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The name

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2 months ago

A popular adage goes like this " a good name is more precious than gold or silver"

I know you've heard this before. No one can fully comprehend how a name is more precious than gold or silver until a time when only a name can get you what you want.

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Good morning guys, how are you doing today? I trust that you are having a great day. Welcome to another weekend again. It's to take some rest and prepare for another week.

Allow me do a little recap of yesterday's article. Yesterday, I write about how essential it is to always engage in thanking God at all times, because of all He does. If only you can see how much He does daily for you, you'd know and understand how important it is to thank God.

I'll be writing on a good name, I hope to see where it leads us. But before I continue, I'll like to thank some special people; Special thanks to my sponsors both old and the ones planning to, subscribers both old and those that will subscribe now, also thanks to those who thumbs up and comment on my post, I really appreciate all of you, I do not take it for granted. You know it's funny that you'll read the article and not thumbs up, even though there's nothing to comment. So, try to do that.

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Back to the subject, is a good name really more precious than gold or silver? In my perspective, it is but you know gold and silver are part of what makes a name good. Gold and silver figuratively means 'money'.

Why did I say that gold and silver is used to make a good name?

A good name is made by good deeds that is doing good to people. There are some good things that can only be done with money. I'm sure you agree with me. This is to say that there are some good things that broke people can't do.

Left to me, I'll ask that I be given gold and silver, so that I'll use it to build a good name. Another one is that not all rich people have a good name, examples are the Nigerian politicians, none of them has a good name. They are rich but by illegal means.

There's a limitation to the good you can do when you're broke. You can also build a good name like that, but that name won't be as 'good' as the one with riches.

In our society now, people are not interested in having a good name again. People are consumed with the quest for money. This has pushed many to do so many unspeakable things just so that they'll get money. They believe that once they get money and start doing good, a good name is automatically formed.

The society is known to celebrate the rich even those who manipulated their way there, I'm not saying that every rich person is rich by illegal means. Besides, I'll soon be rich too, the distance between me and my riches is just one milliseconds (in Sam Loco's voice).

My final words is to encourage everyone working legitimately. We'll all get there one day. One of my friends said that "legit is hard' and really it's true. If it was easy, everyone would be reach. People drop by the way but you shouldn't. One day we'll gather together with great number of BCH each and we'll be comfortable and still be able to give out. Don't give up friend, we'll see at the top.

Bye for now and have a great day and weekend ahead.

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Written by   103
2 months ago
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I agree with Princess.

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2 months ago

I agree as well

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2 months ago

A good name is better than riches because we have some people that will accumulate riches and turned the opposite thereby spoiling their names. Even as a poor man you can still build up a good name through your heart, doing the little you can, being humble, portraying the good habits of life.

With this, you are sure that even when such person is gone, his name will forever be in the heart of many people.

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2 months ago

Absolutely correct ma

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2 months ago