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We must now scare the oligarchy, its members, individuals, clampins ... flesh and blood. 

If they decided to broadcast a fictitious plan through the mass media, it is because they were afraid that a real virus would kill them too.

They have no greater fear than that of dying ... Convinced of the inexistence of a supernatural post-mortem destiny, they firmly believe that only this miserable existence exists and even more that it is limited to sad pleasures of the senses and of the chair.

It is because they have no sense of the sacred, mysterious and precious character of life that they only consider beings as piles of raw flesh which they can dispose of as they please. 

Because of their ignorance of the final ends, they are terrified of dying.

They are not the only ones, the bewildered flock of dechristianized, for the same reasons, is also afraid of dying, it is therefore disposed to all meanness as long as it is still granted a delay.

But this fear that the oligarchs have of dying gives us an inestimable strategic advantage to us revolutionary militants of the counter-revolution, paladins of Tradition, political soldiers of the nation, supporters of the French and European identity, guerrillas of our Flemish or Breton matries, half sales of all that the old world has transmitted to us in good and real terms.

We do not want to die, we want to live to see the offspring of our race grow up, we want to live for demanding friendships and the taste of wine, to experience the joys on a good subject and a virtuous citizen has a right.

However, we are not afraid of death.

And as our elders did on a thousand occasions, we will gladly give our lives to more than us, for our families, for the homeland, for the City, for the sustainability of our civilization, the brightest the sun is lit. .

We are not afraid to die

Let the oligarchy know, like the helping hands of Mao Tse Tung's supporters, we can strike where we want and when we want. And we will strike on them. Not on symbols, institutions, buildings or head offices.

No, we will strike on them, in the flesh.

And we will return safely to the darkness of our Goyim lives without damage. Without damage. 

Mr. K.

To appear in the Echo d'Action française (not denied).

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