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We are thrilled to announce that Dapp.com has officially added Zilliqa Ecosystem to our platform as the 21st blockchain we support. Sharding is a multi-phase upgrade to improve Ethereum’s scalability and capacity on the ETH 2.0 roadmap and Zilliqa is the world's first public blockchain built entirely on a sharded architecture since 2018. 

Over 10 dapps that are already live on the mainnet could be discovered in the Zilliqa List. Further collaboration between Dapp.com and Zilliqa will focus on leveraging our community resources to boost dapp development on Zilliqa’s network with a special focus on DeFi and Gaming applications. 




Scalability and Decentralization Made Possible Through Sharding & gZIL


There has been a lot of discussion regarding the “Scalability Trilemma” about how it is difficult to achieve scalability, decentralization and security. So DPoS blockchain such as EOS has chosen to be more centralized in order to be more scalable. It turns out that Zilliqa is way ahead of the other smart contract platform in maintaining a good balance between security, decentralisation and scalability, powered by sharding and its effort towards DAO governance. 


  • Sharding - Scale with the Network Size

The way that the Zilliqa network sharding works is to divide the network into multiple groups while each of them handles transactions concurrently. At its testnet launch back in 2018, 6 shards (each shard with 600 nodes, so a total of 3,600 nodes) proceeded around 2488 transactions per second. Technically the scalability of Zilliqa would increase linearly as the network expands - the more live nodes, the faster it gets. In another word, the more decentralized Zilliqa gets, the faster it gets. 

(If there are hundreds of thousands Zilliqa nodes running, does it handle transactions like the way Visa did?)


  • DAO Powered by gZIL the Governance Token

To empower long-term token holders and frequent engagers to become a decision maker in its ecosystem, gZIL was launched in October 2020 to form a DAO-like structure for Zilliqa for gZIL holders to vote on network proposals. gZIL could only be minted for 1 year (until 13 October 2021) when you stake ZIL in the network through the Zillion Staking Portal. The total supply is capped at 722,700, which creates scarcity and adds to its long-term value, especially Zilliqa is the only layer 1 blockchain that involves the community as a decision maker through their governance portal. 



Making the Ecosystem Application-Ready


Zilliqa has been laying the groundwork and building a robust technical infrastructure, before onboard dapps onto its ecosystem. Over the last few months, they have made tremendous progress on this front including some of the followings:

  • Stablecoin - Binance-backed $BUSD and first Singapore dollar-pegged stablecoin $XSGD to Zilliqa

  • DEXs - Zilswap built by Switcheo


And more cool apps that are under the radar:


  • Zeeves - Innovative Bot for User Onboarding

To create a seamless onboarding experience for users to enjoy the network, Zeeves, Zilliqa’s P2P enagagement bot is invented, based on Telegram’s 500M monthly active users. Zeeves is served as a telegram-based wallet that connects to all areas of the Zilliqa ecosystem - fiat gateway, transfer or use $ZIL, community tasks etc. While Zeeves might be able to expand functions like dapp browsers, it could possibly be an ultimate hub for Zilliqa. 

(Zeeves’s achievements in 3 months)


  • Unstoppable Domains - .zil Human Readable Crypto Address

Unstoppable Domains are powerful decentralized domains initially launched on the Zilliqa blockchain (now also expanded to Ethereum) to replace the complicated cryptocurrency addresses with human readable names. Get your .ZIL domain and also build censorship-resistant websites with your .ZIL and .Crypto domains. 

(Link your BTC, ETH, LTC and TRX address to your .ZIL domain) 



Discover more exciting dapps in our Zilliqa dapp page. You can also see Zilliqa's growing performance compared with other layer one blockchains at ‘Zilliqa Market Overview’. 



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