Technology and the workplace

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Technology is all about the use of machines to get the job done. We all know technology is here to stay and will only increase in importance. The reason for the increase in the use of technology is based on the efficiency which machines provide.

The aim of this article is not to encourage the use of technology or to demand its eradication. Rather it is to suggest ways to strike a balance between technology and the use of humans. In large economies such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, the use of technology is prevalent.

This is not the case with developing economies such as Nigeria, other African nations. In fact, it is the opposite. Countries in this category prefer the use of huthe man workforce than technology.

The only country where the balance between technology and humans workforce has been kept is in China. In this text, we shall look at the following things as it concerns technology in the workplace.

• Advantages of using technology in the workplace

• Disadvantages of technology in the workplace

• Modern technology used in the workplace

One thing we are sure of is that developed economies rely on technology to run industries and Corporations. The turn of the 21st century has seen the growth of technology and now it looks like new technologies come to us daily. Furthermore, technology is affecting the way we work greatly.

We no longer rely on paperwork, and desktop. Now we can work from anywhere. With the use of laptops and mobile phones, we can engage in conference calls with workers from any part of the world.

• Advantages of the use of technology in the workplace

There are hosts of benefits or advantages when you engage in technology in the workplace. The first of these is communication. The role of communication when it comes to the efficient run of the workplace is crucial.

With the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, the need for virtual communication has become even more crucial. Technology has brought a host of virtual tools for communication. These tools allow employees and employers to talk to each other in a number of ways.

Furthermore, effective communication is crucial to an increase in productivity. Communication enables interaction between workers from different locations. This aids efficiency in the company as a whole. Communication also saves cost, because it means the staff won’t have to travel from one location to another. Sharing emails and video conference calls will eliminate these costs.

The second advantage we shall talk about its efficiency. Technology enables innovation and invention. The increase in innovation enables resources to be used more productively.

Invention on the other hand brings about results that will handle society’s biggest needs. These two things lead to efficiency and inan crease in human productivity. Especially in the workplace.

Technology brings flexibility to calls to replace as well. When companies are flexible, it means will know how to make their products suit the needs of different individuals. Especially companies who are in the business of rendering services.

Technology through the use of social media platforms can get consumer opinions across to companies. They can use this data to tailor their services to accommodate more customers.

Hence technology brings the desired effect in our workplace.

Disadvantages of technology in the workplace

An average looker in a developed economy may not feel the negative impact of technology in the workplace like a one in a developing economy would. The reason is that most developing economies like Africa are characterized by large unemployed population. While the developed countries have most their populace employed.

The first disadvantage we shall discuss is unemployment. When technology is used, people tend to lose their jobs.

The reason is simple really? Machines are more efficient than humans and tend to make few errors. They are also cheaper since you won’t have to pay them.

Technological disadvantage can be seen in unhealthy competition. We know the importance of competition in business. However, a sector that is heavy reliant on technology will make it difficult for newbies to get into. For example, it will be difficult for a newbie to get into the Telecom sector. The main reason is that you need huge capital to purchase the kind of machines you need to stand a chance in the sector.

Furthermore, reliance on technology leads to laziness. For example, if there is a technical glitch or the system malfunctions, everyone will have to quit what they are doing.

Final Thoughts

Technology is vital to our lives in many ways and than we can count. Currently, there are more than 4 billion humans use the internet daily. This shows that more people spend time on mobile devices and other technological devices.

The aim of this article is not to support or speak against the use of technology. Rather is to encourage businesses and countries to find a balance between technology and human in the workplace.

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