NewsCrypto Doubles Down on Mobile Users with New Enhanced App

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In its quest to make cryptocurrency trading safer, more accessible, and easier to get to grips with, NewsCrypto has released a staggering array of tools, features, and educational resources in the last year.

Now, the cryptocurrency trading education and market analytics platform is moving ahead in its bid to open the world of cryptocurrency investments and trading to the more than 5 billion global mobile users — with a substantial overhaul of the NewsCrypto mobile app. 

The new app, scheduled to launch on February 4 for both Apple and Android devices will feature a large number of updates, improvements, and additional features over the beta app, which more than 50,000 users have been beta testing for over a month. 

Among the app’s numerous new features, NewsCrypto users will find two brand new games — Doodle Pump and Spin the Wheel. Both are intuitive, fun games that users can play to pass the time and earn in-app credits, which can be redeemed for NWC tokens, used to unlock premium features and wagered to win even more credits. 

Users will also be able to buy NWC directly within the app or directly deposit their NWC to stake their tokens to earn an impressive APR. NWC can be directly converted into in-app credits, or these credits can be earned by interacting with various elements within the app. 

As an open, collaborative platform, the NewsCrypto app will allow users to share their views and insights with one another thanks to new sentiment indicators — which takes crowdsourced insights gathered from the NewsCrypto community to identify whether users are bullish or bearish on select crypto assets.

This is combined with a unique new community predictions feature, which gives users the opportunity to put their predictive capabilities to the test by predicting the price of a given crypto asset at a specific time and date. The top 5 users with the best track record each month will share a prize pool consisting of 3,850 NewsCrypto Coin (NWC) tokens.

With the hard launch of its new mobile app, users will also be able to access a range of features that were not available in the demo. These include an entirely new slot game, which allows users to wager their in-app credits to win even more, as well as a powerful new alerts feature — enabling users to set alerts for specific price events, which will trigger a widget or push notify the user immediately after an event is tracked. 

We know you can’t wait for the full version of our app, but we’re still adding features quicker than our devs can implement them.

They convinced us to stop and give them a final list of improvements.

We added TA reports, a slot machine game, and improved community predictions!

— (@NwcPublic) January 28, 2021

But NewsCrypto isn’t stopping there. According to the press release, the firm is already working on a barrage of further updates to the app, which include a novel augmented reality (AR) charts feature, allowing users to view their favorite charts in a real environment and share it with their friends. The NewsCrypto team also plans to bring some of the most popular features from the web platform to the app, including demo trading, signals, and its DeFi scanner — further expanding the number of tools available to mobile users.

There’s no word on the timeline for these further upgrades as of yet, but NewsCrypto is intending to launch a desktop version of the app in Q2 2021. 

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