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What is Mintable V2?


Hello again! Welcome, All! Today let us talk about Mintable V2. Mintable is another NFT store where you can mint, buy, and sell NFTs but what makes it different? To put it simply Mintable is like Opensea but with one key difference. Mintable V2 introduced the first-ever NFT DAO.  For simplification here is a list of questions that will be answered.

  • What is Mintable V2?

  • What is an NFT DAO?

  • Can I sell an NFT I already own?

  • How do I mint or sell items on mintable?

  • What are the transaction fees?

What is Mintable V2?

Mintable [Fig 1] is an online place designed to buy, sell, and create NFT items. At the moment Mintable is available on two blockchains. Those are Etheruem and Zilliqa. Like any other projects built on blockchains, it requires gas fees to interact with the Mintable contracts. Mintable also has something new that hasn't been seen before on NFT platforms. The new feature is called an NFT DAO. What that consists of and what that is will be answered in a later section. On Mintable, you can buy or sell files, artwork, music, PDFs, images, and much more. In terms of communities, you can learn more about Mintable via DiscordReddit, and Twitter. To interact with Mintable you'll need either an Ethereum or Zilliqa wallet [Fig 3], email address, and a username. [Fig 2] Once you have an account made you can connect your wallet and begin to interact with Mintable. Lastly, if you would like to find out more visit their documentation or the site.

What is an NFT DAO?

Let us begin with the basics. A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) allows users to vote and control the platform. In this case, an NFT DAO allows users who hold mint to vote on:

Vote for platform upgrades

You're in control. Decide the future of the platform.

Choose featured artists for Super NFTs

Vote on who should be added to the Super NFTs list so trading those items gives double the votes

100% control

Change our fees, change the smart contracts, vote to change anything. Anything can be proposed.

Yield farm as a top user

Earn votes through activities on Mintable marketplace. Putting the top users in the driver's seat.

No market manipulation

Building a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for a DAO, one NFT at a time. No ERC-20s, pure participation from holders, with speculators running the game.

Mint can be either purchased or earned through buying/selling NFTs. It is worth noting that Mint is not an ERC-20 token but rather an ERC-721 token (NFT). Hence that is what makes Mintable an NFT DAO. When you buy/sell you will receive a Mintable Governance NFT (Mint) to your account. Interesting enough:

If you already have a voting NFT (MINT)

If you buy an item on the marketplace - your voting NFT will increase in votes based on the amount of votes you earned.

Mint can be bought using the Mintable site.

Buying votes

If you don't want to wait to earn the votes but want to make a proposal for the DAO - you can directly buy the votes and a voting NFT via the site at

The price is set from a bonding curve that increases as more votes are purchased - so at the beginning they are the cheapest and at the very end they will be the most expensive.

The starting price is 0.005 ETH per vote.

To recap you get Mint by buying it, or buying/selling NFTs on Mintable. Then you can use your Mint to vote on proposals or submit a proposal if you have 10,000 Mint.

Can I sell an NFT I already own?

The answer is yes! You must own and control the wallet it is in. [Fig 9] All you have to provide is a Token ID and Token Address. [Fig 10] Once you provide the information the next step is to fill out the NFT Information form. [Fig 11][Fig 12] Then you can proceed and actually list your item for sale after completing two transactions. [Fig 13] Please note that transactions fee vary depending on network type and activity.

How do I mint or buy items on Mintable?

To buy an item browse the Mintable store and when you are ready to purchase hit the Buy Now button. [Fig 14] Then proceed to sign and pay for the item. The item will either have a fixed price, auction price, or auction price with a fixed buy now price.

To mint an item you can either use your own store (a more expensive option) or just use the Mintable contract for your item (cheaper way). Making your own store makes a contract that you will own. Don't forget that creating contracts is one of the most expensive things to do on blockchains. The downside to using the Mintable contract is that you don't own the contract or the minted item, but all sale proceeds will go to you. The Create and List an item for sale form is below. [Fig 15][Fig 16][Fig 17] When you are ready hit the LIST THIS ITEM button then sign and pay for transaction fees.

What are the transaction fees?

Now let talk about fees. For this section, I will focus on ETH fees since I am not familiar with Zilliqa. Maybe I'll talk about the Mintable Zilliqa version in a different post.  To get the prices below I went through each scenario but didn't accept the transactions. 


  • Signing a message: None

  • Listing an item I already own (list price of $1): ~0.000068 ETH * Gas Price

  • Creating my own store (contract) with free 50 batch mints: ~(0.0033 ETH + Optional Larger Batch Mints) * Gas  Price

    • Note that you can also increase and pay for larger batch mints.

    • 75, $10

    • 125, $20

    • 250, $50

    • 2000, $99

  • Creating my own NFT using Mintable store (contract) (list price of $1): ~0.000313 ETH * Gas Price


Well, there you have it a quick introduction to Mintable V2 is. As always thank you for the time you to read this. Please pardon any typos or grammar mistakes! If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask below. The links used within this post are listed below as well. Lastly, have you used Mintable? Do you like it? Do you use another NFT platform? Cheers!


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