happened

Roughly an hour and 30 minutes after my son was delivered, something happened to me which caused me to bleed. According to my mom, it was something she had never seen in her life before.

If you're curious to know, 

I will briefly explain. 

The vagina and the vulva are two different parts of the body. One is the outer part while the other is the inner part. I don't know what caused it because I was fine after having the baby. A side of the vulva, kind of like the lip of the VJ got swollen and it was damn painful. When the doctor saw it, she seemed shocked too, perhaps she had never seen it before too. Immediately, she got some injections, in the process of injecting me, we all heard a popping sound.

In my mind, I felt that the injections were already doing their job. When the swollen area popped, I felt a bit relieved. Little did I know that I was dying.


When it burst, I started bleeding seriously, the bleeding was so heavy that several of the foam I was sleeping on had to be changed.

As I bled, I felt so light. I looked at the faces of everyone in the room with me and saw fear like they were losing me. I looked at my hubby, my mom, the doctor, and the nurses that were there, I told them I was fine, thinking they would have faith and make me feel strengthened by it. However, the fear did not leave their faces so I turned to myself and God with the faith that I would be fine no matter what was happening.

They tried lifting me to change the foam because it was already soaked with blood.

As they did that, thinking I was still conscious because of how I was talking, I fell.

I felt like I was about to have a good sleep

I never knew that I was on my way to the afterlife. It felt like I was about to have a good sleep after having a stressful day. I felt so relaxed, it was so peaceful until I heard my name.

 In that sleep, I heard my name like it was called from a far distance. I also recognized that it was hubby's voice but it felt like I was being disturbed from a nice sleep. I continued falling deep into that sleep, and yes, I remember seeing white light even though my eyes were shut.   I heard my name again, this time it was louder. I woke up, with my eyes wide open,  the first thing I remembered saying was "who called me".

In that sleep, I felt angry when I woke up because, in my mind, I felt I was having a peaceful and relaxing sleep but someone kept disturbing me from sleep.

I realized what was happening 

After I became conscious. Life was restored.

I had to deal with the pain from the injury I had sustained from the swollen place.

"believe that the greatest truths of the universe don't lie outside, in the study of the stars and the planets. They lie deep within us, in the magnificence of our heart, mind, and soul. Until we understand what is within, we can't understand what is without". Anita Moorjani

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1 year ago


That was so scary to be honest. But it's good to see that you are now doing well.. btw how's the baby?

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1 year ago

It's all gone now, it's just a memory to look back on hehe. The baby is doing well, he will be 4 years old on June 1st 🙂

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1 year ago

ohhhh that's good to hear. is that mean that your pregnancy condition that time is risky or what happened to you there was unexpected?

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1 year ago