Sales: the best high-tech promotions to grab this weekend

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It is the last weekend of Sales which begins this Saturday. So not a second to waste to take advantage of the best offers still available from the various e-merchants!

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Sales: the TOP of today's high-tech deals

Without further ado, discover the best good deals unearthed by our experts in the discipline. We have selected promotions for you on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to touch pads, laptops and connected objects, but also our favorites of the day. It's your turn !

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See all the good deals of the Sales

One last weekend of Sales before the end

They have decided to end this long period of Sales in the form of a fireworks display of promotions and discounts on a wide choice of high-tech products.

You thought you could lounge on the sofa watching a series or a good movie? Not before having consulted our various selections bringing together the best but also the latest good deals available for these 2021 Sales. Crazy prices await you on a wide range of products but also online services or subscriptions to earn more and more money or making you happy.

The 2021 Sales will have been pretty hectic. Postponed by two weeks because of the health crisis that has paralyzed the country for too many months, the promotion period has also been extended by two additional weeks to end at the beginning of March.

The reason ? The clothing chains could not empty their stocks. Each year the world of clothing takes advantage of the Sales to make room in its warehouses to welcome the new spring-summer collection. Only this year, the containment measures, then the curfew have cooled consumers, reluctant to go to their favorite stores to buy a garment.

This is why the authorities have acceded to the merchants' request to extend the sales period all winter in order to give physical shops 14 more days to sell their goods.

Online merchants have not experienced this problem and consumers have more than usual turned to merchant sites to make their purchases, and receive them directly at home without having to leave their homes.

A godsend, even more important with the two-week extension that allowed Amazon and other Cdiscount to extend the fun with new even more impressive offers on a wide range of devices.

Among all the tech objects available, it is obviously the smartphone that has won the day with incessant and very impressive promotions that have affected almost all brands and their flagship models.

Samsung is the world's leading smartphone seller, with a very rich lineup ranging from the premium model Galaxy S20, which has the very latest photo technology and a more powerful processor than many computers, but also more affordable models. , the Galaxy A, which offer the same innovations and the same leading user experience, for a much more affordable price. With the 2021 Sales, e-merchants are not shy about lowering the prices of these smartphones even further for all audiences.

The great rival Apple is not forgotten by e-merchants and for this very end of Sales, it is the older models like the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XS that are being honored with very discounts. interesting on these devices still as powerful, even after two years. The Apple-based firm makes it a point of honor each year to offer the best of its know-how in smartphones that can be used for several years without suffering the slightest slowdown or the slightest obsolescence. IPhones are usually not cheap, so take advantage of these last few days of Sales for the chance to acquire a copy at the best possible price.

Xiaomi is the new big name in the smartphone. The Chinese brand offers a number of increasingly high-end devices, whether in the materials used or the components inside, the same or almost that equip the premium terminals of the other ranges. One thing however does not change: the price which remains much lower than that charged by some of its competitors. For the 2021 Sales, we are witnessing a waltz of labels on all the manufacturer's models, with discounts of several tens or even hundreds of euros on certain models.

The last player on our list could only be OnePlus and no one else. In a few years this brand known only to tech aficionados has established itself among the general public. The recipe for its success? Top-of-the-range models, equivalent to those of its competitors for a price two times lower. If the brand's prices have since increased slightly, the Sales allow you to save tens of euros on the most recent models of the manufacturer such as the OnePlus 8T, its latest flagship. It would be silly to miss out on such promotions!

And what about the package? It's all well and good to save money on your mobile if it is to redistribute all this earned money to your operator. During the Sales, and especially in the very last days, the four non-binding mobile operators are offering you great deals on complete packages, at less than € 15 / month.

The two operators B & You and RED by SFR have also gone further with offers designed for the most reasonable consumers of the mobile Internet. A few GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, all for less than € 5 per month. Yes, you read that right, no more than € 5 each month to take advantage of all your online services while on the move. This is the right plan not to be missed with the end of the Sales on March 2.

Sales: why are the last days strategic?

This Tuesday, March 2, once night has fallen we will have to say goodbye to the 2021 Sales. So you only have a few days left to indulge yourself by shopping and these last hours of Sales are simply strategic to get the best deals.

Certainly, after more than five weeks of fierce promotions, spectacular flash sales and astounding promo codes, the stocks of our friends the e-merchants have shrunk considerably. We're not going to lie to you, the best deals are already behind us.

This is not for all that a reason not to look at what is left in store on the side of Amazon, Cdiscount or even Fnac-Darty! These different brands, and all the others too, have only a few days to clear the warehouse and will put their heart into it. And that means that the promotions will intensify during the weekend with prices simply never seen on a large choice of smartphones, connected TVs or laptops but also on smart speakers, robot vacuum cleaners or even electric scooters.

During the Sales, the brands can sell at a loss and it is in the very last days that they use this possibility to empty their warehouses. For your customers, it is the assurance of buying your latest high-tech product at the best possible price.

How not to miss out on the latest weekend offers? Simply follow our news feed dedicated to Sales 2021. Throughout this last weekend our teams will be at your side to share the best tips of the day with you, as they are published. You will understand, rest for us will be for later!

Do not forget to also consult our Twitter thread by subscribing to the Clubic Bons Plans account. By consulting your latest news, it allows you not to miss the good deal of the moment. You will be the first to know and in this period of end of sales and stocks at most, these few minutes ahead of the rest of the consumers can make all the difference and allow you to leave with the product you want since for a long time at the best price on the web.

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