Overcoming bullying to self-confidence

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One of the biggest problem in the world is bullying not just only inside the house but anywhere. Bullying start once a child has an inattention love by their parents because of a business sometimes there parents are too busy. A child who is easily gets irritated, not in a mood and wants to get attention by others they are "bullies".

Sometimes a child who gets bullied by others felt discourage, ineffective and loosing self-confidence. Instead of communicating to other people they just want to be alone for them to avoid this bullies.

In what way could be avoided this kind of problem? Bullying can be avoided first of all at home...Parents should be oriented by the school for them to learn setting a time to communicate with their children is very important. From then, maybe number of bullies will be decrease.

This way we could help a lot of people especially children to boosts there confidence and develop social communication to our society. If a child has a confidence there is a possibility for them to be strong and protect there self to others.

Overcoming bullying to self-confidence nowadays is very popular topic worldwide. Parents, teachers and other relatives has a big responsibility to every child for them to overcome this problem and to boosts confidence.

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