Teacher; My Hero

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One of the noblest profession is Teacher, Why? A teacher gives his or her entire life in teaching and molding the lives of the students. Being a teacher you need to support, encourage and make a strategies for the students learning.

I could say that everyday you will encounter different kinds of students once your a teacher. The reason why a teacher needs to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared.

Sometimes a student challenge the patience of a teacher; others will not listen to you or while your discussing a lesson they are talking also to one another but at the end the teacher is always after the sake of the students.

A teacher is caring, loving, hero, patience, parent, doctor, engineer and others; without a teacher there will be no other professions.

At the end you asked other students already graduated in college.... They will remember their best teacher for them since elementary until college. Other teachers remembered by their strategies in teaching and by their kindness.

Personally, I am a teacher and I could say that there will be no other rewards once you see your students success in their lives. And simply saying "Thank you" feels you so much happy and satisfied to yourself as a teacher.

Appreciate your former teachers because without them you will not be able to reached the success that you have now. GOOD JOB, Teachers you are a great hero.

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