The hidden meaning of the initiatory Tarot

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The human being comes from the apparent nothingness, from a night which made him lose the memory of Who He Is.

Already at this stage humanity is splitting in two. There are those for whom the emergence of biological life is based on a total chance of circumstances, and whose duration obeys the same parameters. Apart from these two tags, no hello. They will then spare themselves the pursuit of reading, except to have fun with the mystical drifts of the mind. And there are those for whom the raison d'être of this life is to seek knowledge, to understand the why of this night. In either case, the rational approach is absolutely incapable of attempting the exploration. Why ? Because it cannot be based on a starting point noting a tangible fact that is materially irrefutable.

Also the choice consists for each one either to remain within the limits of a practical life within a tangible world, by relying on the rationalizing reasoning and privileging the quest for the power and the abundance or the rest, or to come out of this world by going beyond the five senses which limit it, and to undertake the disturbing and depriving path of rest that is the Initiatory Way, in the individual sense of course.

The first choice is still that of a majority, that of "sheep" bleating and grazing in the pasture defined by the falsified Matrix *, also called the Cyber ​​Matrix, the herb with pesticides which is there, especially in the breast. from the western world. Anything that comes to mind other than through the five senses is uselessness, reverie, a waste of time. They graze, bleat, and resigned to have their wool sheared while waiting for the curtain to come down

The second choice has been told since the dawn of time by all traditions. However, it is only undertaken by a minority. It is called the "Journey of the Hero", the "Heroic Way", the "Game / I of the Life"

The instructions for use of the Game of Life are never given to the human being upon his arrival on Earth, obscured by the "veil of oblivion" resulting from the genetic manipulation carried out by predatory forces established on another plane of dimensional reality during its constitution. * This will therefore be dependent on what will be transmitted to him on the educational level by his family, educational and other institutional bodies, the media and his social relations such as They are constitutive of artifices, illusions and manipulations, so that he remains a slave of the involutive Matrix and of the entropic cyclicity of times .

When by the call of his Soul and his Higher Self the human being awakens his consciousness and tries to understand the why and the how of his relation to the Universe, he sets out in search of knowledge *. Most of the time, misled by the guardians of the Matrix, he will seek it out in institutional religions, secret societies, or spiritual practices of the "New Age", that is to say so many dead ends that keep him enslaved to the system * ². He can also try to find it in the esotericism of myths like symbols. To this end, the Tarot, called the "Big Book of Life", can provide him with precious keys, as long as he avoids the pitfalls. Because EVERYTHING in the Cyber ​​Matrix is ​​inverted, scrambled, concealed. Including in so-called "sacred" tools ...

The mystery of the Tarot

Despite the ambient rationalism, the symbolic art of the Tarot fascinates, especially as its origin remains mysterious. According to the authors, he is alternately of Egyptian, Chaldean, Hebrew, Arab, Hindu, Greek, Chinese, Gypsy, Mayan… or even extraterrestrial or angelic origin. If various occultists or historians claimed to have found the essence of the original Tarot, its writing and its original meaning, no one really knows who is the author or the authors. It is the same for its etymological origin: Egyptian ( Tar : path and Ros or Rob : Royal), Indo-Tartare ( Tan-Tara : Zodiac), Hebrew ( Tora : Law), Latin ( Rota : the wheel and / or orat : he speaks), Sanskrit ( Tat : the whole and / or tar-o : fixed star), or Chinese ( Tao). The first card games to be played (including for money) would have appeared during the 5th century in China. From there, they followed the Silk Road to the Middle East, where they took the play name of "Naïb" (vizier) *. Finally, they reached Europe, via Moorish Spain * ². As for its divinatory tradition, it has existed since Antiquity, and probably even before. The texts of Cicero and Plutarch in the 1st century indeed attest to the existence of a sort of divination by the drawing of "spells" (strips of bark engraved with various symbols) or even of wooden or clay tablets. drawn at random at the approach of the Temples (in particular that of Fortuna among the Penestes in Thessaly).

We can also see Christian influences (Gospels, Apocalypse of Saint John in its blades with religious figures or in the representation of ordinal virtues - Justice - or cardinal virtues - Temperance -). Others find Tantric, Celtic, Aztec calendar, or alchemical, kabbalist or astrological, Cathar teachings, Templars, troubadours ...

By Charles Suger, Abbot of Saint-Denis

It was in the middle of the 12th century that a group of Benedictines led by Abbé Suger * (1080 - 1151) would have acted secretly in the scriptorium of the Saint-Denis basilica to work on the construction of the Tarot de Marseille including a large number of secret codes. Abbot Suger would thus be the founder of the 1st Tarot of Marseille, taken over in 1760 by the master cartier Nicolas Conver (1784/1833).

Suger worked with a 26-letter alphabet, whether he invented it or received instructions for use. Note that 26 is an esoteric number which corresponds to the sum of the four consonants of one of the two Hebrew names of God, Yahweh * ². Research shows that the Arcana of Tarots were named and coded in what could only be an experimental language, a French with an alphabet of 26 letters. Indeed, he is the one who added 4 letters to the French alphabet to make it the alphabet of 26 letters that we use today ... 

It is this alphabet of 26 letters which is at the base of the Latin codings with which it filled the basilica of Saint-Denis, the esoteric sciences having been applied to the construction, the decoration and to the contents of the Basilica. It is with him that the era of the Cathedrals begins! 

Anonymous as befits all Sacred Art, one of the most famous occultists, the French ecclesiastic Alphonse-Louis Constant dit Éliphas Lévi (1810/1875), defined it in these terms: "It is a monumental and singular work, simple and strong like the pyramids, therefore durable like them, a book which sums up all the sciences and whose infinite combinations can solve all the problems; book that speaks while making people think; inspirer and regulator of all possible conceptions: perhaps a masterpiece of the human mind and certainly one of the most beautiful things that Antiquity has left us; universal clavicle, a true philosophical machine which prevents the mind from going astray, while giving it its initiative and freedom; it is mathematics applied to the absolute, it is the alliance of the positive to the ideal, it is a lottery of thoughts all rigorously just like numbers,. "(Dogma and Rituals of High Magic, 1854).

From the manuscript of Abraham the Jew

The public writer, copyist and sworn bookseller Nicolas Flamel (1330/1418) had a shop next to the Tour Saint-Jacques in Paris, when his life was turned upside down, one night, by a dream or a vision: the appearance of 'an angel who gives him this speech: " Flamel, see this book, you don't understand anything, neither you nor many others, but you will see there one day what no one could see."He stretches out his arms to grab the book, but angel and book disappear in floods of gold. He wakes up suddenly, all excited. A little later, he finds a copy of the book seen in a dream in a bookstore. C 'was a treatise on the Great Alchemical Work, produced by an accomplished master. But after 21 years of fruitless study to understand its content, no one had been able to help him. Nicolas Flamel then went to find in Spain, in St -Jacques de Compostelle, a rabbi who will help him And three years later, on January 17, 1382, he in turn carried out the Great Alchemical Work by producing gold!

It was about the famous manuscript "The Book of Abraham the Jew", unique and numbered edition, in the form of 3x7 leaves (that is to say 21, the number of the major arcana named or numbered) . On the first page, the following inscription was drawn in gold letter: "Abraham the Jew, Priest, Prince, Levite, Astrologer and Philosopher, to the Jewish People dispersed in France by the Wrath of God, Wishes of Prosperities". The dedication was followed by anathemas uttered against anyone who opened this book without being a priest or scribe.

The points in common with the Tarot are more than disturbing. The same number of characters in the being (the writing in 22 major Tarot arcana, the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet), the same overall organization in 3x7, and the use of "beautiful images". It should not be forgotten that an anagram of "image" is "magic", Nicolas Flamel like the Tarot having wanted to mean "beautiful magic"

In the classical sense, the Tarot has 78 cards in total (81 for Egyptian Tarots), called "blades" or "arcana", which are divided into 22 cards called "major" and 56 cards called "minor". These last (4 series of 14 blades) have for colors the Deniers, the Staves, the Swords and the Cups, in relation to the four elements. The blades or major arcana each have a specific iconography, which represents characters as well as virtues or even stars. They are the "added value of the Tarot", which distinguishes it from an ordinary card game. They are the ones who exert the greatest fascination on authors, from occultists to philosophers, including psychiatrists. Their denomination with one exception (Arcane XIII said without a name) relates to Christian religious figures as pagan figures, secular political figures and mystical figures, as well as on stars. This is why the Tarot has a universal vocation, the Christian character being to be understood as the figure of Kiristos or Christos , the pure heart of the essence of the Universe, Love.

There are many interpretations given to both its figures and its combinations, which draw from the entire reference system of Western and Eastern civilizational origins *. Like the Jewish Kabbalah and its 22 Hebrew letters (which cannot be a coincidence ...), it lends itself to versions which impress by their symbolic power evocative of the universal keys hidden in oneself, in its intimate depths, and which are found in the alchemical tradition, the iconography of the builders of cathedrals, the Egyptian vision, Arabic numerals, Taoist symbols ...

Notwithstanding all the hypotheses concerning the sacred origins of the Tarot, interesting on an intellectual level, strength is to note that the Tarot has not yet, far from it, delivered all its secrets. If each of its blades represents successive layers of symbols referring to spiritual and mystical traditions of all times - from Christians to Celts, from Jews to Egyptians - it is important not to lose sight of one of the rules of the game in force in the Enslaving matrix: illusion, manipulation. This world is that of false light, known as Luciferian, that is to say that of the demon (the world upside down ...). All the symbols like all the sacred books are thus diverted from the true Light, that of Knowledge, to keep the illusioned human beings prisoners of the rules of the involutive game of the 3rd dimensional Matrix.

Without having in mind this elementary rule of the errant functioning of the Earthly Reality Matrix, any symbolic interpretation of the Tarot with an initiatory vocation, however brilliant it may be, leads to failure. This is why the teaching provided by its referenced authors, however legitimate they may be, is now to be reconsidered in this "end of time". As for all pseudo-awakened people using it for a fee, in the form of consultations or initiation courses, they are to be avoided, not that what they say is not "right", but is quite simply distorted by the perverse Matrix, in no way at the service of her interior as well as exterior liberation. On the contrary, they continue to instill as relay agents of the Matrix the contrary keys!

If human consciousness was until now part of a so-called psychological intermediate stage of evolution, which started at the end of the so-called Enlightenment revolutions of the seventeenth century, it now enters through this cycle known as the "end of the century. time * ² "in a new stage, that of Intelligence * ³ . It is by its yardstick that it is advisable to receive the symbolic keys of teaching the archetypes of the Tarot, and to understand the meaning which governs the true evolution. Because since the time when the Tarot was supposed to give human beings the keys of Knowledge, we have to recognize by looking at the functioning of the world that they have not understood or assimilated them. And there is a reason for this surgical observation ...

Interpretation keys

The understanding of the hidden meaning of the Tarot lies in the operating mode of the misguided Matrix specific to our earthly reality vs the original Matrix. It is that of the mirror effect, that is to say the distorted reflection which returns to us when we are not sufficiently transparent to ourselves. By the false beliefs and conditioning instilled in the human being by the various educational relays (family, school, ...) as well as by the manipulation of symbols *, we look at the world (apparent reality) as it does not exist. is not in its most established top version. It is the world of appearing, not of being. In this delusional manner, we are trapped by the false teaching of the predatory Matrix, including its initiatory artifices such as the Tarot,

Place vs Reverse, the reversal of meaning to understand

Two key blades make it possible to apprehend the double reading of the symbolic Book of Life which is the Tarot: the XXI arcanum called The World, the XII arcanum called The Hanged Man. They correspond to two apparently antagonistic but complementary polarities which explain the functioning of the Living, in accordance with the Law of Balance *: the true and the false. As in the Matrix of illusion what appears to be true is in reality false - the "Luciferian" light - in any case greatly diminished by true Knowledge, it is necessary to look at the mirror of the apparent real upside down. so as not to be deceived by the "magic" of the image, its anagram implemented by its Babylonian masters.

Look at the world differently

The teaching of alchemical wisdom * says that one should not seek the place but the reverse side of the apparent world, that of forms, in other words those of the "demon", its inverted double. As in the symbolic tarot The World presented as real by the actors of the Matrix * ² is symbolized by the arcane XXI (21), it is up to us in the awakening of consciousness to look at it by its inverted double, the XII ( 12), The Hanged Man. What is upside is the knowledge of hidden things, intentionally concealed from our consciousness. Only access to the memories of the unconscious makes it possible to find the keys to the Game of Life, everything being done to dissuade us and prevent us from doing so, especially through distilled psycho-emotional pollution

Thus 21 upside down gives 12, like the position of the legs of the Le Monde dancer giving Le Pendu upside down. The Hanged Man is the illusory world upside down, or the world upside down. This is why by understanding and respecting this rule, The Hanged Man reveals to us what is concealed and hidden. In other words, this attitude of upside down suspension allows us to decode the perverse and enslaving game of the falsified Matrix, which feeds the predatory system, while taking care to protect ourselves, our Achilles heel (where the Hangman's rope l ' encloses) which may prove fatal ...

these times of revelation, the Apocalypse, it is time for the awakening human being to leave the shores of traditional academic education dispensed by his teachers - for the most part deceived in more or less all good faith - and generator of their "business" ... If these allow him to respond to his quest for spiritual elevation, they maintain it by their idealized teaching - the quest for nirvana, for fulfillment - in the illusions of this reality inevitably entropic, and therefore involutive ... This is why each of the twenty-two major blades of the initiatory Tarot, constituting the initiatory stages of the Game of Life, is to be put into perspective, and therefore right side up. ! 

Apparent vs Hidden, illuminating cyclicity

The Game of Earthly Life for the human being - represented in the Tarot deck by the arcane Le Mat * (no number) - consists in carrying out his journey, or going to meet the World (arcane XXI) in balance by its discernment between two opposing realities: that of the external world, source of illusions and involution because it is manipulated in its foundations and fundamentals, and that of the internal world, source of truth and evolution if it manages to open up by the call of his soul to his superconsciousness * ², that is to say the liberation of the Spirit by the (re) unified soul * ³ .

The first is represented by the first ten arcana of the Tarot (from Bateleur to La Roue de Fortune). They translate the manifestations of the game of Life in the Matrix. The second is represented by the following ten (from Strength to Judgment). They reflect the causes of these manifestations. By superimposing them, he can thus discover by their correspondence the false teaching source of illusions in his course, both material and spiritual, and the keys to his interior liberation according to his understanding of the causes of these manifestations and the change of consciousness made ...

The manifestations of the initiatory journey 

The causes of the demonstrations

As long as the karmic round of cycles of consciousness under the control and domination of the predatory Matrix is ​​not transcended, the human being remains its slave, trapped by this past / present / future linearity which maintains it, by memories. of his experiences in executioner / victim / savior mode accumulated in his unconscious (seat of the Soul), in fears and guilt. He goes around in circles, even in his quest for alleged spiritual elevation, his real creative capacity being stolen from him to serve only the interests of the predatory system!

To get out of it, he has no other choice than to operate, through his awakening to the reality of What Is and of What He Is, his inner transformation (transmutation) in order, finally, to ascend * . That is to say to change the dimension of reality by its change of consciousness * ², in other words to get out of the loops of the cyclicity of times specific to the astral world, not to the world of the Divine ...

The direction of the way

The first sense of the arcane constitutive of each stage of the initiatory course of the human being - the awakening of conscience - summarizes in a very synthetic way the conventional teaching dispensed, that is to say the "beautiful history" apparent. The second establishes the "real" meaning of this blade in the falsified Matrix, constitutive of the trap set for the human being in search of awakening if he does not show discernment. It is the "real" story.

By the physical laws which prevail within the universe, it is the energy put by the applicant in the form * (in this case the symbol of the blade) which polarizes it for its evolution or involution. We can thus understand all the better the role of memories, which by their epigenetic resonance, release or not the power of our DNA constitutive of our true creative power ... However, the applicant for the path of ascension and liberation must know that there are many pitfalls to keep him a slave to the Matrix, never ceasing to increase in intensity. They are translated into myths by the twelve labors of Hercules / Heracles. This is why they speak of "Hero's Journey" ...

Stage 1: The Bateleur

At the start of the path, the traveler knows that he will come up against the impenetrable mystery of life. In the eyes of so-called sane people, this is nonsense, since no one is ever supposed to have come back to the "other side" by providing irrefutable proof. Why then waste time on this journey without a certain answer? Isn't this madness and pursuit of the wind? Why torment his days and nights when thought is supposed to disappear when the physical body dies? However, driven by curiosity and above all a deep feeling, that of his soul, Man decides to set out.

 " Life, with its innumerable trials, has as its goal the education of the will. "

The player - Le Mat - is like any element and any creature in the universe pure energy, beyond its form. In the closed space-time of the Matrix, it is deprived by the genetic manipulation carried out of its creators (the false gods) of consciousness. He forgot Who He Is. He is a novice, the beginner apprentice, like Le Bateleur (blade I), and therefore easily influenced. To achieve the objective that is Le Monde, it will have to "standardize" to the rules of the Matrix. But without instructions for use, it will logically tend towards the false world, that of illusory artifices (power, money, notoriety, pleasure of the senses ...) put forward by the system, and as represented by the elements arranged on the table, insufficiently consistent to give it its full power (in correlation with the arcane XI The Force). And for the more evolved but still naive consciousnesses, they will be directed by a perverse incitement to change towards the false spiritual world, in its receptacle which are religions, secret and occult societies, and the practices and other mystical derivations of the New Age current. ... By their distorted teaching of the rules of awakening - the "low / stick" -, they will keep him prisoner of the Matrix and its voracious psycho-emotional vampires, the same causes generating the same results when the dice are loaded ...

 Step 2: The High Priestess

The book of life is an enigma. Which direction to take? To go where ? By simply setting your intention - discovering who I am within the universe - and letting yourself be guided by what presents itself, the journey begins. It is about welcoming what presents itself, without judgment based on objective reason. The great Game of Life can then take place.

It is by the will that the intelligence sees the phases of Life unfold. If the will is healthy, the sight is correct ".

On his path of evolution, Le Mat at his novice stage (Le Bateleur) has no other choice but to acquire knowledge of the rules of the game of Life, and therefore of his matrix of reality. of belonging. It thus passes through the caudine forks of La Papesse (blade II), guardian of the "secrets" of Knowledge. Those she dispenses in the Matrix falsified by her power of disclosure as well as of retention thus always mix the true and the false, in order to blur the landmarks and mislead her, especially within the so-called esoteric societies supposed to reveal them to her completely. exclusivity ... It is the false "Luciferian" light (polarity +), which when it takes it at face value, keeps it lured, even leads it to its manifestation "  

Step 3: The Empress

Intellectual power, a virtue of feminine essence, is essential on this journey. Not that based on accumulated knowledge, but that which is based on healthy mental faculties avoiding losing ground in the presence of the Unknowable. It is neither to go too fast, nor to fear the inevitable reactions of those around you. They require prudence, discernment, hindsight, in order to digest and assimilate the new teaching, however tenuous it may be, however improbable it may appear.

To affirm what is true and to want what is right is to unite. To affirm and want the opposite is to destroy. "

The acquisition of knowledge is an exercise of intellectual stimulation allowing the applicant the manifestation of his gifts, talents, capacities and potentialities. It is the domain of the Empress, all haloed with this magic of the fiery spirit which increases tenfold the emotional senses. Intoxicated by these mirages of the senses, the human being like the hare in the fable rushes into the traps of appearances and their inconsistent creations, masked by their good spiritual conscience and their apparent good raison d'être. Out of pride and vanity, sources of his blindness, he forgets the hard work of the tortoise, which avoids intoxication and haste to move forward with humility and discernment in the midst of the many traps and pitfalls in order to transmute them (in correlation with the 

Stage 4: The Emperor

This journey cannot be undertaken without having first experienced the material world and its passions. Money, power, domination, prestige, sexuality ... can only be understood within their intrinsic limits after having been experienced. They also allow you to go back if the journey undertaken turns out to be too difficult for the applicant. It is the intellectual power of stage 3 that allows you not to let yourself be locked in this material world and its illusory vanities, such as wisely going back if the journey to get out of it is too destabilizing.

When man has discovered the truth and wants to bring about justice, nothing can resist him. "

Now positioned more or less well in the Matrix, in its place attributed by the astral reference frame of birth, the human being such as The Emperor (blade IV) plays the role devolved to his terrestrial masters as extraterrestrials - the latter whom he ignores. -, by receiving prebends for its "loyal" services. All "predate" him, vampirize him, steal his energy, leading him in turn to steal it from others in his various states of executioner, victim or savior (in correlation with the arcane XIIII Temperance). Even if he relativizes his relationship to the artifices of matter, he cannot evolve until he is aware of this reality of enslavement, and decide to face his greatest fear, that of losing the artifices granted. ... 

Step 5: The Pope

The "mystical" infusion of the traveller's psyche is essential to his mundane life in earthly matter. Its form is religious, in the sense that it links it with the sacred universal that is Life. This is distinct from any religious practice in the institutional sense, limited and distorted by the pragmatic dogma that characterizes it.

Before you say that a man is or has not been unhappy, know the direction of his will. "

By the power of his thought, Le Mat is the master in the matter of his harmonious relationship to the Living, especially with others (children, friends, collaborators, partners ...), which is moreover sung at every moment in a grandiloquent manner by the system and its "philosophical singers": democracy, Republic, freedom, fraternity, equality, human rights ... Clinging to this placebo of surface good conscience, he grants like The Pope (blade V) his faith and his confidence in the deleterious single thought that underlies it, which leads him to both denial and guilt in the face of the toxic manifestations observed in the functioning of the Matrix (correlation with The Devil, arcane XV), which he rejects always on others ("it is the fault of ..."). 

Step 6: The Lover

Learning to teach requires a break with reason. It is emotional, affective, sentimental in nature. It is the reception of one's "sacred feminine", going against the traditional predatory conception of life where the corruption of one's perfection is the rule to satisfy the needs of one's ego-mind.

A chain of flowers is harder to break than an iron chain. "

Illusioned, the human being believes himself to be the blinded Lover (blade VI) endowed with free will in his life choices, whether emotional, professional or otherwise. He is unaware that he is running a program whose scenario has been broadly designed in advance, which insidiously dictates his impulses and motivations and from which he cannot escape unless he awakens his conscience. In both cases, this initiatory journey generates turbulence (correlation with the Arcane XVI La Maison-Dieu), some intended to nourish the predatory system, others able to free it if it courageously chooses the path. 

Step 7: The Chariot

Once these preliminary steps have been assimilated, there is a passage to action. Man is alone with himself to learn, awkwardly, to lead his new relationship to life outside the beaten path where the greatest number of his co-religionists crowd. At any time he can slip, and must learn to discipline his mind as his emotional to maintain control of his conduct.

The will of the righteous man is the image of the will of God, and as it grows stronger it rules over events. "

The Matrix of illusion leads to action more than to wise reflection: conquer, acquire, dominate, possess, triumph ..., or verbs of energetic action to try to drive your cart with dexterity (blade VII ) on the path of (false) glory and receive the laurels granted to the warrior deserving (correlation with the arcane XVII The Star) of "earning more to consume more". 

Of the symbolism of the Horse

The first symbolic perception of the horse is that of a "vehicle" directed by the will of the human being, in other words volition. Guide of the latter, it allows it to be carried more quickly from one point to another. By saying that "the horse is not an animal like the others, it is the mount, the vehicle, the vessel, and its destiny is inseparable from that of man", the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875 / 1961) spoke of it as one of the most fundamental Archetypes of mythologies, close to the symbolism of the tree of life. In the Rig-Veda , a collection of sacred hymns or hymns of praise from ancient India composed in Vedic Sanskrit, thehe Horse is associated with strength, fertility, creative power and youth, in the sexual and spiritual sense of the term. He is indeed a phallic animal, if only by the ambiguity of the word overlap, widely shared by several languages. This image comes from the proximity between the rider "who has the beast between his legs" and moves in rhythmic movements, and coitus during which we find the intoxication, the sweat and the sensations of a horseback ride. Some poets also use the word "filly" to designate a fiery young woman. In the Chinese Horoscope, where the signs of the zodiac are annual and represented by 12 animals, the horse is the 7th sign. For his part, Cabal means horse, Kabbalah meaning her tradition. This is why the cabala is called the language of the horse, just like the language of the goslings.

The horse, "the noblest conquest of man", thus possesses a rich symbolism, being able to be the mount of the dead (Cf. the white horse of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse), to mark an intrauterine regression, to wear a sexual connotation. We find this archetype in card 7 of the tarot, "the chariot", where horses, sometimes sphinxes, represent the unconscious forces of man, his lower personality, his instincts. The Prince leading the team symbolizes the consciousness aspect of the Being, the Self, the Soul merged with the Spirit once the alchemical purification work has been carried out *. Using his emotions without being their slave, meaning the mastery of enjoyment, the Prince drives his chariot (in reference to the notion of vehicle, the Way, the "yâna" Indian), without reins, in a perfect body-mind balance, thus taking on mastered power. The horse in Alchemy is indeed the engine of the work thanks to its four legs or four elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) which characterize the saddle animal (salt).

The human being advances on a path using a vehicle, his physical body comparable to a horse-drawn carriage. She is pulled by two horses, symbolizing her emotions, a Black (yin) and a White (Yang), led by a coachman, her mind. Inside the carriage, there is a passenger who cannot be seen. It is about the inner Guide, the completed Self, the superconsciousness. And if the driver gives the impression of leading the carriage, only the passenger knows the destination. Thus, the balance between the coachman and the horses will depend on the comfort of the trip. If the driver mistreats the horses (the emotions), they run the risk of racing and leading to an accident by going through the ruts and going into the ditch. If the dark horse dominates, the carriage will pull to the right, guided by the mother's emotional images. If it is the white horse which dominates, the carriage will pull to the left, towards the paternal emotional representations. So everything that represents the vagaries of a trip can be compared to the incidents that we encounter on our land journey. With this metaphor, we can illustrate the big scenes of our life and our behavior, this to better situate ourselves and to align ourselves on the way back to the ONE, our first unity!

Step 8: Justice

The initiatory path is a just path, a just path. It goes through a disinterested confrontation with any abuse, any inequity, any injustice. It is no longer the rule of "eye for an eye, tooth for tooth" or of venal justice benefiting the rich to the detriment of the weak. It is a justice of understanding and liberation, allowing man to rise up with all assumed responsibility.

The intelligences whose will does not balance are like the aborted stars. "

Thinking of himself by the ego-mind manipulated to be able to be the vigilante of his life (blade VIII), the human being thinks to be in the right balance of his life between the defense of his personal interests - the "Service of Self "- and those of his home community (nation, family, company, sports team ...). He evaluates, judges and condemns what in his eyes does not go in this direction, forgetting to wonder about who set his balance and to cleanse in him the predatory memories that separate him from the liberating unit (correlation with the arcane XVIII The Moon). 

Step 9: The Hermit

Is it sensible and prudent to "withdraw" from the world in order to know it better, to possess it and to dominate it by throwing false glories into nothingness by its interior light? Only the test of time, in the discomfort and loneliness of the desert as of night, provides the answer. It is here that the cleaning takes place between the determined courage of some and the pusillanimous idealism of others, and that the persevering impetuous man begins to shed light on the meaning of his life by questioning all false beliefs and deleterious conditionings which mislead and lose it.

Accept relative evil as a way to achieve absolute good, but don't want it or ever do it. "

On the way to what he believes is awakening, the human being likes to discover through his inner lantern - the third eye - the hidden mysteries revealing to him his greatness and pledge of a promise of eternity. By sharing it as the Hermeneute (blade VIIII) or gray eminence with other initiates whom he selects and to whom he transmits the codes through the appropriate rituals, he considers natural to conduct with them the affairs and destinies of the flock of the lost. , in the best places it goes without saying. He believes himself by this enlightened spiritual pride (correlation with the arcane XVIIII The Sun), the Matrix having however only made it obscure to the true "Service of Others". 

Stage 10: The Wheel of Fortune

Isn't pretending to dominate one's destiny presumptuous and vain for man trapped in a network of fatalities and constraints which are external to him? Yet it is the search for deliberate will in the conduct of his life that prompts him to control the wheel.

To acquire the right to always own, one must want patiently and for a long time. "

Having reached this crossroads stage of his destiny (blade X), the Mast finds himself in one of these three positions: in full ascent, in full descent, in lethargic sleep. The options offered by this interdimensional portal are of two kinds. Either stay in the Space-Time of the Matrix by starting again for a new cycle in the Involutive Matrix, in a new character scripted for the perverse game of the predatory system. Either decide to check for yourself if the instructions for use are really appropriate and to try to cross the portal despite all the risks that result from it, in this case being dissuaded by all means by the guardians of the Matrix. In both cases, the human being responds to the breath of his inspiration (correlation with the arcane XX The Judgment), 

Step 11: The Force

This path requires strength, not physical, material, but mental to triumph over one's own darkness and inner passions. It is the force of acceptance of what is, nourished by faith, hope and the intense desire for what will be when the dawn breaks, once the transmutation of the unconscious has taken place.

Brave the lion and the lion will fear you. Know how to control pain and pain will be charged with happiness. "

The awakening of consciousness by dint of various and varied experiences allowed the Mat to understand how the wheel of fate had been forced to his detriment by the Master enslavers. Having relegated all inconsistent desires for success through distilled emotional rattles, just as renouncing the exercise of any predatory power, any bestowed admiration, and any search for security, he agrees to shed himself both externally and internally. all false beliefs and other erroneous concepts, a sine qua non condition for its lightening and the acquisition of a new force (blade XI), that of the Higher Self, for the purpose of ascending. He must learn to dose it sparingly, so as not to burn himself or use it improperly,

Step 12: The Hanged Man

Is it wise for a conqueror of the (over) life to put himself in suspension and look at the world as his beliefs upside down, nourished by the celestial influx and no longer terrestrial? Only a new perspective hitherto unknown allows us to perceive what is veiled from the profane world and yet essential to the understanding of eternity. It is the penetration of a new world, an ultra-sensitive world.

To meet death by dedication is not suicide, it is the apotheosis of a sublime will and taking possession of eternal life. "

By now looking at the World upside down like a Hanged Man (blade XII) for having understood the illusory artifices of the Matrix, the applicant ostracized from the community if not tortured develops his own repository of knowledge emancipated from the lies and falsifications of the demon , the world upside down. His awakening of consciousness allows him to draw intuitions and saving memories in the depths of his unconscious, where the keeper of eternal secrets, The Pope (blade II), resides. 

Stage 13: The Nameless Arcanum

The stripping of its terrestrial tinsel frees from the grip of the world of manifestation. It is to an apparent death that the initiate on the way is called, that of a way of life based on deadly illusions. It inaugurates by the release of the relative from a beginning to the Absolute. The radical interior transfiguration is the path that leads to the ascent.

To spend your life wanting and pursuing perishable goods is to dedicate yourself to the eternity of death. "

Le Mat now looks at the predatory usurper such as he is - and that he himself is through the mirror effect -, a reaper of souls, of conscience (arcane XIII), who slips everywhere because we cannot identify him, present in every place in his icy anonymity where he can tirelessly feed his voracious death hunger. He recognizes in him Saturn, in other words Satan, Kronos, the creator of enslaving time who, preventing access to unlimited time, that of the Eternal Consciousness because immortal, conceived Death as a beacon to the Living. This false god with a sharp scythe tirelessly tears and shreds his children in order to steal their memory of their original essence and prevent them from being reborn to Who They Are in profaned matter.

Theft of "ether-nity"

The false creator god - the predatory usurper of the astral field - (blade XIII), mowed down the Creation of the human angel incarnate (the Mast) by his scythe by amputating his genome from the memory of Who He Is. This fake is that of Death - "the soul outside" - of consciousness *. It is a magical substitution (correlation of the two forms), black it goes without saying ... The Fate is thus brought in his alchemical initiatory journey to have to find his luminous power, by the transmutation of Death (the constitutive memories of his darkness) in Gold, that is to say the passage of "the soul out" in "Soul-Gold", in other words AMOR (Love in Latin).

Step 14: Temperance

The passage from a lower state - the silver vessel - to a higher state - the golden vessel - can only be done through the intervention of a High Power at the right time. There is then a sacrament, a source of new strength which will henceforth avoid being thirsty again. It is the communion between the two worlds, constitutive of a new earthly Church, that of total renunciation of everything that can keep man under the domination of the Prince of this world.

To want good with violence is as unjust as to want bad. "

The human being now more aware of the reality of the world upside down better understands this "time of wandering" (blade XIIII) of the human soul in the matter of the 3rd dimension of limited reality. The master genetic slavers have as continue to manipulate its divine genetic heritage by hybridization, constituting by the amputation of DNA strands produced an energy signature individualized by the veil of forgetfulness, nourished by fears and sufferings linked by conditioning and psycho-emotional manipulations distilled into him. When the energy does not flow harmoniously between the macrocosm and the microcosm to make the music of the spheres resonate in man, he is indeed a slave to the involutionary predatory system. How could it be the 

Stage 15: The Devil

Is it really reasonable to face all the temptations of this lower world when it would suffice to live a life without "stories", without struggles, without existential questions, without questioning the legitimacy of such and such a thought, such a word, such an action? , such omission? Why give up the tranquility of a life that can continue to continue in "passive" mode? It is at the moment when we believe ourselves to be elevated that the lingering point of pride comes to our senses that can still make us fall if knowledge is insufficient, too superficial.

To want evil is to enslave death. A perverse will is the beginning of suicide. "

The genetic manipulation of the human being constitutive of the veil of oblivion to Who He Is has been recovered by the alter-ego of the nameless predator predator - the arcane XIII - reigning over earthly affairs, whatever their domain. . It is the tempting demon (blade XV) expressing itself through the manipulation of the ego-mind, with its devilishly tempting false promises: politics, religion, philosophy, economy, sciences ... Under the guise of its "good" faith, he presents himself as the reassuring guide / pope, who nevertheless inevitably leads the applicant to the deviation of his soul, by his maintenance in the duality and the drive exacerbation of his physical senses. 

Step 16: The Maison-Dieu

Proud Tower of Babel destined to collapse by its frenzied materialism, or Inner Temple releasing the full power of the sacred fire found? It is here that all the path accomplished by the traveler is revealed, seeing the light hidden in the depths of his being producing its eruptive and lightning manifestation, for his rise or fall. On the ruins of the old living building can appear his real House.

"To suffer is to work. Any pain accepted with obedience and resignation is progress. "

The arcane "La Tour" ( The Tower )

In the initiatory Tarot, the arcane XVI named La Maison-Dieu or La Tour in its English version is the symbol of destruction, in this case caused by the predatory royal elites through their corruption resulting from their pact to the Forces of Shadow and Darkness being located in the 4th dimension of reality. In its positive counterpart, it signifies the essential destruction of beliefs that are sources of illusions in human beings under the domination of the predatory body which governs them.

He particularly indicates that at this end of cyclicality the Vatican, the spiritual center of the Cabal fomented against the human being, will inevitably be destroyed, which the events in progress do not cease to remind, such as the multiplication of the revelation of the sexual scandals and financial corruption exposed in broad daylight. If the ruling elites under control are led to act in such a bellicose manner (cf. fierce repression of yellow vests or demonstrators in Hong Kong), it is because cosmic justice is coming. As they feel it like the Cerberus, the hound of the underworld, that is to say like a pressure without understanding what it is all about, they feel an insatiable anger and the fear of being left with nothing. Hence their way of increasingly monopolizing resources and destroying, transmitting this fear to the population, then taking repressive measures against them when the population reacts. And by a kind of boomerang effect, this destruction of the constituent elements of terrestrial Nature under the influence of fear increases the cosmic reaction even more!

If the sight of the  tower often leads to fear, shaking and insecurity, this moment of great agitation is conducive to gazing at its intimate depths to flush out the slimy dragon that resides there, and to become aware of the predation it exercises to prevent it. awakening of consciousness. Also, whatever heralds a major upheaval, a strong disruption, a state of emergency or crisis, it is likely to bring something new through inspiration, once its stables cleaned of the mud therein. The most important aspect of the Tower is that all destruction is followed by creation. Thus, the arcane of the Tower represents an awakening coming like a thunderbolt through a shocking and hard-hitting life event.

In the falsified matrix, blade XVI is that of the erasure of memories, the " memory reset " that the cyber matrix regularly performs (at each incarnation), and which inevitably leads to both a civilizational "blackout" (loss of memory) than at its "game-over" (end of game). It is by its principle of inversion the house of the false god or of the godless, except when the human being decides to respond courageously to the call of the Higher Self by his soul lodged in the strands of his memory DNA, now nourishing himself of his protective and liberating field of love. But that's when the Matrix's resistance puts pressure in a thousand and one ways to prevent it and lead it to give up if it doesn't. 

Stage 17: The Star

The revelation of the path is that of Hope, the highest of virtues, a flame bringing to hope confidence in divine grace and in the perfection of human progress. Charity like Faith is melted in her, the sacred duty requiring to continue to rise by constant interior effort, and not by superficial actions simply giving a clear conscience. Only then, through the rock of this love given to the Eternal, stronger than death, can the Truth appear and pour out, in all the purity of its nakedness.

"The more the will overcomes obstacles, the more it grows in power. Hope must therefore ceaselessly unite with Faith. "

The human being amputated of the memory of his original divine nature is guided in the Involving Matrix by the false light dispensed by the starry artifices (blade XVII), in order to mislead him and prevent him from looking inside himself. -even. Materialist artifices - assets, honors, distractions - as well as spiritual ones - the secrets manipulated - are endlessly stirred to his senses by the enslaving relays for the theft of his vital energy. It is the Luciferian dark night of consciousness, the false promises of expansionism and immortality that the predatory Aquarius - the false Golden Age - keeps pouring out on him in order to trigger the emotional stimulation on which he feeds. 

Stage 18: The Moon

Still fragile and hesitant, full of anguish, the traveler on the way is invited to abandon all protections, all rigid frameworks, ready-made living conditions and habits, reference to precedents and submission to the divisions of exotericisms, dogmatisms and secular and religious ideologies. It is the call to uniqueness, the awareness of oneself by that of the outside world. It requires the passage from instinct to feeling, for detachment from the world of appearances of the incarnation. By keeping his gaze turned towards the Stars, man has the past within him, a hinge which by his reflection allows him to avoid relapsing into his errors, false judgments and illusions.

Fear is only a laziness of the will, perils terrify only abortive natures. "

Hidden in him in the dark depths of his unconscious, the lunar predation (blade XVIII) of manipulated memories (false beliefs, conditioning, illusions) acts on the conscious of the human being by the psycho-emotional agitations that it causes, and which resonate both in its biological system through epigenetics and in its relation to the exterior. As long as it is not made aware to transmute its deleterious memories according to the appropriate process, it leads it to serve its false masters and false gods, in other words to its degeneration, that contrary to its enlightened, just, balanced and harmonious relationship. alive. 

Step 19: The Sun

What does the walker find at the end of his path, in the midst of the night that engulfs him? Undoubtedly the divine splendor of the Light, which brings joy and certainty to the soul, confident in the future. He drew the lessons of the world and its "works", its temptations, its trials, its renouncements, its fear in front of any different, original spirit. It is the exit of the night and its pale net of light for the dazzling. The initiate now understands what the suffering and torments experienced in his flesh are to his brothers. He feels them as his. New life, having reached full self-awareness, can then begin.

Light is an electric fire put by nature at the service of the will. It illuminates those who know how to use it. It strikes down those who abuse it. "

Everything being false or concealed in the entropic Matrix, the enslaving system has built its structure and its functioning on the altar of worship of the luminous false gods (blade XVIIII) and their promises of felicity to the communicants as dispensed by religions, societies esoteric secrets and "Love and Light" movements. This construction of "bricks and jugs" erects the wall of thought, which hides the true light from the human being in search of awakening. He leads him to seek her outside through his mystical third eye - the inflamed ego-mind - while she resides within him, in his fiery and vibrant heart. 

Step 20: The Judgment

The illumination received leads to the judgment, not that of the constraint implemented in the profane world, but that of a lucid evaluation of his life, both in his receptivity with the higher world and in his activity in the natural world. It is love that constitutes the weighing weight, that which is given without discounting both to its Creator and to all the elements of all creation.

Any will that fights against divine decrees is condemned by Eternal Reason. "

The false divine breath (blade XX) dispensed by the trumpets of his figured icons and his terrestrial changers as relays keeps Le Mat in the illusion of this world whose apparent reality is only reversed. Without opening of consciousness by the cleaning and purification of his memories and the reconstitution of his amputated DNA, he is condemned to remain a slave of the entropic Matrix and to go around in circles in its cyclic loops. 

Stage 21: The World

Having reached the end of his path, it is now up to the initiated traveler to leave this false misguided world with which he identified himself in order to enter The World, that of a higher dimension, of a new conception of the Divinity. The transmutation of the objective, physical world into the psychic world has been achieved. The initiate has disappeared because he has left the world of appearances to enter that of fine gold.

Whoever errs becomes his prey. "

The four elements of That Which Is give the key to the alchemical energetic transmutation to be operated, and which reside in the minor arcana: the Leo is the sexual energy (the sticks of fire), the Eagle is the intellectual energy (the Swords of the air), the Bull or Ox is the physical energy (the Deniers of the earth); Angel is emotional energy (Cups of water). Without the understanding of their contributing nature to the functioning of the original Universal Matrix, the human being who has not succeeded in merging in himself of his antagonistic masculine and feminine polarities to become androgynous cannot access the laurels of glory given to the Hero of his life. Illusioned by his pseudo-awakening,

The night from which we come will be able to cover us again with its veil, to augur a new experimentation of Creation, nourished and reinforced by the previous one. We then resume our pilgrim's staff, called to perpetuate the great game of Life in this relative world, on the way back to the Absolute, towards the unfathomable abyss of the future, of the infinite and the eternal. The return to the sources, to the only Source.

The Empire of the world belongs to the Empire of the Light, and the Empire of the Light is the Throne of the Will. "

Without extraction of the 3rd dimensional Matrix through the interdimensional doors allowing access to a new consciousness, and without the profound transformation of all his bodies - physical, mental, emotional - the illusioned Mast is called to inexorably take back his pilgrim's staff. , whirling around and sinking into the night of consciousness, believing itself to be enlightened by the (false) light ...

Symbolic reading of the initiatory tarot nourished by the works of Bénédicte Genêt, medium. 

The fool's path

The image of the Madman is that of the initiate. Indeed, what could be more paradoxical than to be treated as crazy or foolish by alleged awakened ones who are only the biological robots * of the misguided Matrix because desecrated, in other words the sleepers who are satisfied with the world of appearances, seeking only to sleep undisturbed. He is "master of camouflage", all the great truths being camouflaged to be concealed from the consciousness of the "vulgar" being in his state of unconsciousness. This is why the material world is only the mask of the Spiritual World, allowing the predatory enslaving system to lure the human-souls on which it feeds like a starving man * ². By being mad, the initiate externalizes his mask, way of internally preserving the Truth which nourishes it. It is the whole art of transcending the law of duality specific to the expression of the Living, perfectly centered inside and apparently out of line!


There are many, many different levels of initiation, the very word initiate calling the questions of what School, at what degree or grade? In the past, a man initiated into one of the oldest Greek Mysteries, the cereal goddess Demeter in Eleusis, was looked upon with admiration, for it was the mark that his being had changed and that his knowledge of spiritual things had changed. was extensive. In modern times, the meaning of the word initiation has fundamentally changed, whole "esoteric schools" having been invented by mad-occult individuals or by others desiring to exercise temporal power, with degrees of initiation which , as high-sounding as they may be, have no real value, certain initiatory degrees being awarded like so many other certificates of competence,

This "initiation" status obtained as a conferred title has little or nothing to do with authentic hermeticism. The true initiate carries his initiation in his being, and it is the level of being and knowledge which is the true arbiter of initiation in all his thoughts, words and deeds. It thus makes it possible to distinguish the false initiate, who for example practices the art of Tarot in popular divination for a fee, from one who follows a different path of submission to the operating rules of the predatory system. And of course, those who follow her constantly risk being misunderstood. One wrong word, one inappropriate action, and they can sound like fools ...

The Vagabond (or The Colporteur), painting by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch made between 1490 and 1510, Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam - Click to enlarge

Symbolism of the Wandering Madman

In the initiatory Tarot, the card of the Madman is also called the Fool, establishing the link with the Egyptian goddess of Justice Maat. It shows a bearded man wearing the cap and bells of the traditional jester, who carries on his right shoulder a staff at the end of which is tied a bag. His walk is hampered by an animal (sometimes a dog, sometimes a cat) which scratches his legs or clothes.

The Ego is symbolized by the face itself, which is covered with a donkey's cap and its three "horns and bells". They indicate that the human Ego is bathed in the radiance of three higher spiritual bodies not yet developed, named in the Tradition Atman , Buddhi and Manas . His bonnet is the opposite movement of the beard, the latter pulling towards the shaggy animality while the bonnet pulls towards the sky, representing the third eye seeking the Spiritual realms from above. It is the archetypal duality that hides behind most esoteric thoughts

The unredeemed part of the man on the way - the shadow - is the bag or bundle that he carries over his back. Its content is the karma accumulated in its various experiences of the earth's density under the thumb of the predatory enslaving force, that is to say the "alter" of its fragmented soul by the psycho-emotional traumas arising from the specific roles of the separated ego interpreted in the Game / I of Life - executioner, victim, savior -, as well as the spiritual "credits" by his awakening of consciousness to this day achieved. This dark material contrasts with the purity of prima materia, virgin spiritual matter which is an inherent right to the soul. As long as the deluded wandering man pays attention to him, he becomes heavier, while the contents of the bag are nothing but nothing, zero, the original circle without the One, the fruit of His Creation ...

The animal is the symbol of the Astral - the Animalis -, the field of expression of the extra-dimensional predatory corpus (4th dimension of reality) and of its terrestrial relays in "Service to Self" mode. This field is that of the falsified Matrix of space-time * ². This is why the animal (the predator) pursues it and attacks it with the sexual attribute - the electric phallic is the seat of drives that are sources of bewilderment -, the human being constituting his food of survival by the light contained in his soul. As long as the predator is not tamed, the human being remains a prisoner of the entropic Matrix, condemned to wander in its cyclical loops. The astral field is the source of emotions, and hence of motion. It is this emotion, or outward movement, expressed by the aggressive action of the animal that the Madman must learn to master, this wisdom of balance leading him through his body which has become etheric (represented by the stick fruit of the vegetative essence of trees growing on the mineral world) - the Vegetalis - to be able to change dimension of reality and evolve


The path of the Madman is the path of the independent traveler on the path of awakening. It is intimately linked to the interior development of the human Ego - the passage from the I to the Self in psychology -, essential in the progress of the Soul * when the call of the Higher Self - the universal Spirit - becomes more pressing. When a change of consciousness is carried by the Wave of the change of the civilizational cyclical calendar * ², it is generally the poets who feel it first, then expressing it in their poems and songs. They are sensitive dreamers who, like painters and musicians, deeply dream their images from the great cosmic information field, before projecting them into their works of art. with new words and new forms of words that no one can understand at first. Before a company can be receptive to a new idea, a new vocabulary must be created. This is why these true spiritual visionaries have always started as aedes, bards, cantors, finders or wandering troubadours, by unblocking the eras where heresy reigns, opening the way for a new quantum leap of consciousness, even if it means being like Assurancetourix gagged while the good people feast and feast.

The path of the Madman is not easy, the old vocabularies can only say old things. So it implies a balancing act "on the tightrope" in order to allow the preservation of its true identity, that of the unified Being, within the terrestrial world which constitutes the reality of the moment. In other words, this path of strange knowledge requires to be cunning in order to harmoniously combine your interior elevation and your essential exterior anchoring. " Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents, and simple as doves."reminds our sagacity of the Gospels (Matthew 10.16). Because at all times, the predatory authorities are trying to eradicate the elevation of consciousness, such as the Roman Church in the 15th century with its attempt to prohibit the Festum Fatuorum , the Feast of Crazy ... This balance is acquired both through the experience of matter - the experience of life situations - and through knowledge, able to deliver the keys to their transcendence through union with the Higher Self, i.e. perception just beyond the web of illusions.

William Shakespeare (1564/1616) is considered one of the greatest poets, playwrights and writers in English culture. He was a high initiate, his name "Shake (s) -Spear" - Shake (stirs) and Spear (the spear) - meaning the spear which carries the torch, fire, flame, light, intellect, l 'mind.

The esoteric meaning of the madman in Shakespeare

The portrayal of Prince Hamlet in Shakespeare's play  The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (" The Tragic History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark") is that of the uncertainty and insecurity of the Ego in density. earthly about thinking, feeling and wanting. It translates the developing Ego, not strong enough to extract itself from the feeling of death which is the inevitable consequence of entanglement in matter. He thus sees Prince Hamlet confronted with the death power of human thought meditating on a skull, reflecting on the pros and cons of suicide. This insecure relationship with your loved one in the realm of feeling can lead to insanity and suicide. When he slashes a tapestry with his sword, he symbolizes the piercing of the veil which, in secret literature, hides the goddess Isis, the sacred feminine redeemer *. Thus portraying the collapse of the human being under the impact suffered by the Ego when it is carried too deep into matter, the Prince of Denmark can be considered both a genius and a fool.

The piece Hamlet is indeed a study of the human mind in the context of the tremors of an Ego which is not mature, and which feels that it has lost contact with the Divine.

To be or Not to be , that is the question!

If "imperfection" exists in the manifestation of What Is, "Creation", it is because "if there were no imperfection, the perfection of existence would be imperfect" ... This lesson from the meaning of the Living of the great Sufi Sheikh Ibn Arabi (1165/1240), known as the "son of Plato", indicates that from the point of view of the Absolute Being, there is only "Good", Light. But the Infinite Potential of Being quite logically includes by its infinite nature the potentiality of not being, explaining that the Infinite Potential is separated into thought centers of creation, of being, and thought centers of division, of non-being. It is therefore fundamentally binary, "on", active, or "off", passive.

It follows thathalf of the consciousness of the Infinite Potential, that which constitutes the ideas of non-being, sees in each idea of ​​manifestation of an object a correspondence, the idea of ​​non-manifestation of this same object. In other words, its foundation is that of a consciousness which can only "imitate" death by freezing the idea in a form. In doing so, it "falls", being located in a "lower" physical dimension, becoming primordial matter, an illusion of its constitutive nature, the energy of thought. We find its application on a psychological level, "the self which observes itself" - self-contemplation - at the level of the Master of the Universe, the universal Spirit of What Is, being made up of this initial division between Being and Non-Being. This initial separation is expressed by the yin-yang symbol, the black half representing "sleeping consciousness which is matter" which keeps the small white circle of "being", meaning that absolute non-existence is not possible. There is only a "relative" non-existence!

These thoughts of being and non-being interact with each other (observing it and observing it), like someone looking in a mirror. Creation manifests itself between the observer and the mirror, both in a real way - matter unformed by consciousness (the world of forms) - and in a non-real way, consisting only of consciousness acting on consciousness. . This is why atour level of reality, in earthly 3-D and its organic life, the idea that "nothing is real" as spread by New Age gurus and instructors is manipulative nonsense when it is not matched with the liberating keys to the expansion of perception - the understanding of hyper-dimensional realities - which is only very rarely the case * ². In their state of consciousness, in the 3-D "sandbox", human beings exist to transmit the cosmic energies of Creation through organic life on earth, these energies being directed by our "higher selves", the Supra-consciousness, in opposition to the entropic forces which seek the 4th density dimension to "capture" the energy of consciousness contained in the soul for their benefit, so as to make it "fall into the sleep of non-being" - archontic hypnosis - by the gravitational effect. And this is why the luminous energies of consciousness (the little white circle of yin-yang) seek to "inform" matter by the awakening of self-consciousness - the call of the soul to its liberation - of the units organic on Earth capable of resisting the gravity of non-being, the "density of appearing" ...

As a result, the human being has, through the awareness of his free will, the potential to choose one or the other path: that is, the one that leads him towards an intensification of being, called "Service to Others". , or the one leading it towards an intensification of non-being, "Service to Self". In other words, our first and fundamental choice is what we want to see! When we choose by the Will what we want to see on the metabolic level (not just psychic), then we receive impressions, which can become knowledge if they are well assimilated. These lead to consciousness. Knowledge and consciousness then manage our psycho-emotional mechanism, which in turn energizes the actions of the organic world (effect on matter, including our own DNA). VS' It is indeed objective assimilation or the absence of it that determines on which centers of thought, to be or not to be, we align ourselves. If we choose Being, this requires having a complete field of vision, without exclusion between good and evil, luminous or dark, which would confine us to subjectivity. To be objective by accepting all the components of What Is, the Unity of the Infinite Potential, by the state of the "point zero" - the centricity by the psycho-emotional neutrality -, allows to receive the guidance of the universal Spirit, Intelligence, granting discernment as to decoys coming and thereby leading to Non-Being. we align. If we choose Being, this requires having a complete field of vision, without exclusion between good and evil, luminous or dark, which would confine us to subjectivity. To be objective by accepting all the components of What Is, the Unity of the Infinite Potential, by the state of the "point zero" - the centricity by the psycho-emotional neutrality -, allows to receive the guidance of the universal Spirit, Intelligence, granting discernment as to decoys coming and thereby leading to Non-Being. we align. If we choose Being, this requires having a complete field of vision, without exclusion between good and evil, luminous or dark, which would confine us to subjectivity. To be objective by accepting all the components of What Is, the Unity of the Infinite Potential, by the state of the "point zero" - the centricity by the psycho-emotional neutrality -, allows to receive the guidance of the universal Spirit, Intelligence, granting discernment as to decoys coming and thereby leading to Non-Being.

As Evil is real at its own level governed by the Involving Forces, the task of man is to accomplish the Hero's Path, in this case to traverse the Astral Labyrinth of his starry vault of belonging, the solar galaxy, without letting itself be affected by the Evil that is there. Being forced to choose, he must face a trial as real as himself by using and applying his knowledge. In this Goose Game riddled with traps, he is this walker / navigator on the straight path that leads to Being (Ithaca for Ulysses) and the winding paths that lead to Non-Being (Dante's Underworld), obliged to discern by Intelligence good from evil at each stage. And it is only through alchemical science that he can understand that What Is is consciousness as matter, good as well as evil, All of Creation bearing its Divine Names and Attributes in whatever form. His only choice is to know to what "Face" He wants to turn: that of Life, Being, or That of Death, Non Ê be.

Is it useful to specify that the path of the Madman is distinguished from the ordinary conduct of life by its attachment to the search for "secret", concealed Knowledge, and to imaginative research? It is essentially the path of experience, through which the world of matter is pierced and deeply observed, contemplated, with a view to extracting its secrets from matter. To do this, the main task is to ensure that the developing Ego can relate to the solar consciousness, the light- source Kiristos .

The light traveler

The path to awakening is paradoxical. Without instructions, it is difficult to understand the rules of the game of life * and how it works. Also it appears necessary for the human being to seek the relative information in so-called spiritual teachings, exo as esoteric. However, caught in the pincers of duality, it activates in doing so the involutive mechanism of the ego-mind, the intellect, which analyzes, compartmentalizes, dissects, classifies, and in the end continues to separate things in the name of its logic. , between Good, Light, and Evil, Darkness. Thus functions the human being governed by the entropic forces of the world of the Astral, the world of the Non-Being.

This is why the evolutionary path of the ONE, the Being, requires to experience the Unity in the daily life to obtain the answer to the many questions which assail us. Far from the skepticism of those who want to believe that the truth is unattainable and that only a few - the elect - will achieve it with colossal efforts, our daily life provides everything we need. We don't have to fight to get as far as possible on the path, nor to take the path of competition. This would go against the principle of the ONE, which applies to all, whatever our mental, intellectual, physical and spiritual conditions.

While many "believers" think that by going to the liturgical celebration of their religion they benefit from the spiritual anointing to receive the light, the hardest part is not to learn or to take cognizance, but quite simply to implement… and this on a daily basis, at every moment of our life, in all conscience. And this is why many walkers give up walking, or are content to talk by the fireside, near the hearth, with emphasis and round legs. They talk well and can impress anyone passing through, but they have stopped walking on the path by taking up residence for an indefinite period of time in the teaching which they liked. They seem to be on the way, to have climbed the rungs or the steps, to be lights.

Taking the small side roads is a perilous exercise, which requires confidence and faith in oneself. Knowing that we are all unique, the vacation sheep highway is not the best way to reach the top of the mountain that is destined for us. The climb to the top of Everest or Mont-Blanc in the presence of an experienced guide is certainly appreciable, but it only satisfies the needs of the ego-mental, in this case its pride in having "conquered "a high level difficulty. It is only the victory of an illusion, with the counterpart that we have learned almost nothing. There is actually no right or wrong, right or wrong, everything depends on the state of mind that drives us and the way we interact with events such as the encounters of our life to learn about ourselves, about what is hidden in us. The exterior is only the conditions, the settings, the characters, which give the opportunity to discover ourselves. It is our inner state, our deep vibration, that makes the outward path beneficial or not. It is by no means the name, the place or the guide that is important. Each of the characters in our life is a reflection of ourselves, a mirror of a facet more or less hidden within us. It is "us", and it is in this that we can understand that it is by the interaction with each person of our daily life that we will know what exactly is going on in us. If we play with authority, then we somehow express the leader (or executioner) within us. If we provide tenderness, then we express our feminine energies. What about then when we feel kind and loving? When we feel near, far away or shocked? When we feel rejected, unloved or downright ignored? It is by being aware of all our feelings of the present moment that we can really know what dwells in us, either by playing with us - the enslaving symbiote - or by calling us to free ourselves from it - the soul cut off from Spirit, Supra-consciousness -. If we play with authority, then we somehow express the leader (or executioner) within us. If we provide tenderness, then we express our feminine energies. What about then when we feel kind and loving? When we feel near, far away or shocked? When we feel rejected, unloved or downright ignored? It is by being aware of all our feelings of the present moment that we can really know what dwells in us, either by playing with us - the enslaving symbiote - or by calling us to free ourselves from it - the soul cut off from Spirit, Supra-consciousness -. If we play with authority, then we somehow express the leader (or executioner) within us. If we provide tenderness, then we express our feminine energies. What about then when we feel kind and loving? When we feel near, far away or shocked? When we feel rejected, unloved or downright ignored? It is by being aware of all our feelings of the present moment that we can really know what dwells in us, either by playing with us - the enslaving symbiote - or by calling us to free ourselves from it - the soul cut off from Spirit, Supra-consciousness -. What about then when we feel kind and loving? When we feel near, far away or shocked? When we feel rejected, unloved or downright ignored? It is by being aware of all our feelings of the present moment that we can really know what dwells in us, either by playing with us - the enslaving symbiote - or by calling us to free ourselves from it - the soul cut off from Spirit, Supra-consciousness -. What about then when we feel kind and loving? When we feel near, far away or shocked? When we feel rejected, unloved or downright ignored? It is by being aware of all our feelings of the present moment that we can really know what dwells in us, either by playing with us - the enslaving symbiote - or by calling us to free ourselves from it - the soul cut off from Spirit, Supra-consciousness -.

The traveler on the way automatically learns that he is part of a large family, and that it is totally illusory to want to enslave other peoples in the name of a civilization considered better. A true traveler is someone who becomes more open, more tolerant, more pacifist by nature. He sees himself questioning many of the attitudes he believed to be innate to such and such a people of the Earth. He sees and understands that the multitude is wealth, while normality is impoverishment. He feels that beyond spoken language there is a language of the heart, a language of sincerity, a language of transparency which makes the doors open before him, naturally and without effort. He knows that his "soul" once reunited can enter into communication with the "soul" of anyone, including other forms of life. May the Higher Self communicate with the Higher Self of all that is on this planet, and beyond more. By listening to her small voice and her feelings-intuitions, he knows how to react correctly to what his Higher Self wants him to understand.

It is at every moment, at every meeting, at every event, that our Higher Self - the sovereign universal Spirit - guides us on the way back to ourselves. So there is no need to go far outside for him to show us the way. It is simply a matter of being ourselves, listening to ourselves, at all times. This is how we discover the steps that await us. If we feel sucked into something, let's follow it carefully, our Higher Self coming to take our hand. Whatever the outcome, it benefits us for our advancement. For this, there must be no doubt, and act. It is then that most likely fears, fears and apprehensions will arise in us. So let's be confident since that's the goal!

Our Higher Self has only the goal of re-unifying all of our scattered pieces, each fear looked in the face being one less separation, hence reunification. Also it is fashionable to be attentive to all his interior messages, because they are the very answer to our request for interior ascension. This goes through feeling and not understanding, which places us as an observer of what is happening, hence the separation. By living in the present moment, we give ourselves the most chance to have synchronicities. Just like being like a child, asking yourself as few questions as possible in order to "be", to jump with joy and curiosity into the unknown

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