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Like napoleon in russia, I made the same mistake by staying too long on French soil 5 years lost in being duplicated, plagiarized 5 years of impossible debates, of nonsense, 5 years of listening to quantum physicists on You tube or to discuss with illiterates on Zuck's network Like Adolf staring at Stalingrad and wanting her at all costs, I wanted at all costs a debate here on the land of France because French is an exceptional language to discover all the power of BMI and nothing. In front of me I see only an ignorant mass raised to NRJ 12, an elite of decision-makers of top-level incompetence. Let's change course Let's Go America

I offer you 2 choices after that remains your decision

code222 Com org net or fr etc


It must be kept short for the rest of the world asia, india, australia etc because now everything will be in English. After if you remove this site, keep your posts and our additions which are invaluable avenues of work. absolutely everything for future generations, but we will put them back online tomorrow at the dawn of our victory.

As soon as Joe opens the borders we'll be over for the moment let's prepare for my arrival.

If you have security concerns, you mail, like Leon, I'll go upstairs to clean.

Thank you for your passion and this same desire and need to know.

Who are we ? Where are we ? What is the meaning of all this?

I would also do one in English just a base in 5 chapters that I would later put on Android to explain just the basis of the story, I have already taken Your post the whore

You expect to be delivered on what date and what? Otherwise I rely on yours and I only prepare the android application (If this is the case I will deliver the texts to you in English and you will illustrate)

I offer you the 5 chapters in English, you illustrate and afterwards like here you continue

your scan on world news in UK..Mail me keep me informed, it must be set up in mid March, if this option interests you or I mount another one in parallel. Otherwise, thank you for everything written for your old age, you got to do your job.

The story in 3 images and 2 videos

Pentagon budget 700 billion dollars, there is a risk to national security

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According to the sources, towards the end of August 2017, Luis Elizondo, a former head of AATIP, had worked with the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review to allow the three videos to be declassified. A little later, on October 4, 2017, a group of people including Elizondo and Kean met and it was there that Kean heard about the secret UFO program.

According to Elizondo's accounts of this meeting, Mellon was also among those present and he actually showed Kean videos on a computer. Elizondo thus believes that the videos shown by Mellon at the time may have been the three UFO videos, but that he cannot confirm this since he himself did not look at the computer.

The UFO hunt made official?

Elizondo having resigned from the Pentagon on the same day as the aforementioned meeting, he joined Mellon and Tom DeLonge a few days later in announcing the creation of a new UFO research organization. This organization has been called "To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science".

Since this sequence of events, it seems that we have started to talk a lot about UFOs. The Department of Defense even publicly established a new UAP Task Force on August 4, 2020, whose purpose is to investigate UFO sightings made by military personnel.

Thus, we can say that the investigation of the UFO sightings has taken a new step with the publication of the three videos that Mellon said he gave to the press. In any case, who knows what official research will uncover in relation to these stories which have always aroused the curiosity of men.

The Senators want to vote an amendment to make more transparent the information of the Pentagon cell that studies UFOs.

The US Senate wishes to regulate the activities of the Pentagon cell that studies unidentified flying objects (UFOs), so that the public is informed of its activities and that the various branches of American intelligence share their information. In an amendment to the 2021 finance bill currently under discussion, the Senate Intelligence Committee supports the Pentagon's "work cell on unidentified aerial phenomena", thus officially confirming the continuation of the activities of this unveiled unit. in 2017 by the New York Times. For very serious senators, the "unidentified aerial phenomena" have nothing to do with potential little green men, but rather with very real adversaries of the United States. This cell attached to the Office of Naval Intelligence of the US Army's mission is to harmonize the collection of information and reports on unidentified aerial phenomena, their potential links with opposing governments and the threats they pose to equipment. and the buildings of the American army ", specifies the text tabled by the Republican senator of Florida Marco Rubio and published last week.


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