Fight against Covid19

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3 years ago

Covid19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome. It was detected in Wuhan, China. Later on, the virus spread out to different countries until it becomes pandemic.

We could say its too dangerous the covid19, all around the world are wearing face masks, washing their hands properly, using alcohol and most important social distancing.

Wearing facemasks is to protect the person to acquire the virus to the infected one. Covid19 positive can be symptomatic and assymptomatic; that is why most people wearing a face masks.

In every school all around the world are teaching washing hands properly and using alcohol to kill the virus. The alcohol has seventy percent in killing the virus.

Social distancing is the main solution as well to decrease the number of Covid19 cases. So far World Health Organization mentioned almost 8 million cases were tested that has covid19.

Every countries implemented a rule for them to follow in preventing and decreasing the number of covid19 cases. Better solution to remember in this battle. Faith, Obedience and Make an action to fight the virus. We heal as one.

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3 years ago