Tradelax – Prioritizing Customer Success in the Financial Market

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Over the last couple of months, the worldwide financial market has seen a large inflow of new investors looking to earn a profit on their transactions. Despite this, trading remains complicated for many and it often entails a learning curve.

Introducing Tradelax

Tradelax was created in an effort to help newbies and advanced traders earn considerable profits on their trades across multiple markets. As a global broker, Tradelax facilitates the trading of cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, equities, and indices. Not only this but thanks to Tradelax’s team of professionals, customers gain access to a myriad of resources that can be leveraged to better understand the market and make smarter trades. 

Tradelax’s Account Managers and Account Types

With these aspects in mind, users ought to keep in mind that each client can access a personal account manager as soon as an account is created. The personal account managers invest considerable time into making sure that each client understands how the platform works. Moreover, clients can also unlock valuable knowledge on the most profitable strategies, alongside recommendations. Overall, the onboarding process is simplified and profit generation is a given. 

To accommodate most types of customers, Tradelax has opted to create five account types. Each type of account comes along with its very own benefits and conditions. These include, but are not limited to variable or fixed spreads, no requotes after trade execution, but also hedging positions and scalping strategies. 

To put this into perspective, a starter account entails floating spread, no up-front commissions, zero deposit fees, a personal account management, access to the aggregating mode, a personal bonus policy, and a minimum deposit of $250. On the other side of the spectrum, a VIP account entails negotiable spread, an executive account manager, possibilities for hedging, access to a wide array of educational tools, market update emails, live news updates, one-on-one trading training through an expert trainer, and much more! As expected, high-tier accounts are destined to those looking to invest higher amounts via the Tradelax ecosystem.

Overall, regardless of the account type that has been chosen, Tradelax provides stability and lightning-quick trade execution. The platform allows the purchase and sale of over 200 asset types via desktop and mobile devices, from almost anywhere in the world. One notable exception is the United States, due to the unfriendly laws surrounding financial investment platforms. 

Unnecessary Fees Need Not Apply

Tradelax has made a name for itself for not charging deposit and withdrawal fees. Customers must bear in mind, however, that their payment provider or bank may choose to charge a commission. Account and fund security are in no way a concern, thanks to Tradelax’s suite of safety protocols designed to keep all assets safe from attacks. 

Bottom Line

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, Tradelax’s main value proposition consists of its professional account managers and trainers. Any user, regardless of their experience in the financial market, will learn better trading strategies that are bound to generate higher profits. Of course, the financial market remains a volatile system, but long-term traders will almost always generate significant yields, especially when using Tradelax. 

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